M-STRA Molecule

By ThothHorRa – as received by Maia Kyi’Ra Nartoomid

The M-Stra Molecule is the Divine Seed. It is in constant quantum state so it is not to be found at any ONE point in the body…it is all places at once and no place specifically. In one state of observation it is an octahedren, yet within the context of the quantum field it is also hyper-warped. This means that if you could see the energy pattern of it, the M-Stra would appear as a sphere that is stretched out on one side like a comet with a tail, but the “tail” is twisted into a helix. This helix is being twisted two directions at once, creating a flashing dynamic between multiple dimensions. It is not just flashing in and out of two separate dimensions. It is flashing to “zero point” and back again…and this “zero point” is the null zone from which ALL dimensions are accessible.

The molecule of the M-Star is a membrane composed of N-state (non-atomic) substance. It is the purest of ethereal-based crystal. It is so sensitive to all dimensional fields that it lives constantly in all of them. It is continuously re-defining its spatial integrity.

Now imagine that this molecule, which as a whole is the essence of what you understand as “Divine” – as defining the entire system which it occupies – in the context of this topic, being the HUMAN ORGANISM.

The question which may loom for you is if the human organism occupies a state of Divinity, which is thus by default immortal, then why does it become diseased, decay and die?

The organism is designed to function perfectly and ETERNALLY. Disease, decay and death come from a breakdown in communication between the medium occupying the body and the body itself. The incarnated intelligence in the body (designated by the soul) is not fully attentive to the “God Channel” (as we shall call it). This is due to the fact that the imprint in the DNA which allows communication between all systems instantly – which we call the “Inscription of Light” – was disengaged intentionally by the souls incarnating on Earth in it’s first stages of creation. Their purpose was to establish a new universal continuum using the node upon which Earth is placed as the starting point for that process.

We do not go further into this story here but return to the topic at hand.

The human body is not receiving the full spectrum program from the God Channel. Yet to re-align to the full spectrum of this channel is something that can be instantly achieved by re-directing the signal back to the M-Stra…sending to the M-Stra molecule the light code language it is waiting to receive from the DNA.

The Earth presently contains a cap on its frequency. This is placed by the lunar-solar magnetic shells of the planet and determined by the evolutionary stage of this solar system. Thus when a being within the fields of the Earth is able to receive the full spectrum program from the God Channel it is received within the “full spectrum” of the Earth’s allowed frequency capacity. Even with this limitation, one may inhabit a body that can be continually renewed to live for thousands of years in perfect health.

There are foods and elixirs, energy capacitors (devices) and techniques which can place one into the M-Transfer zone…”M-Transfer” being the path through which the human Being (all aspects of that being from physical to non-physical) freely transfers DNA information in full spectrum Light Language to the M-Stra molecule. The molecule in turn answers and re-directs the consciousness of the body intelligence to it’s path. It is liken to two whales many miles apart communing by sending signals of vibration through the great body of the ocean currents.

Question: There is entropy all around us…not just the human body. Even in the cosmos. How does this fit into the picture you have presented to us here?

THR: “All around you” – the living creatures, the whole dynamism of the planet you dwell upon and the cosmos about you…all this you interact with, view and study from the position of the Oritron or half-light spectrum. In the complete Metatron, or full light spectrum it would exist for you quite differently. There would be no entropy. The ants at you feet would glow with immortal beauty.

Question: Is the M-Stra molecule within all living things?

THR: It is. However it varies in type depending on species….that is, there is a different defining register within each species.

Question: When the Earth ascends into the New Earth Star in what you are calling the World System II operational system…will the cap on planetary frequency be removed?

THR: It will. The New Earth Star will be (and indeed from the perspective of non-linear time IS) in a Metatronic full spectrum state of existence.

Question: What is the main difference between scalar energy and what you are calling the “Ain Soph” aether?

THR: scalar energy IS energy. the Ain Soph ether is not. It simply IS. It is the Intelligent God-ness. The M-Stra molecule is what you might call a control panel in matter to communicate it through all matter as a “signal” (for the Ain Soph aether itself is not a wave form).

From my 1990 writings:

M-STRA: The molecule of Light that is being sent through the Metatronic Spiral, built as a “house of Light” from the Miracles of Light, to become an etheric molecule in the DNA/RNA helix of humanity. This is the Molecule of the Christ Body within us, being brought into manifes­tation within our matter-body. The geometric for the M- STRA is a double octahedron (a single octahedron or in one-dimension, a diamond shape, is the image-vector for the ENNEAD). With the doubling of the octahedron (two octahedrons touching at one of their apexes) a centrifying axis is created at the juncture, this being the actual seed- dynamic of the molecule, the Grail of the body’s questing for Light Communion. It is at the center of the M-STRA that the consummation of Light and Matter abides.

It is from the M-STRA that we will come to build our lighted house, through the Light Molecule’s infusion into our blood, via the Deborah holorian (see Star Lotus, pg. 4). From this transformation will arise the SAF-FIRE, the sapphire blood of angels within the Daughters of Men.


Schematics created for me per my description by William Buehler:

M-Stra 1 / M-Stra 2


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4 thoughts on “M-STRA Molecule

  1. This is a very impressive and revealing information, Maia! It helps to draw a “map” of what could be a direct experience… THANK YOU and THANKS to ThothHorRa.


  2. Hi Maia; I started working with this same design about 7 months ago while working on the Sacred Cube and trying to illustrate a fourth energy field within the cube. I have that design in my files and I see the octahedron as being square type. I see it as three squares connected together to form the octahedron and then I tried to sketch six of them connecting at the center of a cube forming a true six pointed star. At times I felt that this was the new Earth star but never asked for further information to confirm it.
    The cube is the only platonic solid I know of that has all inner and outer axis lines at 90 degrees and the octahedron that you speak of is the only solid shape that can fit into the cube and connect at the center.
    I can try to send you illustrations that I have if your interested……….Raymond

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