Holon Journey to 2012

(note: This article was orginally posted on my blog Island in the Stream, but felt it to be more appropriate here.)

I was given the “Holon 2012”  by my inner-planes mentor, ThothHorRa. It is an on-going program which focuses on many aspects of the Journey to 2012. Some of it is information and transmissions I release freely. Other modalities are offerings made available in my Spirit Store.

When I received the word “holon” in connection with this program I did not know it’s meaning. I found a Wiki on it that crossed my eyes to read it was so scientific! For those who wish to give it a try, I have the link below. To quote very briefly from the Wiki…

A holon is a system (or phenomenon) which is an evolving self-organizing dissipative structure, composed of other holons, whose structures exist at a balance point between chaos and order. It is maintained by the throughput of matter-energy and information-entropy connected to other holons and is simultaneously a whole in and itself at the same time being nested within another holon and so is a part of something much larger than itself. Holons range in size from the smallest subatomic particles and strings, all the way up to the multiverse, comprising many universes. Individual humans, their societies and their cultures are intermediate level holons, created by the interaction of forces working upon us both top-down and bottom-up. On a non-physical level, words, ideas, sounds, emotions—everything that can be identified—is simultaneously part of something, and can be viewed as having parts of its own, similar to sign in regard of semiotics.

Since a holon is embedded in larger wholes, it is influenced by and influences these larger wholes. And since a holon also contains subsystems, or parts, it is similarly influenced by and influences these parts. Information flows bidirectionally between smaller and larger systems as well as rhizomatic contagion. When this bidirectionality of information flow and understanding of role is compromised, for whatever reason, the system begins to break down: wholes no longer recognize their dependence on their subsidiary parts, and parts no longer recognize the organizing authority of the wholes.

A hierarchy of holons is called a holarchy. The holarchic model can be seen as an attempt to modify and modernise perceptions of natural hierarchy.

I decided to go to Thoth for the definition as he intended the use of the word in the context of the Journey to 2012 program…

ThothHorRa: A developing system within a system. This “holon” sub-system is intended to work in synergy with the holon of the human being to orchestrate an activational connection to the greater New EarthStar Hologram which is organizing the entire Planetary Ascension and in the context of 2012, is creating a holon (system within a system) to specifically organize and direct the 2012 cyclic trigger.

It need be understood that what is referred to as the “hierarchy” are simply illumined beings who help to ease the passage from one mega-cycle to another. They do not create or command it, nor do they initiate it. These influences, emerging matrices and grids, and cycles of energy confluence are of their own accord, divinely situated through the Intelligence of SOURCE – that omniscience which pervades ALL and is ALL.

Wiki on definition of Holon

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Akasha Re-Calibration – clearing your akashic record of old patterns and thought forms and re-ordering your “past” to better align your present.

RA*STAR 2000 – …a hierarchically generated planetary “oversoul” which allows earth’s humanity to work within a stabilized consciousness bridge to the New Earth Star future ascended reality of earth. Using the Ra*Star 2000, this bridging will be able to take place in the midst of the increasingly distorted sacred geometries of the Old Earth reality…The Ra*Star 2000 Light program creates a new geometry bridge or oversoul, so that humanity can work with BOTH forms (OLD and NEW) and not become entirely enmeshed in the warping effect which causes the distortion.

22 Safik Radial Points of the Mazaloth-Mazzaroth Integrative Field – The 22 SAFIK Radial Points are the “nerve centers” that connect the Individuals Light and Energy bodies from the Mazzaroth energy realm to the Mazaloth Light realm. The more in-balance the individual ‘s “nerve centers” are, the more contact can be made for them between these universal zones. In tuning one’s Safik Radial Points, this prepares the Light-Energy bodies of the individual to be more fully received by the Seven Miracles of Light.

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