ANBA’NOOR – House of the White Crystal Star

Anba’Noor – House of the White Crystal Star

In a transmission from ThothHorRa which I was receiving for a Light Group THR mentioned that the Blue Star Rigel in Orion would birth another star! I have known about the “Blue Star” Rigel as the Creation Star of Earth for probably over 30 years and never had I received this before. As a result, a few days later I requested that THR impart to me some further information on this star. This transmission is given below.

THR: The vibrational name for the star which shall be birthed from Rigel is Anba’Noor, meaning House of the White (or shining) Crystal. In order to truly understand both the cosmic and the spiritual birthing of this star, I relate to you the following…

The worlds of Rigel exist within their sun (Rigel) and do not orbit around it as planets. They are “planets” in a manner of speaking but not as you know such spheres in your reality. This means that they are not exposed to entropy, thus are not within the zone of elemental combustion. This allows them to exist within a star-sun. Inhabitants of the worlds of Rigel do not look out upon their horizon and see molten plasma. They see beautiful aurora planes of colored vapor interspersed by dark regions containing brilliant stars. They have an environment and day and night. How can this be? This condition is caused by the planets’ vibrational attunement to space. I will not discourse on the science of this occurrence as it would be lengthy. Rather I say to you that it is so. “Space” and thus the cosmos can be tuned in like a television program, and this attunement is determined by the vibrational zone in which that world is existing.

When their star-sun (Rigel) erupts in solar storms their internal worlds are impervious to the violent action. It is noticed only in the changing of colors and contours of the vaporous light clouds. Thus when the WHITE CRYSTAL STAR is born from Rigel The effect to it’s worlds will be enlightening rather that devastating.

When we say that a star is being “birthed” from another star…

This not something understood by scientists of your world. They can view the results of this occurrence when the light of it’s happening reaches their telescopes…dimly. But they do not understand what they are seeing. The star giving birth does not rip open and spill out another star. Instead, the Mother Star changes the spin of its magneto-field and out of that long strands (light years in length) of “dark matter” (invisible) particles come spiraling out. These stands then are drawn together in the birthing field the Mother has created and will eventually form another star which will contain an encoding that links it to it’s Mother.

The Child Star then, is a new dimensional “place” for the intelligence of the Mother Star. Yet it has it’s own signature as well. It is in this way that every star…every one in the universe is related in a complex Family Tree through branching “signatures of light.”

Yet of the unimaginable number of stars in this universe, all of them have a root signature from among only 20 codes. These codes can be loosely identified in the Mayan Glyphs. Yet the root signature is only the beginning – the watermark of the entire codex of one star.

Using the Mayan Glyphs as a starting point, Anba’Noor – House of the White Crystal Star is identified with the glyph of BEN.

Maia: In The Mayan Oracle by Ariel Spilsbury and Michael Bryner the glyph of BEN is given the qualities of fluid reference points, time-space traveler, skywalker, angelic messenger, pillars of heaven, courage, new directions, mysterious journey, compassion.

The Symbols: quartz, crystal flight and heart chakra

After I was shown this glyph to be a corollary with Anba’Noor I then happened to glance at the bottom of one page on BEN in The Mayan Oracle where I read…

Affirmation: “I am a pillar of the invisible temple that brings heaven to earth.”

I found this line especially appropriate in reflecting the nature of the whole Orion dynamic.

My questions to THR…

Q: When will the birthing of Anba’Noor take place?

ThothHorRa: The beginning of this cosmic event begins in your 2013, however it will take millions of years for this star to form. YET…one need look outside the box of linear time as it relates to Earth.

Just as the New Earth Star exists now to all who place themselves within it’s stream, so does Anba’Noor.

Q: How does the White Crystal Star relate to Earth and it’s New Earth Hologram?

THR: It contains the SEED PROGRAM for its “Mother” Rigel…taking it to the full spectrum as a creational matrix for the New Earth Star. The “New Earth” will / does exist within Rigel, however the White Crystal Star is the determining “code star” for the entire evolution of Rigel as a host for the New Earth.

Yet know this…the “New Earth” dynamic is only one part of a much larger evolutionary picture for the entire cosmic system of Orion.

Maia: After coming to this place in the transmission I opened The Keys of Enoch by J.J. Hurtak and my eyes fell on 307: 15-20. In this section of the key it is explained that the Light Program for the current or Old Earth is symbolically represented by the right hand, while the future program is seen as coming forth from the left hand.

In the same session with THR in which he spoke for the first time (to me) of the star being birthed from Rigel, he answered a question concerning some wonderful energy art a friend of mine (and part of this Light Group I channel for) does using the outline of one’s hand which she then draws symbols upon.

From this transmission…

(The hand prints with symbols)…Uba’Nu – the hand art which called one to their Sacred Path and gave them protection along their journey. The Uba’Nu is the life picture of the SOUL in it’s incarnational journey. A road map of symbols to relate to the lines of the palms as read liken unto a star map.

THR now shows me how the palms of the hands (including the fingerprints) contain the star signatures of the unique Merkabah Paths of each incarnated being. “Merkabah Paths” are pathways of the soul in its journey through BEING…both in the physical and non-physical. The Merkabah Logos I create offer a energy-symbol representation of one’s Merkabah place on the Path at this time.

In the transmission concerning the birthing star and the Uba’Nu hand print symbology, THR relates that the Uba’Nu was originally practiced at what we know as Machu Picchu in the Andes of Peru….

…where at that time it was the City-Temple of the Moon Thorn with it’s Chamber of the Sun at the summit. The few priests were the “sorcerers” of the Temple. This term is used not as a dark connotation but to say that they worked with powerful Earth magic. They kept the Veils up to protect the priestess oracles who were often abiding in trance state for weeks at a time. They manifested the power to ground the stellar haromonics which the priestess oracles drew from the Heavens.

What THR refers to above as the”Chamber of the Sun” is called today the “Tomb of the Kings.”

Tomb of the kings, Machu Picchu, Peru

While they call it the “Tomb of the Kings” 80% of the skeletal remains found there are of women. There is a marvelous history of Machu Picchu which is off-topic for this article (a future one perhaps), but the Chamber of the Sun at Machu Picchu was more than a burial tomb. Beneath it is the crystal Sun Stone of the Returning Mamba…the Ancestors of the Stars. This “sunstone” was brought to the People by the Star Lords eons ago and energetically installed beneath the Sun Chamber (or rather the Sun Chamber was constructed on top of it).

The Sunstone is charged with the codes of the New Star…the White Crystal Star…acting a a beacon to recalibrate our human DNA into Sun Born Creation. When those from among the People who were chosen, came into the chamber at the right solar / lunar cycle and went through a Solar Initiation there, they would become Sun Born….carrying the Creation Codes of the New Heaven and Earth.

THR: When the hands are placed together as in prayer, the star maps / light codes of the Old and New Programs are brought together to trigger a path for completion within the nueral circuitry of the brain, sending these signals into the DNA crystalline structure, which I turn creates new faces on it’s crystals. This process is part of the trans formative mudra for creating the Pure Gem Body. However it is not simply enough to put one’s hands together…that is only a synaptic action to proceed the complete mudra….or rather series of mudras that can only be fully accomplished if the individual engaging it is ready in Mind, Body and Spirit for this activation.

Maia: In key 307:16 of The Keys of Enoch the Right Hand is said to represent the Adam Kadmon blueprint of our earthly created form and program of evolution. The Left Hand opening the path to creation of the “Christ Race.”

I asked THR to address this….

THR: The “Christ Race” is the complete engagement of the soul through the Seven Heavens, or states of universal progression, leading to the “”Throne” of Metatron, who is the Gatekeeper to the Attasic Universe of non-duality. This is not a religious reference (ie Christian) but an acknowledgment that this “Race” is consumed with the Burning FLAME of the universal KRYSTOS. In essence, this Christ Race become the House of the White Crystal Star.

Maia: In key 307:19 it speaks of the “Seven Mansion world that have yet to be completed and released from their former limitations.”  THR’s reference to the “Seven Heavens” are the actualized and completed states of the “Seven Mansions” or Houses. The House of the White Crystal Star is the CHRIST STAR which houses the Christ Race.

In 307:20 is stated “the seven seals represent the seven chakras that must be opened so that the souls may ascend…”  In the Webinar of Simeon Chiron Nartoomid on God’s Chi I made a brief appearance and when asked to give a short guided meditation summoning the Christic Archangel Arhaiel, I spontaneously brought forth, seeing this Being standing before seven gemstone spheres, each containing hexagonal facets, and beyond the seven were similar gemstones spheres, but they were of pure WHITE LIGHT diamond and the facets were different that the lower seven. I now know that the facets of the upper diamond chakras are liken unto those which are in what is being called Trigonic quartz – a newly “discovered” crystal faceting. I have been shown by THR that Trigonic quartz contains the crystalline Phi codes of the upper diamond chakras beyond the current seven, and that there are six of these diamond chakras, making the total chakra count (that I have been shown thus far) thirteen, the number of the Mazaloth (beyond the 12 Mazzarothic Zodiac).

It was also revealed to me that as human beings on this Earth begin to recalibrate their personal Akasha and the Lesser Akasha of the planet disintegrates, so souls will have only the Greater Akasha as their reference time line and their “star maps” will be completely opened to the New Earth Hologram of Ascension. The actual lines in the palms of the hands will change (this is already beginning to happen) and eventually even the fingerprints will transform!

Seems I could go on and on with this article but I will close here…at least for now.

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