ThothHorRa introduced me to the Blue Fire Command when I was writing an article for Temple Doors issue 1 – 1997, entitled The Key of Thoth. This article brought forth the seven inner-planes orders that most specifically work with planetary ascension. Of course there are many others, but these are the KEY to them all.

In TD 1 – 1997 I write…

Tashsab’va – The Orion Blue Fire Command: Given in the ‘Keys of Enoch’ as the ‘Jerusalem Command’.”In the glossary for the ‘Keys of Enoch’, the following definition is given for the Jerusalem Command:

“The tactical branch of High Command from Orion working directly with Michael and Yophiel in the overthrowing of the fallen angelic kingdoms and the military kingdoms on planets.”

THR: We, Chariot of the Sun, would add to this description that the Orion Blue Fire Command has the authority over the dominions falling under the Blue Fire Command, to re-calibrate and align the merkabic worlds or higher Light definition vehicles of intelligence to enter the White Fire of Christic Transmission.

And now to continue on this topic…

THR: The Blue Fire Command hold the frequency what shall be called the Crystal Quasar. This is a cosmic dynamic uniting all quasars in the universe. It radiates through high-frequency crystalline shealths, creating and controlling all quasars through a pure, undiluted Language of Light.

Maia: I pause here to give the definition of “quasar” as found on the web:

A quasar is an astronomical entity that emits incredibly high levels of electromagnetic radiation (including light). The amount of energy emitted by a quasar dwarfs even the brightest stars, making them favorites of astrophysicists and cosmologists who wish to study distant space.

There are over 60,000 known quasars, all of which appear to be very distant from us (based upon the observed redshift). The closest known quasar is 780 million light-years away.

Many scientists believe that a quasar is created by matter interacting with supermassive black holes. This would appear to explain the high energy output and the rapid variability observed in their luminosity. The quasar is formed when matter falling into the black hole is flung back out, creating superheated beams of energy.

THR: Quasars stream the intense Black Light or what scientists call “dark matter” into the universe from the Sourcing Field of the ONE…through the Crystal Quasar (CQ).

The Blue Fire Command is central in directing the balance between the CQ and the world domains of Unimanity (cosmic humanity) in the Universe. Understand tht that the BFC is not only composed of certain “souls” but an energy field radiating from the Crystal Quasar.

Within the DNA of every living thing there is a Seed of Crystal Fire that is born from and ignited by the Crystal Quasar. Maintaining the vibrancy of this factor in the human body is essential. Yet most humans burn this Light very dimly. Other living species can only reach varying frequencies of the CQ factor beneath the level of humans. Thus the combined human CQ factor on Earth sets the bar for the entire field of LIFE on the planet.

Through the interaction of individuals with the CQ pure streaming the DNA opens to receive the full concordance of Light Dance with the Crystal Quasar.




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10 thoughts on “Blue Fire Command

  1. Aloha Maia, 3 years ago when in Mt Shasta, Jeremaiah, from the Councils of Light, gave me a Blue Star, this was put into my Heart Chakra, for work with Mother Earth and Humanity, and I was asked to use it last month , now you may be able to answer a question as, you mention Riquel constellation in Orion, yes, I was a Timewalker, and now I can understand myself more of what Thoth has been saying, whilst in Egypt, we intergrated the Satchitanada, Lotus, with a Blue star, then I read this in one of your messages, the pulsations and the DNA changes we are going through, and Mother Earth, are helping us to be in our Divine God self as Mother Earth shifts as welll. Amazing art work you have done for the Quasar Crystal, I can actually see you making it move so that it gives off the rapid pulse, configuration for humantiy.
    Thank you and Simeon

  2. Hi there precious Maia, i loved reading this information you brought forth as you know I AM personally very grateful for the continuous support and guardianship of my vehicle by the Orion Blue Fire Command, if you recall my question in
    Heart – Speak from Thoth
    Question was What are the 7 Scrolls of Babylon and the reply from most precious God ThothHorRA: The Scrolls of Babylon contain the New Earth encodings for not only Iraq, but the Middle East. They are held in guardianship by the Tashsab’va – The Orion Blue Fire Command.

    Thank you so much for sharing more information on them and so understandably they are all about ascension and the Jerusalem Command. Love you and embrace you in Pure White Source Light, Fredaricka

  3. I just like the valuable information you provide to your articles.

    I’ll bookmark your blog and check once more here frequently. I am fairly sure I’ll
    be informed plenty of new stuff right right here! Good luck for the next!

    1. Hi, I’m glad you like my articles. You can check “subscribe” to be informed of new entries. Also you might wish to take a look at my other blogs and websites (links on the home page of this Metatron 777″ blog.

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