ThothHorRa on the Chakras as Temples of Light

The following has been transcribed from a discourse by ThothHorRa in the New EarthStar Academy of Nesi (Second Life). It was prompted by me when I asked him if he could elaborate on the deeper meaning within the “Chakra Infusion” he gave me several years ago, which I recently put into a video presentation for mediation and self-initiation.

ThothHorRa Khandr: Anu Ka once again to all of you…my breath is yours…sacred BE the Life Breathe we all share this Day / Night.

What truly are the “chakras” – specifically the main known ones…this we shall address…? A chakra is a wheel of energy where multiple energy fields come together in the body to express through an organic center. It is a “wheel” for if you would see it…truly…in all it’s details you would see something that resembled a wheel with spokes inside it. These “spokes” are filaments that contain information…the information is being fed to the energy system of the body THROUGH the chakras FROM the DNA. When we speak of DNA we are addressing the whole system…that is, the entire multi-dimensional DNA and not just its “seen” components. In a way, the Chakras of the body are an extension of this overlapping and multi-dimensional field

The purpose of the chakras – the primary purpose – is to move the energy system of the whole merkabah of the being into accordance with the currents of the universal tide of energy around and through the merkabah system that includes the physical body but it is much more than that. Human vessels are energy merkabahs…the physical body is merely the outer shell.  Thus if you consider the chakras as an intelligent extension in energy of the DNA…you can communicate to and with the DNA through the chakras and further…the chakras BIRTH the body system…that is, they determine in the womb the alignment of the body vessel with the universal energy nodes. This means that…at every major chakra in your body…this is in intersection with universal ley lines…it connects you to the furthest star fields

There are beings such as myself who can instantly move the physical body and whole energy merkabah millions of light years through time, space and dimensions to another location. It is accomplished through the chakras…through the ley-lines of the universe intersecting there. The minor chakras aid in this process by keeping minor but important alignments in the body with the energies of the environment near that body.

Of course there are more major chakras than the known seven…but…people now on the planet should focus more on attuning to and balancing the SEVEN before they consider the higher ones.  (Whispering) Each chakra is a “temple of light” or a house or “mansion”…the “many mansions” are many things…lifetimes, worlds and also CHAKRAS. Think of your main chakras as HOUSES or TEMPLES in which you come to stay…to pray, to be still to contemplate or meditate…they are “sacred space” in your body. Anything you bring into that temple…may it be of a nature which you would wish to have in your own home or place of stillness in the house you dwell in.  When you infect your energy body with harmful substances…wrong eating or drugs…you are changing the environment of your chakric field…of course you know such things are harmful to your body…but they are also causing sediment or “fog” to form in the chakras and this hinders their very alignment to the whole universal grid! Thus you are not only adversely affecting the body you claim as your own,  but those parts of yourself of which you are not aware…other parallel incarnations and many other aspects of your energy Self. This is true with negative thinking as well…it affects the whole, vast multidimensional being of YOU. This is why working with the main seven chakras is important for good “health” of the entire system and even for generations which come out of your body…as it affects the DNA.

And I say to you, those who are no longer of child-bearing age are STILL affecting the future generations as the PARAgenetic field does not differentiate between flesh relations and “pod” relations. I use the later term…as with dolphins to mean here…that your “pod” or family tree can be effected by your DNA! Your DNA is linked energetically to others of its “kind”…being tracked by the crystalline field within…thus a distance family relation is effecting and being effected by how you treat your energy system  as the chakra send the information out through the grid. Of course all of unimanity are related but within the closer circles it is a more intense effect.

And so…EACH chakra sets a table for you in your honor as a guest in the HOME of that chakra. The energy in that chakra is INTELLIGENT and it is part of YOUR intelligence…a part you cannot even fathom. It receives you as its guest when you commune with it and the table is set for your feast…what “food” do you wish to be served there? What nectar? Ask for the best and you shall receive it.

Let us now follow the Chakra Infusion for a moment and I shall comment on each one…

Through my Crown Chakra streams the LIGHT and PERFECTION of my Divine Blueprint, re-activating and re-aligning all the circuits in my energy bodies.

From the Crown the “divine blueprint” flows into the system….this blueprint you might say is the map that tells your whole system what to aim for, what to move toward…where it came from and where it is going…the blueprint comes from SOURCE through the center of the Universe and beyond but THIS universe encodes it for you…it says…X marks the spot…and that “spot” is your energy system’s center of reference. Understand that you are not given a piece of a pie…but the whole pie…the whole FEAST…how much you may be able or willing to digest in the moment is another matter. So the Divine Blueprint re-aligns the circuitry of your entire energy body but it does not do this instantly…it is a hologram in progress…with ebb and full flow.

Through my Third Eye I open to receive the Light Language of the Angelic Spheres, that I may commune more deeply with the Holy Merkabahs of my Celestial Family.

The “Language of the Angelic Spheres” is the Light Language that is constantly communicating with you…ALL THE TIME…never ceasing…not even at “death”…when you depart the flesh you will hear it – it will sing brightly and you will KNOW that this is what you have heard dimly and in your dreams all your life and when you drop the frame, so it will sing your HOME. When you come into touch in your incarnation with the Light Language to a deeper degree….when you listen to it sing in your heart and through your THIRD EYE in imagery…you will be able to know more fully the loving presence of your “celestial family” . This “family” extends beyond the human race into the realm of nature beings and angels and others.

Through my Throat Chakra I command the WORD, the TONE, the SONG of God to rise within me, to clear me of any restrictive feelings, fears or negative impressions.

And so you SING back…every word you utter, every song….may it come from your authentic nature and not the lesser self strive for this and do not be discouraged with “failure” – for there IS no failure only experience.

Through my Heart Chakra I send and receive unconditional LOVE, affirming that I am one with all that is. There is no separation, and therefore there can be only acceptance in me of every aspect of the ALL.

This is beautifully simple and needs little discourse for it is as it is…the heart is the little lamb with the Spirit of the Lion of God. It entices you out from the shade and into the bright sunlight where you would otherwise be disinclined to journey…for it is hot, and takes energy to accomplish…it is not comfortable…at first…but the little lamb is irresistible and so you will go to him and he will look up at you and your heart will melt with self-love…for HE/SHE is YOU…that part of you that needs your love…not only needs it…but OWNS it…for it is the value of the thing that gives it worth to you…if you value it…it becomes worthy…and as you value in your heart this precious little lamb so it (you) become worthy in your sight and the lamb becomes the LION and that lion is bright before you but you no longer feel uncomfortable out from the shade…for his light is your food and drink and the very air you breathe.  The Lion leads you then to his DEN.

Through my Solar Plexus I feel the POWER of my SOUL connecting deeply into my Elemental Body…loving it, assuring it, sustaining it, giving it the GUIDANCE it needs to facilitate my whole vehicle of Light.

The Solar Lion feeds the Elemental Body…that part of you that is dust to dust and yet it is more for when the dust returns to dust it frees a SPARK…a spark of earth…and this spark is what remains of the elemental body. It will eventually return to the earth and the elemental sparks gather in certain places of the earth where high magnetic energy is strong and you say “of this place has good energy” or “this place has bad energy”…but it is really only energy…not good or bad and it comes from the issuance of departed souls, when their elemental bodies return to the earth…some may feel “bad” if it carries still a bit of the dust on it from clinging to that which has past but they will eventually be laid to rest through LOVE.

Through my Navel Chakra I experience New Birth every moment, as I continually awaken in the NOW. I am nourished by the cosmic pulse in the Mother Womb. I know that I am never alone.

You say to yourself “well I was born” as if it is past…you WERE born and you SHALL die and that is the beginning and end of the book of life.  No…it is not…you are eternally being BORN…and you are eternally DYING…there is no death that is the end…death in this sense is the end of a chapter and the next one begins…your entire life is filled with such beginnings and endings so celebrate your birth EACH day and do not linger over the “deaths” for they are gone in a flicker as new life crowds it out. Yes you ARE nourished by the Mother Womb…she KNOWS and she ANSWERS you. Listen to the Mother for she is all mothers…without mothers life could not exist…even a microbe has a mother.

Through my Base Chakra I connect to the magnetic resonance of the Earth. I feel Her ebb and flow, I am sensitive to how I move through her field of life. I am conscious of synchronizing my inner clock, rhythm and presence with Gaia as I sleep, eat, breath and move.

Without being sensitive to the ebb and flow of the Mother Earth, you cannot be sustained in the flesh…your body WILL be sensitive whether or not your conscious mind is aware and there will be created a breach between what your body knows and your conscious mind thinks! Allow the mind to still at times – often – let it be at rest – so the body (among other parts) may speak to the mind through the heart.

I have given you here a basic understanding of the workings of the chakras as part of a vast energy system…but there is of course, more…there is always more – on every subject one can imagine.

Makalii Rhiadra-Gemini (makalii.rhiadra): This opened for me what i have “known” but not “known”.. thank you so much Thoth!

DRU (drucilla.karu): this was so wonderful and I really took this all in…I loved it

Faustorian Mavendorf: It was all quite informative, thank you!

DRU (drucilla.karu): yes.. deeper understanding

ThothHorRa Khandr: Yes it is for you to know that you know Drucilla

Yara Ragu: Yes, it’s been very enlightening. Thank YOU, Thoth and Star

Lancelot Seetan: THANK YOU from the bottom of the Heart

Faustorian Mavendorf: How there are these “basic” seven Chakra, and then the numerous other unclassified ones.

ThothHorRa Khandr: The SEVEN compose the primary body temple of your current world reality…once you move into the New Earth vibration you will be in touch with other chakras beyond the seven as…then you will be in a “World System II” environment…energy environment…and in a PURE GEM body…as we are referring to it an expanded v.2 you might say.

DRU (drucilla.karu):

Makalii Rhiadra-Gemini (makalii.rhiadra): The missing dots that needed to be connected for me have been now connected.

DRU (drucilla.karu): for me too Maka

ThothHorRa Khandr: it is like the new platform of SL viewer versus the old

Yara Ragu: Yes…

ThothHorRa Khandr: going from plain prims to mesh  🙂

Yara Ragu: 🙂

ThothHorRa Khandr: This is good, Maka, Dru

Makalii Rhiadra-Gemini (makalii.rhiadra): exactly! ㋡

ThothHorRa Khandr: ANU KA ~|~

DRU (drucilla.karu): thank you so much for today ! Anu Ka!

Caryl Meredith: Thank you Thoth..

Faustorian Mavendorf: And thanks to you!

Yara Ragu: ANU KA, ThothHorRa! THANK YOU!

Makalii Rhiadra-Gemini (makalii.rhiadra): ANU KA ~|~ ThothHorRa

Lancelot Seetan: THANK YOU to BOTH of YOU

ThothHorRa Khandr: May you go in PEACE…and come in Radiance!

Yara Ragu: Thanks a lot, Star!

more on my Chakra Infusion video and ordering link

3 thoughts on “ThothHorRa on the Chakras as Temples of Light

  1. Simply reading this information has been so healing for me! The clearing is still on-going as I type here! Blessings of Light Thoth, Beloved One! Blessings Beloved Maia! There have been very few people with whom I can speak about the things I’ve experienced in my awakening! I am honored and delighted to have come across this information! Giddy with laughter! Joy pours from my sacred heart space to yours! Rainbows of color into golden Light swarm about you in this moment! Love and Blessings!

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