The Theramid Revisited


In the mid 1990s I wrote:

 The Theramid is not only the key to unlocking the most deeply held secrets within the Great Pyramid, but also within human DNA. Through the Adam Kadmonic “Middin Chamber” within humanity, the Theramid will activate the M-STRA molecule–an etheric molecule which holds the path of our return to Light within the DNA helixes.

Once the M-STRA is activated through the activity of the Theramid, the etheric envelope for what is being called “the twelve strand DNA” will begin to form in earnest. This will in turn reconnect our stellar memory circuits so that we can begin to create imaging that is correlative with the divine image and similitude on a biological level. In short, we will effectively be able to work in closer concert with the universal Hierarchy in reprogramming not only our own biological forms within the memory circuits of eternal life and Light, but the entire planetary genetic database as well. This is the ultimate mani-festation of the Grail on earth, divinity fully received unto matter.

 Now in 2011 …

THR: The Theramid is essentially one of the most important Light Mathematics equations for the re-programming and re-calibrating of planet Earth in it’s transformation into the New Earth Star.

It is a Phi equation…understand that when we say “phi equation” the final imaging of that process will not resemble the mathematical formula constructed in  mathematical dimension, but instead will appear as a holograph formation created from a combination of universal triggers which are activated by that equation.

The Theramid is “built in” to the Great Pyramid (Giza). It’s Light Mathematics are within the physical dimensions of the “Middin Chamber” as yet to be revealed within the structure of the Great Pyramid. The Middin Chamber is also a space within the human heart which is hidden in plain sight.

The Theramid equation spins through the Midden Chamber in the heart and thereby amplifying the connection to the Golden City in the brain.

There is a way to charge the “Middin Chamber.”  Take a pen and piece of paper. If you are right-handed use your left hand…left-handed hold the pen in your right hand.

Focus on your heart – into the Middin Chamber. Take some moments with even, deep breathing. Ask that your “channel” to this point in the heart be accessible to you through
your brain and nervous system of the body.

Call upon your Guardian Beings to seal away any other channels but to the Sacred “Middin” Heart Chamber.

When you feel a tingling PEACE come over you it is time to begin.

Place your hand/pen on the paper and relax. Feel your connection to the Sacred Heart Chamber and allow the Language of LIGHT to come through the nervous system into your arm and hand. This is your HIGHER BEING writing now…moving the pen…make it clear that no other source shall be present in this act but your Higher Self. Let the Light Language symbols flow through you…feel them Light up your entire body with Grace and Healing. Let your arm and hand move as guided without any forethought of conscious

When you feel complete, focus your eyes upon what you have written. Even if it looks like nothing up abstract lines. Remember, this is not intended to be any form of written
communication…not “automatic writing” in that it is not a communication with dis-incarnate souls or any form of outer communication. If you feel you are receiving some such communication it is recommended that you cease this exercise.

You should be seeing simply lines or organic-like symbols…maybe distinct or perhaps simply twisting and turning in no particular direction.

Take some time to focus on these markings and take them in…back into the heart. By going through this loop…from the heart through the brain and nervous system and
back through the eyes into the mind and heart…you are balancing and amplifying the connection to your Sacred Heart in a conscious manner.

 Question: Why is there a Middin Chamber in the Great Pyramid?

 THR: The Temple of the Risen One (Great Pyramid) is created as the body of the Ascended Being. Those initiates who embarked upon the Eternal within this Temple became as One with it’s structural purpose to aid them in their Journey.

 Question: What was the nature of their journey?

 THR: To become ONE. The Theramid is the equation of the Ascended Human. It is written actively in the stone of the Ascension Temple of Giza.

The “New Races” coming out of the Pure Gem Body will be seven in number. They will each envelope the previous. That is, the First Race will eventually be enveloped by a Second, then a Third, etc. Essentially it is all ONE with seven stages of completion into the full blown Gem, however seeing them as individual “races” allows you to focus on the elemental design of each which carries it’s unique attributes.

These then are the Seven Sacred Races (stages) of the Pure Gem Body – their First Language (Aloii) name followed by keynote name and expression:

1) UR’RIAH  – Blue Mar – Sea of the Soul

2) PIKAL  – Becoming – Life Arising

3) ESSCLASEA – Moment – Still Focus

4) TUMINUS – Holy Wind – Coming Forth

5) DUBAL – Heart Stone – Root Foundation

6) PUR’ANA – Cup of Life – Drinking the Pure

7) SACAL – The New Day – To Be Recieved

Maia: With this ThothHorRa concluded his transmission to me. However he is guiding me to create the activation glyphs of each of these race-stages in energy-art. So that will be an upcoming project for me.

more on the Middin Chamber

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