The Living Matrix

a slice of human matix blueprint - art by Maia

I just watched a DVD entitled The Living Matrix. It is on the universal energy field of which each human being has it’s own blueprint nested within. I have been receiving information on this matrix for many years but found it encouraging and inspirational to see and hear at least some scientists now fully recognizing it’s existence.

When ThothHorRa gives his “Infusions” in our New EarthStar Island gatherings within the virtual world of Second life, he is sending this infusion out into the “living matrix” and into each individual energy blueprint within it of those persons present in their avatar bodies. Energy / the matrix does not differentiate between a pixel body and a flesh and blood body…it goes for the source-target of the focus…the being. All that is part of the being will then respond on many levels to the incoming energy focused upon it.

Really almost all of my spiritual work since 1967 to date is based on an understanding of and interface with, the universal matrix.

My energy-art is intended to help people connect to specific charges or foci of their energy blueprint within the matrix and often beyond…to stellar universal quantum.

Now my new video offerings bring forth the opportunity for the individual to receive more powerful infusions of this nature. One can receive very simple pure energy calibration or with the “teaching infusions” re-connect knowing to a deep level – if one listens and watches the video without trying to digest each word in the mind..allowing it to flow through as an essence of connection to deep inner knowing – recharging that knowing and infusing the whole energy-physical body with it.

We are now on the threshold of an exciting time when the scientific and academic communities are rather rapidly in my opinion, embracing the energy sciences and finally letting go of the worn-out Newtonian physics. This not only means that we will have at our disposal great minds now focused on universal energy and how to uplift the human condition with this knowledge and it’s applications; but also the momentum behind a cultural shift toward unbiased thinking will create a 100th Monkey effect around the world!

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2 thoughts on “The Living Matrix

  1. I agree totally with your words and thoughts, Maia. The service you have been offering to the world -as well as mine, not so public- probably has taken its toll of doubts along its path, coming from those people that did not dare to hear other voices than those coming from the science’s community of the day.

    Quantic Physics have come to the conclussion that Reality is not a matter of materia particles and/or particles of energy, but INFORMATION PARTICLES. Your work has been, besides other aspects, one of “opening new ranges” of information, making them accessible for those that were not entangled with the fear of loosing step with REALITY if they would shake it with new approachments.

    YOU know how much I appreciate your labour and I celebrate YOU for your courage, shown in times much more difficult than now, times of great polarization between Science and Spirit. At last, there seems to be a convergence…!

    Lots of LOVE,

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