ThothHorRa on “Miracles”

Impromptu dialogue with Thoth is Second Life, circa 2011 or 2012.

To quote from my video on THE SEVEN MIRACLES OF LIGHT (in the subscriber’s portal)“The Seven Miracles of Light are energetically represented as the hosts or wafers of communion, as they come together to form the Body of Christ. These ‘hosts’ can also be seen as living stones, for they are concordant with Christed flesh, which is the body of Man risen in the fire of eternal life. In the Universal Body of the Christos – which is a state beyond religious inspiration or conception – we touch the Light Supernal in the Seven Miracles of Light and their Sacred Symbols or modes of consciousness. Thus, we must enter the field of Grace.”

Thoth discusses “Miracles” and The Seven Miracles of Light at NESI Gathering in Second Life…

ThothHorRa Khandr: Greetings to all of you here today. Are there those among you who have felt at some point in your life…that you have experience a “miracle” or a magical experience?

Yara Ragu: yes..

Rex Mumblewood: Yes!

Calliope Novaland: yes

ڪϦambala (shambala.kimono): yes…recently my life was changed dramatically

ThothHorRa Khandr: Did you feel perhaps a sense of a loss of gravity in your being a some point during this experience…as if you were LIGHTER at least for a moment?

Yara Ragu: totally!

Rex Mumblewood: yes

Dru (drucilla.karu): yes

ThothHorRa Khandr: Well indeed you were…this was not your imagination…for when a LEAP in sequence is taken (this qualifies what we are calling a “miracle”)…your SOUL connection in the body becomes lighter for a moment or moments. This connection (not the soul itself) creates a weight…something that CAN be weighted…miniscule but there.

When one’s soul transitions from the body, the body instantly weighs less…

(Maia: what he is saying here I heard on TV…some scientist talking about it.)

So what does this tell you? It is a promise of things to come…when you can weigh a state of grace…a “miracle”…then you can have a sense of the true science behind it.

When the human being receives the SEVEN MIRACLES OF LIGHT…and their Light Body Mandala of the PURE GEM is created…even in the process of being created…the whole modus operandi of “earth science” will expand.  I do not mean that more people will accept universal sciences…of course this will be truth, but each reality system – the CONSENSUAL reality of a world – creates an envelope. In that envelope certain immutable laws become fixed. They TEND toward demonstration in THAT reality…as they SERVE the consensus of that reality.

When “miracles” occur…certain humans are opening the envelope just a little and allowing the MUTABLE Laws to enter to some degree…the mutable laws are QUANTUM in nature. The more humans stepping outside of the general consensual reality and opening the door to the LEAP…the more the consensus changes to allow more and more dimension into
their senses and world. It is like a fetus in the envelope of the womb…it only
knows what is supplied it in that womb. When it comes forth into the world, more
is received…it was always there…but the fetus did not  allow for it. Now it is birthed…it is part of the next stage of consensus – that of the world it has just received.

When the Earth enters the NEW EARTH STAR, consensual reality will change its rules…it will no longer be a containment, shutting away the majority who WISH to have it a certain way. Instead, the consensus will be formed in discrete units like little pearls floating in the air…the humans will breathe them in…and share them…back and forth…they will not be
set…THIS IS HOW WE WILL SEE IT OR BE IT….no…they will be POTENTIALS that will be expanded upon individually and shared at will.

Right now in your lives you can tap into the first stages of this progression into New Earth / Pure Gem formation, for it is not GOING to happen…it IS
happening…now ! Yet your consensual reality is keeping most from really
seeing and feeling the power of this transition. You are getting it in
increments here and there, but in actuality it is a whirl wind…already…as we
speak…you cannot experience it until you break the bubble and step into the
full blown experience of living here and now.

As one listens and watches the infusion video (of the Seven Miracles of Light) the process of building the Pure Gem Body is being streamed into your sub-conscious...the more you go through that experience for awhile (with the video) the more you build a channel within to keep perpetuating the process sub-consciously…there are other ways to work with the Seven Miracles of course…many. Stay open to all the possibilities !

I would now with to guide you through a small process in accessing the 7 Miracles in a very personal manner.

First move into your heart…slow the mind…find the PEACE of floating in the heart…the LOVE…we are sharing the PRESENCE.

Now take some moments to focus on a part of your body which you would wish to receive greater wholeness…just one place on the body.

As you do so, feel the LOVE you have for your body and this one point on the body. A miracle is not something that comes unbidden…on some level it must be summoned.

Visualize seven bright wafers of LIGHT…they surround this point on your body now. Feel the tingling gentle WARMTH of this light enter this place on your body.

Now SUMMON the ANGELIC PRESENCE and SEE a hand above the place on your body – in the midst of the seven shining lights. A beautifu,l tender and compassionate BEING is connected to this hand…be it an ANGEL, IS’HOA (Jesus), BUDDAH or some other illumined ONE. ALL share the LIGHT of the UNIVERSAL CHRISTOS.

ASK now…DEEPLY, PURELY…WITH NO RESERVATION…that the SEVEN MIRACLES ENTER THIS PLACE ON YOUR BODY and open it to complete LOVE and WHOLENESS.  This then is presently the insertion point – the place of entry…for the SEVEN MIRACLES… the CHRISTIC LIGHTS.

Feel the complete absorption of that place in the body of these MIRACLES. Now ask this light to travel throughout your ENTIRE BODY…infusing EVERY CELL and ATOM with GRACE.

Feel the LIGHTNESS as the Miracles cause the cells in your body to loose gravity. The SOUL does not need such a strong connection to BE with you now…at this moment you are in a state of free flow with the Soul.

Know that you may re-evoke this STATE of GRACE in the Body by placing your hand over the entry point of the MIRACLES (that place on the body you began this process with) at
any time.

Now we come together back into our conversational unit…but you will maintain the working of the MIRACLES in your body continuously.

I hold you in the field of my GRACE LIGHT until we meet here again.

AND SO IT IS !!!  ANU KA ~|~

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