The Science of Para-Genetics

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In 1972 my inner planes sources (not directly THR as I did not consciously connect to him until 1977) enlightened me on the “science of para-genetics.” Para-genetics is the genetic information which is passed through re-incarnation from one embodiment to another. So we have two channels to receive genetic information: from our family ancestry and from our past lives.

These two modalities work together and yet have different “jobs.” What you inherit from your parents is a 3D mapping of genes – carrying the information of that family consciousness as well as physical traits. Para-genetics is the vehicle for gathering your entire human experience in various genetic families, through which you have incarnated. So para-genetics supplies the information you need to bring it all together. Para-genetics effects your here and now gene pool – making changes that will improve that gene pool’s ability to receive inter-dimensional information. It can also allow you to upgrade a whole genetic family through passing on the energy carried through the para-genetic circuitry, which gives a greater perspective to the gene pool – as if to allow them to read the whole book instead of just the one page they are on.

You can draw upon your para-genetic information to correct damaged genes – to remove genetically inherited diseases, etc. The ancients did this through using LIGHT to make this communication possible (between the para and the physical genes). Stimulation of cells via Light causes the cells and thus the DNA to open dormant codons called (by THR) “ephimems” which are especially designed to process para-genetic signals. When these two genetic modalities are in full communication, deep genetic healing takes place.

Para-genetic communion shares with the physical DNA bi-lateral systemic function. This means that once the para is in full communication with the physical genome, it begins to create an alternate path of higher evolution which is quantum in nature. What does this mean? Simply put (well I am trying) it means that as a human being we are no longer trapped on one path of physical evolution. This secondary path is quantum in nature so it can you might say, “leap tall buildings in a single bound” – a quantum leap.

As we develop the “2nd path” our primary physical DNA path will begin to merge with it until it dissolves inside the greater quantum evolution. This is where we become PURE GEM BODY BEINGS.

This is not something we have to do handsprings to achieve. It is a natural part of our evolution as quantum beings. We have been sifting around awhile at the bottom of the cup, but now we are being strained into the greater purifying system as it pulls us up and out of the linear tracking to a level where we are able to sustain more and more pulses from our para-genetic field.

Of course para-genetics can also carry stuff we would rather not bring with us – from past lives. However, as we become more and more aware of how empowered we are to transform the lower vibrations, we will then be carrying from one life to another just the pure forms we need to bond with the physical for liberation along the quantum path.

Often, a soul will incarnate into a genetic family that is really not among it’s soul family in order to transform that genetic strain through the light induction of the para-genetics that soul is bringing into the physical family line. The neat thing is, you don’t have to bear children to do this – you just have to vibrate your para-genetic being into your current physical genetic body.

The fact that various forms of Light Therapy can stimulate the connection between the para and physical genetics I find especially interesting. THR has told me that this type of Light stimulation not only creates the stronger communication channel, but it eliminates the baggage we don’t want come through the para waves from the past. Thus, one receives just the pure para-genetic light streaming.

Simeon is currently involved in lecturing on and promoting the Avalon Light Therapy system. You might find the work they are doing with this Therapy of major interest. His website for it is The Light of Wellness.

5 thoughts on “The Science of Para-Genetics

  1. I don’t currently have any metaphysical information on the Avalon Light Therapy system online at my new Light of Wellness website yet but I will have fairly soon! My own experience with this system has been quite profound! So much energy has been liberated because of the balance it has helped me achieve both physically and in consciousness. This balancing is akin to what is esoterically referred to as the “Sacred Inner Marriage” of God/Goddess. Once this occurs in a sustainable way you are on to a whole new experience! ~ Simeon Chi’Ra

  2. Thank you Simeon & Maia for your recent article which linked me to this one. I have been feeling the pull to use Light Therapy strongly since going through such enormous Ascension steps since the Blue Moon.
    My physcial body is experienceing pancreatic cancer, yet I feel so detatched from it as it is only a process that is needed to get cleaned to incorporate my Light Body full time now.
    I look forward to more updated info on this subject as it feels so timely for 2012.

      1. Thank you Simeon for you prompt reply. I must share this with you…just today I was talking about when I was Baptized at a place called Avalon here in Australia as an adult. I won’t be taking this further with you as I feel I will be guided to the right place/people that I can tangibly work with here is this Georgous Country. It is all about the LIGHT I know, and as I’ve been working for 25 years to this point in time of ‘my’ shift into my LIGHTBODY (which I’ve actually had during the period of the Blue Moon) it is NOW that I’m feeling the appropriateness of sourceing that which is for my Highest Good. Miracles have been abundant every day and this is part of the journey.
        You continued sharing has been a delight to be part of over the past times and I look forward to more.
        You see Simeon, there is no seperation any longer for me…there has been a “reconnecion” and it’s the fine tuning that I’m now ready to embrace. The physical body needed to go through that which would bring/support me to my complete Ascension and with an open heart and arms I AM embracing each step of the way.
        Wishing you Heaven in you Heart
        Starlight in you Soul
        And Miracles in you Life

        Blessings, Blessings, Blessings ~ Kathleen

  3. Hi Kathleen… I am deLIGHTed to hear of your accomplishments in consciousness dear one. There is a protocol called proprioception which is described in pretty good detail on my website video page, 4th video down:

    This is being shown in use with the Avalon light therapy system, but it can be done using other means to stimulate the trigger points. So you could use massage, tapping, magnets, or any other effective means of stimulating muscle tissue to relax and let go. Near infrared (NIR) is quite effective at doing that which is why the Avalon lights work with this protocol so well. They have especially powerful NIR diodes that penetrate 6-8″ into the body.

    You might get some results with far infrared (FIR) heating pad on the points, but the time it would need to be on them would be much greater and NIR has effects in the body that FIR does not have. Something like hot stones on the points might also work as those produce a bit of both.

    I recently went to a workshop on this protocol and it is being used quite successfully with many different conditions that would not seem to be at all related. It works simply because it is turning on the body’s innate healing system more fully.

    It does this by reseting the autonomic nervous system to rest/repair/digest/rejuvenate mode (parasympathetic) quite effectively. It addresses the muscle memory which normally prevents this from being turned on all the way. It is all related to the meridians and nerves which connect into our teeth, it is explained fairly well in the video.

    I wish you wellness on your journey… and that comes in many forms, but I do hold the vision of you in wellness at all levels Kathleen!

    Blissings of peace, healing and love,

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