The MIM (Metatron Interactive Mobius)

Entry to MIM
Entry to MIM

ThothHorRa (through Maia): There is a matrix – The MIM – that has recently been developed by the OMEGU, an Orion-Pleaides-Sirius Intelligence grouping. This matrix is a “machine” so to speak, not an Earth grid….and yet it does interact with the Earth grids. It is interactive not only with the Earth but all species of the Earth.

The purpose of the MIM (Metatron Interactive Mobius is to re-program original “Light Inscripted” patterns in the body (esp neurons in brain and crystalline light-braries in DNA) so that the matter system ie, living species and living planet) will be set once again to zero point, which would then instantly allow the new Pure Gem frequencies into the system.

However, there is a process that the MIM must follow. Each individual human being who “walks” through the MIM (via intentional astral-energetic presence) contains “tracers” in their DNA which will then transfer the MIM frequency to other human DNA that genetically “face-matches” their own. As this association builds so other species, mammals, flora, crystals, etc. will follow suit in re-setting to zero.

A human need not consciously intend to take the passage through the MIM for it to start the collective process- it can be sub-conscious intention – but conscious intention is an asset. It strengthens the whole dynamic. Not just for that individual, but for the collective.

Within the M-Stra molecule that all humans on this Earth (and their stellar family) contains, the quickening activation of this largely sleeping molecule in humans is through a mobius movement of energy. This is the first engagement to creating a torsion field in the body’s energy system. Once the human being is in torus mode, they become the “gods” they seek. (Maia: Simeon and I both received in the 1990’s info on the importance of the torus.)

So how can one consciously intend to move through the MIM? One technique is to visualize the graphic above, while seeing yourself walking into it. Maintain awareness that you intend for it to offer all you need to receive from the MIM at this time. Best to engage just before sleeping.

Related Light dynamics and Beings assisting and interacting with the MIM are (note that much of the info below are just one or two sentence definitions):

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