Metatron’s Cube

Metatron's Cube by Maia
Metatron’s Cube by Maia

Much has been written on and can be googled concerning Metatron’s Cube geometry, so I’ll not address this here. I wish to simply add to this equation with a few words from my inner-planes benefactor ThothHorRa…

Thoth: What is referred to as  Metatron’s Cube is a gateway interface to the Ascension portal. There are several geometries that are Ascension gateway keys.  All of them must face-match and inter-lock to form the merkabah for the quickening of the 44:44 Ascension Gate to open as it should. Metatron’s Cube is the key for the first inter-face grid within the human DNA . Fauna and flora have a separate path – but they get there just the same.  Understand that “human” beings are portals FOR plants and animals. That is, their gateways are created through spin-offs of human EL functions (coming from the EL’Ohim). This is a topic unto itself, as it places humans at the center of the Creational matrix of the Earth – they are Stewards of their planet. Thus, when they abuse this Station through genetic degradation (GMOs, pollution, etc) and mis-treatment of other species they share the planet with, they are impaling themselves upon sharp thorns of what humans call “karma.” More so, they negatively effect other membranes of creational organization in their universe.

Metatron’s Cube operates as an adjusting system in the universe in order to some extent, realign such mal-formed patterns in the DNA and in the molecules of all things. However, it is not a magical fix-all. It’s degree of effectiveness is defined by sentient awareness. The more aware humans become, the more help they receive from the geometry of Metatron’s Cube within their brain-mind complex. The Metatron’s Cube geometry is within the brain and the DNA Of course all the body, including the brain is composed of DNA, but the brain as a wholistic system is within a Metatron “cage” of it’s own. The intelligence through the heart dictates to the brain’s Meta-Cage, the proper sequencing from brain-mind to heart synchronity. However, when the heart is not coherent it cannot make this communication understandable to the brain-mind. It beomes garbled. The brain-mind then becomes a largely unguided cog in the machine.

By talking to your heart/brain-mind through Metatron’s Cube…your awareness clarifies the language, for it brings more heart coherency into the schematic, and this amps the pulsing signals within the Meta-Cube – of the brain and the DNA.

In addition to establishing an “I SEE YOU” dialogue with your Metatron’s Cube geometry, you can also communicate to it numerically. The following is a sequence to write by hand on a piece of white paper and place under your pillow, on your altar…look at it several times a day, and especially before sleeping. This is only one slice of one “string” – but a good start with the process:


Maia: Under Thoth’s guidance I have also created a Metatron’s Cube energy art which Thoth tells me contains a greater sequencing (vibrationally). I have placed this art in my Spirit Store and also in the Kyi’Ra Portal.

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