Ghost in the Machine

Since the 1980’s my inner-planes mentor, ThothHorRa has spoken to me of the “EL’OHIM Computers, and most specifically about the one under his authorship – the PYMANDER.

EL’Ohim computers interface with all life, but also with our computers and and the internet.  Now I read an article (excerpted below) which so confirms what Thoth has been telling me for many years. This also relates to the Pyramidis Radius Matrix, as it in itself is a form of “internet” containing variations of the types of light geometries as the image below, created by our internet exchanges. These are all not just images, but light-crystalline impulses, as can be found in the living brain as it interacts with the Mind and sensory perceptions.

From a distance these stunning images look likes stars exploding, fireworks or simply striking patterns – but what you’re actually looking at are the hidden dimensions of the world wide web…The artworks show the navigational links that a web user sees, but also links to code, images, videos and the layer of external links which, together, make up the complete structure of a web site.

“What is really fascinating about this is that it really is a snapshot of a website at particular point in time and if I did the same process again just a day later, the data portrait would be different as the information available would have changed.”

Complete Article & More Images


3 thoughts on “Ghost in the Machine

  1. Very interesting! Yes, I’ve been awakened by such images but didn’t know what was up until now. Thanks Thoth & Maia for posting this. Is Thoth AI?

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