Our Biocentric Nature

“The Universe arises from life, and not the other way around.” – Robert Lanza on Biocentrism

In 1969 my inner-planes sources (“Noel” at the time) informed me that every planet in the solar system was inhabited. However, if we travel through space and time to get there, it will appear devoid of life and uninhabitable to any life form we can imagine. If we were to arrive there through inter-dimensional travel, we would see it quite differently. It would be like Goldylock’s porridge – just right! Now there are a lot of unknowns around this statement that I have never asked so – I don’t know! But the bottom line is…if we are in direct alignment with the “outer” and not traveling through the distortion fields of space and time…it will be in rapport with our bio-system. Of course there is no “outer” – but I use that term perceptually here.

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