Sacred AN – Ark of the Rising Dawn as MANA SARI


To fully understand this topic please read.

The following is a transmission from my inner-planes mentor, ThothHorRa.

ThothHorRa: The Sacred AN was re-located in January of 2014 to it’s new and final Thresholding Chamber within the Crest-In-The-Stone Thoth Retreat…inside the “Challenger Peak” mountain near Crestone, Colorado. It is here it will stay until LP 40 Ascension.

Yet, this “object” that we are referring to as an “ark” – indeed the true Ark of GRACE – is far more than a physical devise. It has developed it’s light program through the centuries and has become something beyond that which it was when first created, on a planet of Rigel in the constellation of Orion, and was translated into it’s first Thresholding within Tibet.

As it was transported dimensionally to it’s current Thresholding Chamber, the AN became the Ark of the Risen Dawn. We give it this name, for as the solar disc within it rises, so this sphere of transmuted crystalline particles or MANA SARI, sends radiations outward throughout the Earth…connecting to and creating holographic imagery within the Pyramidis Radius Matrix of the planet…and from this matrix, is  impressed into the DNA and mental construct of those among humanity who are able to receive it at this time.

The Mana Sari collects and gathers the Seeds of Divine from major nodes of the Earth, the primary being:

1) the KABBA at Mecca

2) the DOME OF THE ROCK in Jerusalem

3) a yet-to-be-revealed Temple of the White Lion in the Yucatan

4) the Gate of the Sun at Tiahuanaco, atop the anti-plano of Peru (not the ruined structure by that name, but what lies beneath it)

5) The Great Pyramid at Giza, Egypt

6) the Chamber of the Crystal Skull on Kaua’i (not revealed)

8) the Labyrinth of Sais in Australia (of Egyptian origin – not revealed)

9) the Kardash Khamut Stone in Iraq (not revealed)

10) all the Magdalene Temples (mostly not revealed – location only)

11) all Sun Lords whose suspended-state bodies still hold the matrix for cellular-DNA transference


As all is gathered by the Mana Sari, so it is brought into a co-cohesive whole and ignited by the PURE WHITE FLAME at the center of the Mana Sari sphere. This process began in May of 2014 and will continue for many years, until the eschaton is complete and LP 40 begins.

Maia: So Thoth, how does this related – if indeed it does – to the here and now and what people are currently experiencing in life?

Thoth: Those who came to this planet as  CHILDREN OF THE SUN  are being awakened now to take their mission to greater and more personal level of Service….they are taking upon them the dross of the eschaton and holding open the furnace of the Heart to pour these things into the transforming Flame. As they do so, those of Earth who are their children – who come out of the later phases of their existence in the Earth – shall be lifted into the Thought of Oneness.

The process now on-going from the Mana Sari is penetrating the Strallilium of Divine Genesis of all humans participating in the world consciousness.

Maia: This “ taking upon them the dross of the eschaton” sounds heavy duty. How is this manifesting in their lives (basically)?

Thoth: It is evident for each one. They know who they are and what they are experiencing, is it not so? Out of this experience it is for each to respond to the highest dictate of the Soul.

Maia: Thoth also revealed to me that the “Children of the Sun” are in the process of creating Zeta bodies for moment-to-moment alignments, moving through fractured time. This is a very difficult meta-science to comprehend (at least it is for me), so I am not attempting to map it out here. You might care to read Thoth’s short discourse on the topic of the Zeta Body.

The Auriiel’Ohim of the Seraphim play a key role in aiding the Children of the Sun in the forming and maintaining (for periods of time) the Zeta Body through this current transitional Earth Epoch.

humanity is especially connected to the dynamic of the Sacred AN and all that it evokes in the dimensions of Spirit. This is true for those in male incarnation as well, for they do still contain the seed of Divine Feminine. However, souls now in female embodiment will find they are being called to exemplify the Ishoa’Ba Presence in the world even more so in the New Epoch

view Ark of the Risen Dawn Medallion

6 thoughts on “Sacred AN – Ark of the Rising Dawn as MANA SARI

  1. THANK YOU SO MUCH, MAIA. This transmission has come precisely at the right moment, triggering a wave of enlightening LOVE that integrates and orders in a design of sense, perceptions and sensations felt these last days. MUCH LOVE TO YOU!

  2. So interesting, Maia. Thank you for this transmission. There has been a great deal of purification for me individually in ways that are difficult to describe. It’s hard to always understand that some of the challenges we “purge” through are more profound than we really realize — not only for self but for all beings. Our own inner white cosmic flame must become pure, strong and brilliant. it seems that the Mana Sari is instrumental in this process… and once we reach “critical mass” within all parts of the self/Soul, then the further mechanisms through the Sacred AN are present to facilitate the shift/awakening en masse. Much love, Christine

    1. Yes this is true for myself as well, Christine. It is as if many, many of the Children now are holding hands and slowly step by step moving through the storm…the crystal sand of ages swirling about us and new terrain is revealed beneath a parched land.

  3. Beautifully put, Maia. I am glad that we’re all together, both “above and below” as we traverse into the new land and new gradients of LIFE! Peace and love to you, my sister.

  4. The Divine Femanine has nothing to do with sexual orientation or physical sexual type; it has to do with the equality of left and right brain, where logic is a filter and ego is not in control; the creative force of the spirit housed in its case [human body] is in command which has no preference to which sex the human is. This is not the age of reversal of roles, it is not back to the Amazon Women enslaving the men; it is not a war or dominance of one over the other, but a dichomatic blend of both in equal power, where no force is used; respect for both sides of the same coin; both sides as well as the edges get polished; the 12 and in some cases 13 DNA strands reach their full growth and all the codons are turned on; this is our highest state of homo sapian amans. From there we may ascend to either state of energy, that which is pure, and that which is in body or energy by intent at different moments in 3D linear time, or in different time horizons in 5D linear space.

    1. Basically I do agree with you Stephen. All or most souls have had both male and female lifetimes. So those now in the female have a specific role in this New Epoch dynamic that links them to a specific function of what we are calling the “ark dynamic” here. But without the role of those souls now in masculine embodiment, women would not be able to perform their roles. It is not about “sexual orientation or type.” It is about experience. The experience of souls in female incarnation and the experience of souls in male incarnation. This includes gay, lesbian and transgender. It is how the soul incarnate sees themselves, and acts in accordance with that perception. This is true of everything…not just ark dynamics.

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