MASTERY FLAME – New Electrikum

Mastery Flame
Mastery Flame – click image to view large


This the first in a series presenting my new activiational art for the ELECTRIKUM Templates, which I originally created some years ago.

Kyi’Ra Portal members will soon have the entire set to download (minus watermark of course) and they will also be available for purchase in my Spirit Store.


Mastery Flame

Aries (Fire) ‘MASTERY FLAME’: red Prima Matra / atonic / electric / Christic Consciousness / acceptance of Self-Mastery / renewal in Spirit (dedication to new beginnings of Spirit)

At Lower Octaves of Experience: For individuals with low self-esteem; who are embarking upon new beginnings in their lives; who have difficulty accepting their own power or who tend to give their power away to others; helps in overcoming guilt of having abused power in the past, or fear of abusing it in the future.

At Higher Octaves of Experience: For individuals moving into acceptance of their rightful spiritual heritage as one of the New Elohim and their co-creative role of planetary transformation. Full acceptance of one’s dharmic empowerment.

For chakra application, best on crown, throat and Solar plexus.

The mantram to chant in association with this template is Uoi-aa-beh.

World Keynote: Creation of a unified field of acceptance of self and others. Tribes , races, cultures finding true purpose of the vibration they hold in the earth. This allows groups of people to accept collectively differences among individuals and tribes/races/cultures. When a person or groups of persons cannot truly connect to “true purpose” in the heart, they cannot accept the true purposes of others.


In these last few months of 2015, how may we view this alchemical template?  ACCEPTANCE….much has happened in 2015 around this issue. “Acceptance” on the level of higher awareness does not imply that you are to accept violence, anger, etc as condoning it or complying with it. It is about accepting the true spiritual undercurrent of all life. It this way, you can become transparent to the emotional waves coming from the illusion of separation that spawns non-heart based thoughts and actions.


Kyi’Ra Portal members can access the on-line Electrikum Oracle here. Currently it has the old art, but I will be updating to the new when I have the full set.


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