TRIBE LIGHT – New Electrikum

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This the second in a series presenting my new activiational art for the ELECTRIKUM Templates, which I originally created some years ago.

Kyi’Ra Portal members will soon have the entire set to download (minus watermark of course) and they will also be available for purchase in my Spirit Store.


Tribe Light

Taurus (Earth) ‘TRIBE LIGHT’: black Prima Matra / corporal / magnetic / contact with the Earth as a sacred vessel / brings one’s consciousness into the center of the Earth, aligning human chakras to Earth chakras / creating a temple within / integration with Tribal consciousness – para-genetic streaming; connecting to one’s ancient blood consciousness through incarnation on the Earth

At Lower Octaves of Experience: For those who have difficulty grounding and aligning with 3-D reality; for impurities and diseases of the blood; re-aligning all chakras of the body; good for past life reconciliation and release of incarnational guilt, which builds up karmically through the many incarnations of the soul. ‘Incarnational guilt’ is not karma itself, but a shadow, veil or shell which the act of reincarnating creates within the paragenetic Light Body. Once incarnational guilt is lessened or released, the individual may more easily receive grace. Tribe Light is also excellent for soul retrieval techniques.

At Higher Octaves of Experience: For bringing the higher frequencies of Spiritual Mind and Heart into matter, assists the process through opening channels of conductivity into the atomic / sub-atomic matter realm where true transformation must occur to stabilize consciousness for the greater task at hand.

The chakras most receptive to this elixir are the base chakra and the chakras in the palms of the hands and the soles of the feet.

The mantram is Avah-yeh-i-o.

World Keynote: Integration of the collective planetary consciousness with the heart-center Earth Soul.


Nearing the end of October, 2015 let us take a renewed look at Tribe Light…

There is still much Tribal Consciousness active en mass on this planet. This pot is really being stirred now…in the Middle East and other parts of the world, including the USA. Tribal Consciousness has served us in some ways through the eons…to allow us a sense of the unity we feel separate from. Family, Tribe….people we feel we can count on in the midst of chaos. However, it has also held us back from the realization that we are WHOLE and every soul is part of our Family of Light.

Incarnational guilt is a big part of what is dissolving now. Each human being carries at least some part of this, and it is at this time when all such perceptions must be cleared away. In the extreme, incarnational guilt actually creates self-righteousness. “I and / or my tribe is in the right and will prevail!” This sort of mentality perpetuates violence and discord. It is right here in America with 911, just as it is in the Middle East.

What Thoth refers to as the OWL or One World Legion, uses the power of that “them or us” magnetic field to orchestrate and perpetuate their dark scenarios in the world. Yet even my writing this, I must admit…is a “them or us” statement! A paradox to be sure! But only if we remain “inside the box.”

Tribe Light addresses moving into a higher evolution. A suggested related article would be The Two Roads.


Kyi’Ra Portal members can access the on-line Electrikum Oracle here. Currently it has the old art, but I will be updating to the new when I have the full set.


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