PURE GEM – New Electrikum

Pure Gem
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This the third in a series presenting my new activiational art for the ELECTRIKUM Templates, which I originally created some years ago.

Kyi’Ra Portal members will soon have the entire set to download (minus watermark of course) and they will also be available for purchase in my Spirit Store.


Pure Gem

Cancer (Water) ‘PURE GEM’: pink Prima Matra / supra-conscious / akashic / building and evolving of Light Body / nurturing & Self-Love / knowing the Divine within

At Lower Octaves of Experience: This template works well with healing of trauma, both emotional and physical; because of it’s nurturing properties, it is good for aiding one in self-discovery, especially in areas which truly comfort and satisfy the soul; good for skin rashes and diseases and for these disorders would be best if infused in water internally, placed on chakras or just held while still in the bottle like you would a crystal – rubbing it on the affected areas topically would not be as effective; it can help individuals release issues of self-denial and lack of self-love which are causative to some illnesses.

At Higher Octaves of Experience: It builds the Light body, and prepares the individual for ‘passage’ into the next phase of evolution, which is sometimes exemplified in the transition of death, but can also be experienced in dramatic lifetime events or a series of ‘mini-deaths’ to the personal will. Can facilitate higher levels of initiation in their own ancient Sacred soul knowledge, which must be recapitulated before future knowledge can become actualized fully.

The chakra most responsive to this template is the heart. Additionally for females below the navel; and for males at the base chakra.

The mantram is Huurrr-huurrr-huurrr (roll the R’s if possible).

world keynote: The creation of loving vehicles of expression in forms that serve the planetary


In the last two days of October, 20015 how might we take another look at this Electrikum of Pure Gem?

Certainly Pure Gem is addressing the foremost key component to humanity at this time….upgrading the DNA into Pure Gem frequency – the New Light Body and resultant physical body!

Evidence is coming forth from various sources that our DNA is indeed transforming. This is seen even in the blood work of certain individuals…in fact more and more of them. While I don’t know of anyone exhibiting super-human powers as yet (well, actually I have read of a few extra-ordinary children), being able to leap tall building with a single bound is not what the Pure Gem Body is all about. This transformation we are experiencing now is about awakening DNA encodings we already possess, but have been dormant for some time. These codes give us the spiritual and body intelligence that will lead us Home. That is the first step and the one we, as human Beings are given to accomplish. We cannot do that by running away from who we are now, but through living the truth of this Now Moment fully and completely, no matter the apparent challenges it may present to us.


Kyi’Ra Portal members can access the on-line Electrikum Oracle here. Currently it has the old art, but I will be updating to the new when I have the full set.


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