Light & Energy – from The Blue Stone Healing Sciences



Excerpts from The Blue Stone – Healing Sciences of Thoth (note my Portal members can find in The Vault of Thoth within the Portal) — This was written 1977 when I was 28 years old.


Thoth on Light Image Phasing…

Light image phasing is a high order of inner attunement. It frees the super-consciousness to
penetrate the radiant focus, yet it never disturbs the conscious function. Only through the
operation can you comprehend the surgery. Through the understanding of how a perception is
achieved, the perception itself is understood as well as the symbiosis of the two selves, the
conscious and the super-conscious. To simply awaken to the star novas in which you were
created is not enough to gain access to the temple. For the temple, which is the need to gather, to
unify and sanctify that union through the consecration of holy ground, was spawned in the fall of
the soul from grace. The temple reaches upward, it longs to be where it is not. It is the
developed understanding of the many who have preserved fragments of righteousness and
secured these pieces into one mass, the rock. Yet the temple is only an understanding of truth. It
is not the summit of that truth. Once the temple is raised, the soul must seek the spiritual
counterpart of the temple, which is the light of inward spirit, that which illuminates the temple
and breathes the divine life into its solemn chambers.

Thoth on what I was given at the time to call “High Energy” – shall we say now highly charged quantum energy...

High energy is the constant presence throughout the universe, causing the existence and action of
all lower energies, bearing the codes of the intelligent radiation from the source. Hermes traced
the path of high energy through the observation of the atomic particles’ response to this sublime
state. The path of input-output is an orbit somewhat like a comet around the sun, flowing in
energized ellipses about the nucleus of the atom.

As high energy enters the charged space of the atom, it echoes a duplicate of itself which
eclipses the nucleus from the opposite direction. This is not an illusion, but an identical beam of
high energy which has been created through the contagion of the atoms’ charged space coming
into contact with the very life force.

High energy carries no charge of its own, as it is a neutral presence which is natural only to the
anti-space condition. However, through its manipulation of matter, Magna Neutra mirrors itself
in space. This mirror image is registered as a stillness. The nature of energy is to seek
quiescence, thereby causing lesser energies which are in constant motion to rush toward their
still point. Although space does not allow for the manifestation of the still point, the lower
energies are nevertheless urged on by the presence of the still projection of Magna Neutra.
This action creates the reasoning of motion, the order of the universe. It is a joint effort of
motion to seek the stillness of the initial beam. Within the atomic atmosphere of the atom, the
lesser energies are attempting to duplicate the stillness of the high energy ellipse. As a result, the
high energy forms a wall of energized space around it which flashes a negative charge through
the center of the atom’s nucleus to the opposite side of the atomic barrier. All the while, the
space of the atom is rushing in a graduation of intensity in its quest for the still nature.
The charged space becomes denser as it contracts about the nucleus as a result of the intensified
motion. As the projection of the wall surrounding the high energy beam is passed through the
nucleus, it registers as a positive charge on the opposite side of the nucleus.

This act of energized space seeking its still nature through intensifying and densifying motion
registers in encapsulated packages known as electrons. Now we see two charges of orbiting
energy bands circling the nucleus of the atom in ellipses. These two orbits react between them,
causing a spreading and gathering motion in the fluxing of the ellipse path. Thus emerges the
butterfly, wings a flutter within his crystal cocoon.

Only in crystalline structure does high energy operate in this fashion, as the precise geometric
alignment produces the singularly acceptable matrix for this action. The atoms of crystals display
a three dimensional symmetry necessary as a stage for the duplication of the high energy beam
through the channels of diffraction.


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