Written By Kaylasa (JaguarStar) Giselle


**HUMAN DNA, DA VINCI, THE TETRAGRAMMATON, THE SACRED 9, AND THE TEMPLE OF SOLOMON. This is a reflection I had the other day. While reading a research paper about genetics, I suddenly remembered an e-mail sent by William Stuart Buehler, in which he talks about the 9 versus 5 harmonics/light geometries in Creation, connecting them to the Oritronic (fallen) vs. the Metatronic (ascended) universes, and the Solarian vs. the Nephilimic races. Here is what he writes: “Energetically I’m thinking that the Christos’ Mysteries would correlate with the high “Onata” range or “Metatronic”, using “9” as it’s number (Anti-Matter field), while the lower “Elisaphane” range of Humanity (Matter or Orotronic field) uses the “5” harmonic (….) The other two levels in the Abacus would be the Nephilim and Solarian Light Races”.

**And you can see, indeed, this message encoded in Da Vinci’s “Vitruvian Man”, (in which you see a 5-pointed star/fallen man spinning, moving, becoming something else…. 9-pointed star or ascended Solarian!!!). Which is the REAL answer to the Riddle of the Sphinx: “What is the creature that walks on four legs in the morning, two legs at noon and three in the evening?” 4 + 2 + 3 = 9, the master number, the Vitruvian. Also, 9 is the result of 3+1+1+4…. which coincidentally, is the meridian where the Great Pyramid (or Temple of the Lion) is located, the beginning of the Mayan Calendar, and the year in which the first modern Egyptian Dynasty began!!!

**All of this also ties up to genetics, because apparently, according to recent works on genetics, the human DNA structure discovered by Watson and Greek is wrong because it does not consider the pentatonic geometry necessary for its codons (blocks) to respect the Phi (Golden Number) proportion. So according to the latest discoveries, our DNA is a double helix conformed by codons (blocks) with a pentagonal structure, which naturally creates the Phi Geometrics we see everywhere else in nature. This, in my opinion, is the reason the Tetragrammaton or Pentagram is used both as the basis of our music (which indicates the vibration of matter in our “fallen” universe), and as a spiritual symbol of an ascended human being.

**I also believe that the two pillars of the Temple of Solomon in the Kabbalah Mysteries are indeed the two helices of our DNA, and the 10 sephiroths in the Tree of Life, among its many meanings, also symbolize the 10 codons discovered in the newest genetic research, that form the base of this DNA pentatonic chain. That is the reason the Tetragrammaton/Five-pointed star is considered the Name of God, because this sequence based on 5-geometrics is the Name or Sacred Sound that creates our Human DNA, the Song of Creation the Elohim/dragon masters used to create our genetic imprint. This means that the Temple of Solomon is also a symbol for our ascended DNA.

**As I was meditating about all of this yesterday, I saw an image in my mind: I saw a 5-pointed star opening like a flower, and transforming into another geometric figure I couldn’t see well. But I realized the 5-geometries are a “door” into this ascended geometry (again, this door or transformation is what the Vitruvian Man expresses). I also realized once you cross the two pillars of the temple and light the sacred fire within the temple (the Chintamani Flame inside our DNA), this transformation occurs, and then I see 13 pillars in the Ascended Temple, that is,13 helices which conform our ascended DNA.


I AM MAIA KYi’RA AND I APPROVE THIS MESSAGE 🙂  Haha couldn’t resist it! But seriously, Thoth (through my perception) does agree with what Kaylasa writes above.


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