Time Crystals

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I just came across an article on the discovery and indeed creation of “Time Crystals.”

To quote from:

Scientists Have Confirmed a Brand New Phase of Matter: Time Crystals
Constant motion without energy.

First predicted by Nobel-Prize winning theoretical physicist Frank Wilczek back in 2012, time crystals are structures that appear to have movement even at their lowest energy state, known as a ground state.

Usually when a material is in ground state, also known as the zero-point energy of a system, it means movement should theoretically be impossible, because that would require it to expend energy.

But Wilczek predicted that this might not actually be the case for time crystals.

Normal crystals have an atomic structure that repeats in space – just like the carbon lattice of a diamond. But, just like a ruby or a diamond, they’re motionless because they’re in equilibrium in their ground state.

But time crystals have a structure that repeats in time, not just in space. And it keep oscillating in its ground state.

A time crystal is like constantly oscillating jelly in its natural, ground state, and that’s what makes it a whole new phase of matter – non-equilibrium matter. It’s incapable of sitting still.

But it’s one thing to predict these time crystals exist, it’s another entirely to make them, which is where the new study comes in.

Yao and his team have now come up with a detailed blueprint that describes exactly how to make and measure the properties of a time crystal, and even predict what the various phases surrounding the time crystals should be – which means they’ve mapped out the equivalent of the solid, liquid, and gas phases for the new phase of matter.

Published in Physical Review Letters, Yao calls the paper “the bridge between the theoretical idea and the experimental implementation”.

And it’s not just speculation, either. Based on Yao’s blueprint, two independent teams – one from the University of Maryland and one from Harvard – have now followed the instructions to create their own time crystals.


In the 1980’s my inner-planes mentor ThothHorRa introduced to me the science of holocrystals. He informed me that what I did – rather than call it “channeling” – was actually holocrystallic translation.  I was not unique in this form of translation, but to simply say one is a “channel” is a very broad sweep of the brush, as individuals received non-local information in various ways.

I tried calling myself a holocrystal translator for a short time, but too many people gave me a blank stare on that one! So I chose akashic translator instead. In the 1980’s I still received a good share of blank stares, but at least some people had heard of the akasha. Since, Thoth suggested I use Source Translator.

So what are holocrystals?

I was never given the full scoop on them, but essentially they are the “time crystals” mentioned above, but not the specific ones now being created in a laboratory, as these are very simple replicas at this stage. Before I continue on the properties and action of holocrystals, here is an excerpt from my article in the archives on the Akasha…

‘Akashic’ is an eastern term which, according to Thoth, refers to the planetary ‘Recorder Cell,’ where thought, feeling and occurrences throughout all time in the planet’s history are stored as a record of knowledge within the subtle etheric substance of the planet. However, the nature of the akashic records are much more complex and far-reaching than might be imagined according to Tehuti, whom we also know as Thoth, and who holds the title of being the ‘Great Akashic Scribe.’ He tells us that the akashic is an etheric subtle energy region arranged into bandings which are concentric shells within and around the Earth. These akashic energy bands or shells have a very high resonance with the God-Source emanating from within the human element. The electromagnetic and gravitational force fields of the planet are the media upon which these energy bands are able to record information, also providing stability to their structure.

These energy bands are formed through the interaction of two distinct dynamics, which then form a third that becomes the final qualification for the planetary akashic records. The first two dynamics are 1) the divinity within human souls and 2) the Planetary Soul. The Planetary Soul is the living essence of the planet, the heart of Gaia. These two dynamics interact to form the World Soul, which the Lemurians called the Sheila. Thus the World Soul is formed via the combined Light of the souls present within the planetary experience, in interaction and combination with the Planetary Soul.

So it is the World Soul which is then the basic format for the akashic records held in the concentric energy bands previously mentioned. As they vibrate with the dynamic of the World Soul, fields of resonance with the God-Source are created within their parameters. These akashic energy bands interlink to form three dimensional geometric patterns. These patterns then comprise the ‘recording crystals’ within the Recorder Cell or akashic of Earth. Thoth tells us that the most basic of these patterns is called the acosha, and is actually a single ‘crystal.’ The acosha is in the shape of a dodecahedron. Upon each face of the acosha dodecahedron the thought forms of the World Soul create etheric ‘ripples.’ The type of thought within these ripples determines where it ‘records’ its impression upon the crystal, and upon which face of the crystal it is to be recorded. Each recording crystal is receptive to receiving the impressions of specific types of thought forms, just which ones is determined primarily by the degree and quality of the illumination contained within the thought. This is the manner in which the thought forms containing the knowledge, perception and wisdom, as well as the illusion of the ages of Earth, are catalogued into the library of the Recorder Cell of the planet.

Within the ‘main library’ of Earth’s akasha, there are two major levels. There are the higher or Greater Akashic, and the lower or Lesser Akashic records. In the Lesser Akashic, every thought, feeling and expression of consciousness expressed upon the Earth is recorded and compiled according to the intensity level they find within the souls of Earth who produce them. In other words, whatever is continually ‘fed’ by the power of mind and emotion in humanity, builds a field of increasing intensity within the Lesser Akashic.

Some of the most prevalent consciousness thought-forms in the Lesser Akashic would be such things as the world’s religions, common issues of survival, and politics. Many of these records contain accurate and true information. However, they are also liberally inter-mixed with many illusions that are born of mass belief systems as well. When accessing the Lesser Akashic, the individual akashic investigator’s thoughts, feelings, and beliefs will be magnetically attracted to information (true or illusional) that supports their own inner feelings and beliefs. If the akashic investigator is exceptionally clear mentally and emotionally, and not egoically attached to their ability to access the information available within the Lesser Akashic, they can move amongst the strong currents of lower magnetic energy present, and align with the highest truth to be found in the Lesser Akashic.

The Greater Akashic does not actually store the thought-forms contained in the World Soul (those of the planetary consciousness) as does the Lesser Akashic. Rather, it alchemically extracts the nectar; the purest knowledge-forms from the Lesser Akashic and translates them into highly defined ‘Light Inscriptions,’ which are then ‘flamed,’ or inscribed, into the heart of each crystal in the Greater Akashic field of the Recorder Cell. Understand that there is only one Recorder Cell, with two main fields, or levels.

These Light Inscriptions then emanate repeating pulses of Light Language imaging from the center of the recording crystal, which can be intercepted by a sentient being. In order for a sentient being to ‘read’ the Greater Akashic Record, they must first be able to receive this information deep within their own ‘Recorder Cell.’ Therefore, the individual is not ‘channeling’ as it is commonly understood when working in this level of the akashic, but summoning an attunement of vibration between the Greater Akashic recording crystal within the Planetary Akashic Recorder Cell, and the prototype Recorder Cell within their own crystalline DNA spirals.

The information that is contained within the Greater Akashic which the individual has then ‘attuned to,’ is sent to their brain-mind complex from their own Recorder Cell to interact with the individual’s process of thought formation. Thus, it is through the individual’s thought formation process being modulated with this higher level information that some communicable understanding of the knowledge received is effected. Unfortunately, while the information received in this manner is relatively pure, it is also very difficult to comprehend when it is transcribed into the common languages of the Earth. This is due to the fact that in this current reality, we have structured our languages to communicate a very limited understanding of the Omnipotence we call ‘God’ and the many aspects and nuances of divine expression. Thus, often another translation factor needs to be applied. There are various adjustments that can be made, but in my case, Thoth supplies me with keys and codes, or ‘guidance commands,’ which I can use as a ‘Rosetta Stone’ to further translate the information. This is accomplished on a subconscious level, whereby these key ‘codes’ are placed into my auric field and therefore ‘read’ by an area in my brain which is responsive to them. The codes are in the form of pictures or ‘pictographs’ that prompt and orient my language center into a greater comprehension of the knowledge being released from my Recorder Cell. In addition, Thoth often directly answers my questions, this information flow also comes to my conscious awareness via my Recorder Cell. In addition, when I need clarification concerning certain types of material, Thoth many times then guides me to other areas of the Greater Akashic in which the specific knowledge can be located to give me a larger perspective on the original information I am attempting to translate. Since I play an interactive role in ‘de-coding’ the knowledge downloaded into my Recorder Cell from the Greater Akashic, Thoth refers to me as a ‘source translator.’

This whole procedure for me, or anyone working primarily through direct receipt of the Greater Akashic is not an infallible program; most especially in that the mental-personality has to be involved at some level in interpretation of the information so that it may be brought into a pattern suitable for planetary comprehension. It needs to be realized that all humans on the planet interact with the Lesser Akashic. They contribute to it and receive imprints from it, both in dream and waking states, that influence their lives.

Thus we have the Greater and Lesser fields of the Akashic present within the Recorder Cell of the Earth. The Lesser Akashic is influenced and greatly controlled by lesser human thought-feeling impressions; the Greater Akashic is impersonal and responds only to the essence of truth within the soul. Thoth states that in the case of the Higher Akashic, although it “does not store the thought-forms contained in the World Soul,” it does integrate with it, as it extracts the purest essence, or nectar, from the Lesser Akashic. Thus, this is the manner in which it integrates with the World Soul via the Lesser Akashic realms.

Yet there is another, even greater realm of the akashic, which Thoth defines as the ‘Supra-Akashic.’ This field is not within the Earth domain, but is comprised of the akashic recording crystals of the Universe. It operates similarly to the Greater Akashic of the Earth, but is not integrated with any individual ‘World Soul.’ Instead, it contains the harmonic musical language of the Angels, Archangels, Elohim and all the Creator Lords of this Universe. Because the Supra-Akashic does not interface with the Lesser Worlds directly, only ‘master souls’ of Earth can as yet interact with its high level hologramic thought-form information.

When this planet enters its ascended phase as the ‘New Earth Star,’ souls present within that reality system will then be able to start accessing some of this higher level information as the Supra-Akashic begins to feed select harmonics into the New Earth Star Greater Akashic field.

Thoth tells us that as a planetary whole, we will integrate our individual Recorder Cells directly with the Supra-Akashic once our planet moves through the Mazzaroth (zodiac), and enters under the command of the Mazaloth (greater state of universal being). This will be a gradual ongoing process beginning with the Earth’s entry into the ascended New Earth Star reality, and will complete at the end of that next cycle, which he calls the New Earth Star Aeon. – full article


To return to holocrystals…

Long before I wrote the above, I knew about them, but in the article, I didn’t go into enough detail in my description of how the Akasha is structured to come to the holocrystals – preferring to use source translator instead.

The key part of the article I wrote above is:

Therefore, the individual is not ‘channeling’ as it is commonly understood when working in this level of the akashic, but summoning an attunement of vibration between the Greater Akashic recording crystal within the Planetary Akashic Recorder Cell, and the prototype Recorder Cell within their own crystalline DNA spirals.

It is the holocrystals that are the transporters between the Greater Akashic recording crystal and the prototype within the DNA. In fact, all these crystals are composed of holocrystals – time crystals, if you will.

From this perspective all life is constantly time travelling!


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  1. Happy Birthday Maia !
    And it feels very powerful, your return to Crestone !
    This article is very timely ( pun intended) not to mention incredible content. Brings understanding as often is the case !
    Blessings !

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