The Crystalline Blood: Purple Sphere & Golden Cubes

Before reading on, please read this short explanation from Thoth given a few months ago.

Latest images from my blood


Once again, the Dr. who took these has seen nothing like them before…except in Bill’s and Edie’s blood on the same visit (we all go together) they had cubes this time as well!

Time before last, Bill and I both had these…again never seen by the Dr. before (picture is my blood)…

As I have stated previously, these many different looking creatures are not just appearing in the three of us. More and more samples from people the Dr, is examining are turning up with them..but the above shape he had not seen before. This phenomena only started occurring in the live blood specimens about 8 or so years ago. Then only in Bill’s (I was not in Crestone then). Some of the blood samples are from people who do not live here.

I also find it amazing that Bill and I turn up with the same ones at the same time! NEW ones not seen before.

Thoth has stated to me that it is more likely to occur here, so close to the Crest In The Stone, with it’s Sacred An, but it is also likely for people living in other energetic hot spots of the planet.

Since mainstream medicine dismisses live blood and only look at dried dead blood, they are missing this!


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