I was recently introduced by a friend to the C60 carbon molecule. I wish to share with you some information about it – both from the web and from my inner-planes mentor, ThothHorRa (at the end of this article), But first I want to stress that I am not selling any C60 product, nor am I in any way affiliated with LivingLongerLabs.

Let us start with Wikipedia on C60 (excerpts).

A fullerene is a molecule of carbon in the form of a hollow sphere, ellipsoid, tube, and many other shapes. Spherical fullerenes, also referred to as Buckminsterfullerenes or buckyballs, resemble the balls used in association football. Cylindrical fullerenes are also called carbon nanotubes (buckytubes). Fullerenes are similar in structure to graphite, which is composed of stacked graphene sheets of linked hexagonal rings. Unless they are cylindrical, they must also contain pentagonal (or sometimes heptagonal) rings.

Buckminsterfullerene is type of fullerene with the formula C60. It has a cage-like fused-ring structure (truncated icosahedron) that resembles a soccer ball (football), made of twenty hexagons and twelve pentagons, with a carbon atom at each vertex of each polygon and a bond along each polygon edge.

It was first generated in 1985 by Harold Kroto, James R. Heath, Sean O’Brien, Robert Curl, and Richard Smalley at Rice University. Kroto, Curl and Smalley were awarded the 1996 Nobel Prize in Chemistry for their roles in the discovery of buckminsterfullerene and the related class of molecules, the fullerenes.

Buckminsterfullerene is the most common naturally occurring fullerene. It can be found in small quantities in soot.

The compound has been detected in deep space.

C60 was discovered in 1985 by Robert Curl, Harold Kroto, and Richard Smalley. Using laser evaporation of graphite they found Cn clusters (where n>20 and even) of which the most common were C60 and C70. A solid rotating graphite disk was used as the surface from which carbon was vaporized using a laser beam creating hot plasma that was then passed through a stream of high-density helium gas.[14] The carbon species were subsequently cooled and ionized resulting in the formation of clusters. Clusters ranged in molecular masses, but Kroto and Smalley found predominance in a C60 cluster that could be enhanced further by allowing the plasma react longer. They also discovered that the C60 molecule formed a cage-like structure, a regular truncated icosahedron.

The experimental evidence, a strong peak at 720 atomic mass units, indicated that a carbon molecule with 60 carbon atoms was forming, but provided no structural information. The research group concluded after reactivity experiments, that the most likely structure was a spheroidal molecule. The idea was quickly rationalized as the basis of an icosahedral symmetry closed cage structure. Kroto mentioned geodesic dome structures of the noted futurist and inventor Buckminster Fuller as influences in the naming of this particular substance as buckminsterfullerene

In solid buckminsterfullerene, the C60 molecules adopt the fcc (face-centered cubic) motif. They start rotating at about −20 °C. This change is associated with a first-order phase transition to a fcc structure and a small, yet abrupt increase in the lattice constant from 1.411 to 1.4154 nm.

C60 solid is as soft as graphite, but when compressed to less than 70% of its volume it transforms into a superhard form of diamond (see aggregated diamond nanorod). C60 films and solution have strong non-linear optical properties; in particular, their optical absorption increases with light intensity (saturable absorption).

C60 forms a brownish solid with an optical absorption threshold at ≈1.6 eV. It is an n-type semiconductor with a low activation energy of 0.1–0.3 eV; this conductivity is attributed to intrinsic or oxygen-related defects. Fcc C60 contains voids at its octahedral and tetrahedral sites which are sufficient large (0.6 and 0.2 nm respectively) to accommodate impurity atoms. When alkali metals are doped into these voids, C60 converts from a semiconductor into a conductor or even superconductor.

C60 can be hydrogenated,[38] suggesting that a modified buckminsterfullerene called organometallic buckyballs (OBBs) could become a vehicle for “high density, room temperature, ambient pressure storage of hydrogen”. These OBBs are created by binding atoms of a transition metal (TM) to C60 or C48B12 and then binding many hydrogen atoms to this TM atom, dispersing them evenly throughout the inside of the organometallic buckyball. The study found that the theoretical amount of H2 that can be retrieved from the OBB at ambient pressure approaches 9 wt %, a mass fraction that has been designated as optimal for hydrogen fuel by the U.S. Department of Energy.

Free radical reactions

Reactions of C60 with free radicals readily occur. When C60 is mixed with a disulfide RSSR, the radical C60SR• forms spontaneously upon irradiation of the mixture.

Stability of the radical species C60Y• depends largely on steric factors of Y. When tert-butyl halide is photolyzed and allowed to react with C60, a reversible inter-cage C–C bond is formed.

Buckminsterfullerene is one of the largest objects exhibiting wave–particle duality; as stated in the theory every object exhibits this behavior. 

– complete article


Next, here are some excerpts on C60 by Self-Hacked.

Some think that by absorbing nearby acid, C60 is then attracted to the mitochondria and carries the protons superoxide acceptors to prevent the very source of damage from the electron transport chain

The proposed mechanism indicates that C60 has the ability to acquire positive charge by absorbing protons (positively charged hydrogen atoms) and this complex could enter the mitochondria, leading to a decrease in reactive oxygen species production [R].

Computer simulations have shown that C60 has the ability the pass through lipid membranes, enter the cell, and alter its functions

Carboxyl C60 prevents nerve cells from dying by either dehydration or amyloid-beta (causes Alzheimer’s) and allowed mice to live 8 days longer in a 120 day lifetime.

Another study found that average lifespan can increase 5-14% even when starting halfway through the lives of mice.

The above studies use a derivative of C60 while using actual C60 in olive oil can get 90% increase in lifespan for rats (using a dose of 1.7 mg/kg of body weight twice a month)

Free radicals can react with almost any molecule in your body and potentially damage it before leaving the molecule and going to the next one. An antioxidant like C60 (carboxyl) prevents age-related decline in mice.

Carboxy C60 is significantly better than ubiquinone, preventing fat peroxidation and iron-induced oxidation in cells.

Also, malonyl-C60 inhibits nitric oxide synthase, a creator of nitric oxide which is a free radical in test-tubes.

By inhibiting IL-1, matrix metalloproteinases, and TNF-alpha, hydroxyl-C60 prevents inflammation in mice.

When the right kind of photons work with hydroxy C60 it can deactivate mosquito viruses.

Nerves can die from being fired too often and worked too hard. Hydroxyl C60 protects nerves from dying due to overwork in cell cultures.

Further, water-soluble C60 prevents stress-induced damage and the breakdown of bones. It also prevents loss of bone cells and prevents bone inflammation in rabbits.

The C60 in squalene (shark oil) is a powerful antioxidant and can prevent fat cells from growing in size. It also prevents cells from increasing in number and prevent insulin resistance in cells.

Also, malonyl C60 killed and helped white blood cells to kill Group A Streptococcus (strep throat, skin infections, toxic shock syndrome).

Perfect for incorporating into a skin lotion, C60 Oil stops sunburn in models of human skin.

C60 is also able to decrease Th2 and Th17 Dominance, a major contributing factor to many chronic illnesses and autoimmune disorders.

When scientists gave rats much more than we would ever recommend, there were no changes in body fat, protein, sugar, and many other normal molecules [R].

There are stories going around about C60 oil causing DNA damage, but the only study I found on this mentions that corn oil itself was worse than the C60 inside it. C60 Oil only changed the DNA expression of the lungs and liver.

Sister chromatid exchange and micronucleation occur more often from C60 – this can be a source of DNA mutation.

C60 Oil unwinding DNA could be good or bad [R, R]. Unwound DNA repairs more easily, as mutated mice missing DNA unwinding enzymes have shorter lives.

Even though a study on injecting live mice brains with carboxy fullerene suggested it could be useful in preventing stroke, 20% of the mice that were injected with too much died [R]. Also, the mice that didn’t have it injected directly into their brain didn’t receive benefits.

C60 Oil is best dissolved in oil with a centrifuge. Pure C60 and high doses of dissolved C60 can be toxic.


This leads us to the work of LiveLongerLabs and their unique C60live formula.

To quote from their website: 60live gives the benefits of Carbon 60, the nutrition of the pure-grade organic oil AND the WymeclaAG frequency technology.  “We mix conscious energy with electromagnetic field generation and we’re able to convince any living organism to maneuver based on conscious changes in its immediate environment.”

This is the key to why I am so focused specifically on C60live rather than any other version of it currently available for consumption: LiveLongerLabs has introduced conscious energy and electromagnetic field generation into their C60.

Further excerpts from the LLL website…

Live Longer Labs is a bunch of scientists from NASA, doctors, universities, and institutions.  We research everything we do.  After researching Carbon 60, we started making C60live to help family and friends.  Then the market caught on to how powerful this product is.  We received so many requests that we started selling C60live.

Our goal is simple: to help people and animals!  We’re not in it to get rich, we’re in it to help improve the quality of life for family, friends, animals, and community.  Honest!

At our Research and Development Lab located high in the Rockies, we are passionately engaged in several projects to improve the quality of life and to extend it far beyond the boundaries of today’s known science. We do product development for multiple entities covering a wide range of applications and academic disciplines.

We are driven to excel and look forward to sharing future products and updates as they come available.

Carbon60 and C60live.

The antioxidants contained in vitamin C and E are known to have an effect on a particular active oxygen. The antioxidant effect in fullerene is much greater as it has an even effect on all typical free radicals (removing the active oxygen). This effect is 172 times that of Vitamin C. This high concentration of antioxidant agents is one of the many features of C60 fullerene.

Research and Clinical Trials

Many are asking us why we are having Pure Bella Vita ship our products for us.  The answer is simple: so we can research.

We want to definitively prove that Carbon 60 can change lives and change the way the world thinks about health.  We are taking a step back from the business side of Carbon 60 to focus on what we do best: research.

Currently, we are partnering with doctors and universities all over the world to conduct clinical trials.  Stay tuned as the results come in!

These NASA scientist state that they do not profit from selling C60live. All the earnings go to research. They are apparently making a living from other aspects of their technology.

You will find several videos on their site, but below are the ones I highly recommend.


This video focuses more specifically on C60 benefits.


On controlling Consciousness and then moves into the topic of C60 curing macular degeneration.


Not directly about C60live but definitely related;  although at the very end of the video conversation, Adam talks briefly about C60. Adam Curry gives me hope for the future. I also see how this consciousness science (quantum) is the engine for the dynamic of the Christosaphora Elixir project.

(You Tube) Adam Curry is the creator of the Entangled mobile app designed to explore the effect of mass consciousness. He is also the co-founder of www.bionatusllc.com which focuses on bringing breakthrough scientific discoveries to market. Here are some things we discuss;

Adam interest in Nicola Tesla – His work with Princeton’s PEAR lab – The Entangled APP – Random Number Generators showing the effect of Global Consciousness – C-60 or Carbon 60 and Luminas – Moving away from reductionist science as the only way to explore breakthrough technologies – The importance of surrounding yourself with supportive people – Adam’s two secret weapons for unlimited energy throughout the day – The Mind Lamp – Adam’s advice to young entrepreneurs and the technology industry.

Entangled Consciousness App

Luminas – Targeting Inflammation at the Source


THE RESEARCH on C60live (LLL website)


Thoth Akasha through Maia on the C60 Molecule

TO BEGIN – going back in years to my “akashic definitions” we can find some of the internal workings of C60, and most specifically when it is activated by consciousness energy.



Particles of supra-atomic substance created by breaking atomic bonding to the Oritronic (half-Light) Spiral. These particles act as ‘seeds’ for the Metatronic (full-Light) consciousness in this reality system. One of the ways itons are created is during the ‘lightning strikes’ in the Sephirothic Tree. Atoms are converted into itons by metabolizing through a rhombic energy field stimulated by a change in etheric density. Itons are atoms that have been turned inside out. Once our physical atoms have the proper Light Mathematic encodings to itonize we will be able to safely pass through the LP-40 ascension (world ascension into the ‘New Earth Star’ reality).

lightning paths

Paths for high transmission of Metatronic overlays within the Oritronic membrane. These paths are represented by both the lightning path and center pillar on the Sephirothic Tree. They intercept the continuous interaction among Oritronic fields, creating superlations of high magnetic vectors momentarily collapsing to the neutra-field between the Oritronic and Metatronic Spirals. If the spin of itonic sequention (rapid sequential formation) is intense enough to create stable wormholes, blue needles will be formed in the wake of the lightning strike.

blue needles

Highly charged itonic streams falling inter dimensionally into a moving sigel field creating whirling, elongated holes in time. Visualize a black hole spun at its vortex while it is slipping or falling through its own space-time hole.

Blue needles within quartz or lithium crystalline structure are portals into the greater grid surrounding the Divine Pillar of Light. By interfacing with these crystals, human beings within the 2nd Millennium fractured reality may consciously activate their Zeta Bodies, through which they will be able to access inter dimensional zones for various Light working projects having to do with re-designing the present into sacred geometries of the future.

spinner field (also called sigel fields)

A field for an energy system that spins out of a central point. These fields have an axis in constant rotation. They are responsible for holding a dynamic balance between the universe and the anti-universe. There are numerous spinner fields created in any given reality system to effect this balance. They keep the universe dynamic by a constant rotation of their axis at the center of the universe’s atomic being. As the spinner spins, it creates momentum and a force field of hyper-gravity. Hyper-gravity is not like ordinary gravity, although the latter is influenced by it. The hyper-gravity of a spinner field creates inter-linking patterns of receptivity from one system to another, forming an ever-expanding schematic of cooperative functions.

Adonai Kodesh:

A control center for the cosmic hierarchy within the etheric double of the Great Pyramid.

genesis field and re-genesis

A genesis field is a dynamic, intelligent energy field responding to the impulse of Creation.  It is designed by Universal Intelligence to create specific, ordered “worlds.”  These worlds can be as small as the head of a pin or as large as giant planets. In this context, re-genesis is the quickening of an original genesis field into a new stage of evolution.

Zeta Body:

The Zeta Body is not in direct Spirit-to-Matter alignment with the 2nd Millennium (current) incarnated form, but is rather a ‘double’ of 1st / 3rd Millennium ( past and future realities) wave-creation. Wave-creation is a path that is created when two similar yet separate realities have occasion to ‘touch,’ or more appropriately to know one another. This forms a wave bending back on itself from both directions, meaning that it is bent by both realms of sentient consciousness. In this way, the dipole of an ‘event’ is created. A Zeta Body then, acts as an extension of the wave-creation, in this instance between the 1st and the 3rd Millennium (past and future). Somewhat like a time traveler, it can carry Light codes through the portal between the three realities, bringing a stronger coupling to the building charge of their shared wave-creation.

Usually, a Zeta Body arising from a 2nd Millennium incarnated form can only be sustained for a small period of linear time. In most cases, the consciousness of the individual is not even aware that such an activation has taken place, although he / she will certainly experience some ‘sensation’ of the event. Their Higher Self had in effect agreed to act as a transducer for the experience. Such occurrences happening for an individual unconsciously are rare, but it is even rarer particularly within the last 5 centuries, when an individual embodied within the 2nd Millennium (from Christ’s crucifixion through current time) is consciously informed of this process. Yet this will come to pass with greater frequency as the world moves toward its appointment with the 3rd Millennium ascended reality (the New Earth Star).

Thoth explains the process involved whereby the Adonai Kodesh would ’cause’ a current human to create a Zeta Body:

The command for this causation would come from that soul’s 1st / 3rd Millennium beingness, thereby circumventing the fractured sub-system (2nd Millennium). However, the 2nd Millennium experiential role must out-picture a portion of the dynamic, for in doing so it projects itself into the true reality on some level of its multiple existence within the fallen condition. Understand that the 2nd Millennium experience is entirely the result of 1st Millennium consciousness attempting to bridge the gap into the 3rd Millennium.

(note: the application of the word “Millennium” is not in earth-time as we know it, but in earth reality zones of past-present-future.)


Also the M-Stra molecule


So all of the above are the underpinnings of the miraculous C60 carbon, and when activated by consciousness energy, it “entangles” with the Zeta Body through the “eye” of the M-Stra molecule.

The Zeta Body Entanglement (ZBE) is our ticket to creating the Pure Gem Body (other factors are involved, but that is the final brush stroke). The ramifications of ZBE for the here-and-now body are quantifying in bringing us through the loop of reality matrices effecting and substantiating our current reality stream. In other words, these “reality matrices” attach like sticky fly paper to our reality horizon, keeping us from the “final frontier” so to speak. This happens as our own fear-emotions trigger bio-chemical synapses in the brain-mind complex (brain-physcial, mind-quantum), which magnetize and attract everything that isn’t nailed down in the zone of the reality mix!

The C60 carbon molecule is the base-element for triggering a ZBE – repeatedly – through the M-Stra molecule. For the M-Stra is an etheric molecule that connects to the 3D physical through the quantum properties of the C60 carbon molecule!

Understand that the Zeta Body is not intended to be “lived in” as is the Pure Gem. It is a quantum-flash body which is intended to entangle with our 3D bodies as it flashes in and out of our energy bodies field. This flashing can create short bursts of sustained effect in our cerebellum, opening our consciousness to a quantum field bandwidth of perceptions. It also would immerse our cells in the “battery fluid” of the Metatronic Full Light Spectrum. When I say “can” create…this is dependent on the degree of Light-quantum fulfillment each burst contains, which in turn, determines how long our physical bodies are entangled with the Zeta within each flash-range. So the bottom line is to create an atmosphere for sustained entanglements…but not too sustained. Like Goldilocks’ porridge, it has to be just right. The “just right” comes from our consciousness energy. Thinking “good thoughts” is certainly part of the equation, but we also need to rid ourselves of the sticky stuff I mentioned earlier…the fly paper of reality lumps…or rather attracting them in the first place. This is another reason to saturate ourselves appropriately with consciousness energy activated C60 (C60live).


My Experience

As of this writing I have been taking C60live for about a week. I am on 3 dropper-fulls twice a day. I have chronic, life-long health issues. I am noticing some amazing results already. Granted, it is just a start, as I am not kicking up my heels…yet. I am also noticing an increase of vision phenomena at night – positive eyeball visions appearing absolutely real. All has been beautiful except for a long, dark “worm” literally flying away from me. Thoth confirmed my suspicion that it was an astral parasite which was being chased from my system by a frequency change in my energy bodies. Bear in mind, that I am very etheric-sensitive in order to receive the akashic / Thoth connection, so all may not experience at least cognitively, such dramatic vision experiences.


There are quite a lot of sources on the web for purchasing C60. Most of it that I have seen, is less expensive that what is available from LiveLongLabs. However, Thoth encouraged me to stay with C60live by LiveLongerLabs.com. Later, I realized that they were infusing their C60 with consciousness energy. This is the reason both Thoth and I suggest that if you are going to consume C60 oil formulas, you go with C60live.

Now, I see from the research information I collected (above), that one could potentially take too much of it. However, these scientists who created C60live are saying you can take as much as you wish to. As of this writing I have not resolved this contradiction. It is possible that the actual formula of C60live removes the potential for over-dose.

To Be Continued…

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