From the Archives: Nambim & Arieopax


From the Archives (Thoth)

Ancient programs once embedded into the whole etheric crystal of the Earth are becoming re-spatialized in the current space-time of Earth in order to carry NEW and yet connective codes of cosmic ONENESS out into the whole Earth system.

The “NAMBIM” is the name we give to this dynamic which is being created by the 16 fractals in the earth. “Nambim” is an ancient word that means to “re-create whole with nothing lost.” The NAMBIM is not a grid. It is that which gives new resolution and direction to the planetary grids. It qualifies, enhances and modifies, according to FUTURE programs, rather than ancient ones. It is true that the original Light Program of the etheric crystal is from an ancient origin, but the fractals are able to reach into the future to receive the new codes, directing them into the present reality. Therefor, this is…

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