Water & Fire Mysteries

From my Thoth Archives

The Master Yeshua said, “Lest ye be immersed in the Living Water, ye will not be received into the Greater Kingdom.” (Thoth’s translation)  The Water Initiation/Mystery is the mutablity of the elemental and subtle Spirit.  It illuminates through the unification of all aspects of the being.  Yet without the Fire Presence, this illumination cannot perpetuate its Gnosis.  The Fire Initiation/Mystery comes to humanity through the Sun Spirits of the five-fold SOLAR:  1) the universal central sun  2) the star-sun of Rigel in Orion, which Thoth reveals is the TRUE solar logos of this planet  3) our ‘adopted’ sun in this solar system  4) the sun or ‘atoma’ at the center of the earth, and  5) the solar atoma just outside the solar plexus of our body.  The Sun Spirits generate and guardian these five solar ‘mansions.’   Thoth, and the two Yeshua souls are the remaining three.

The Christ Yeshua taught the Mysteries of Water and Fire.  The Earth Mystery came before Him and the Air shall come through the Christic Archangel in the future.  To His inner circle of Initiates, both male and female, Yeshua revealed that the blood carries two spirit natures or subtle humors.  One is watery and the other fiery.  The ancient teachings which flowed through Yeshua, were the same that were taught in the universities of Lemuria, Atlantis, Egypt and Greece (among others).  This wisdom incorporated the knowledge that the blood is really a combination of two natures: the ‘hemen’ or watery and the ‘phiro’ or fiery.  (Note: these two terms are Atlantean in origin.)  In the evolution of the human being (as separate from the soul) the watery or hemen nature is that which opens the individual ‘human’ aspect of our being to direct realization of Divinity.  The fiery or phiro nature ignites our humanity to it’s immortality and Gnosis of God.  Thoth stresses that he specifically uses the words ‘Divinity’ and ‘God’ here as separate aspects of the ONE.  Divinity in this sense, is an omnipotence within, wherein the Divine is felt in all places of the Self at all times (ideally).  ‘God’ is the central point of the Unmanifest becoming Manifest as a Throne or Powerhood from which all Divinity is the in and out-breath.  When the human being brings into alignment the watery and fiery natures in the blood, so it establishes the unity and balance of the POWER/One-hood/Lion (Fire) and the GLORY/All-hood/Lamb (Water) , into the physical experience.

“I have been called up from the plane (stretching-out) of the river; yea, I have been summoned to the Place of Lightning, where the mountain meets the stars.  My path is forever-more destined to become the crucible where the mist rises….and Yahweh spoke to me, I AM the mist that carries you beyond the stars.”  – an Akashic translation from the ‘lost’ Book of the Prophet Isaiah

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