The Crystalline Blood: Purple Sphere & Golden Cubes

Before reading on, please read this short explanation from Thoth given a few months ago.

Latest images from my blood


Once again, the Dr. who took these has seen nothing like them before…except in Bill’s and Edie’s blood on the same visit (we all go together) they had cubes this time as well!

Time before last, Bill and I both had these…again never seen by the Dr. before (picture is my blood)…

As I have stated previously, these many different looking creatures are not just appearing in the three of us. More and more samples from people the Dr, is examining are turning up with them..but the above shape he had not seen before. This phenomena only started occurring in the live blood specimens about 8 or so years ago. Then only in Bill’s (I was not in Crestone then). Some of the blood samples are from people who do not live here.

I also find it amazing that Bill and I turn up with the same ones at the same time! NEW ones not seen before.

Thoth has stated to me that it is more likely to occur here, so close to the Crest In The Stone, with it’s Sacred An, but it is also likely for people living in other energetic hot spots of the planet.

Since mainstream medicine dismisses live blood and only look at dried dead blood, they are missing this!


The Crystalline Blood


Before reading this article, please read what I wrote on this topic in 2011.

Now living once again in Crestone, I recently went to this Naturopathic Physician myself. Seven years have passed since Thoth elaborated the the crystal-being particles in Bill’s blood showed up. As Thoth prophesied, The Naturepath is now finding it in more and more people.

Here are some screenshots of my little crystal-beings, from last week’s blood sample…



My question to Thoth now, in April of 2917 is: You have told us that this is the beginning of the formation of our Pure Gem blood, which will become full blown when we enter the vibration of the “New Earth Star” – but what are we really looking at in these live blood slides? Are are those shiny, moving, living things?

THOTH: These are inter-dimensional Loci going about their task of transforming the blood into a full light-crystal energy through the activation of the M-Stra Molecule. Of course this “fullness” will not be complete in the lifetimes of those now in embodiment, but they will carry the charge para-genetically into their future incarnations, as the whole quantum of viability builds to the point of becoming a true Pure Gem Body. When you look at these light cells you are seeing into the “future,” as they are not from this time dimension.


The “Loci” Thoth is referring to above are variations of the LOTUS LOCI.


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Time Crystals


art by Maia – click on image to enlarge


I just came across an article on the discovery and indeed creation of “Time Crystals.”

To quote from:

Scientists Have Confirmed a Brand New Phase of Matter: Time Crystals
Constant motion without energy.

First predicted by Nobel-Prize winning theoretical physicist Frank Wilczek back in 2012, time crystals are structures that appear to have movement even at their lowest energy state, known as a ground state.

Usually when a material is in ground state, also known as the zero-point energy of a system, it means movement should theoretically be impossible, because that would require it to expend energy.

But Wilczek predicted that this might not actually be the case for time crystals.

Normal crystals have an atomic structure that repeats in space – just like the carbon lattice of a diamond. But, just like a ruby or a diamond, they’re motionless because they’re in equilibrium in their ground state.

But time crystals have a structure that repeats in time, not just in space. And it keep oscillating in its ground state.

A time crystal is like constantly oscillating jelly in its natural, ground state, and that’s what makes it a whole new phase of matter – non-equilibrium matter. It’s incapable of sitting still.

But it’s one thing to predict these time crystals exist, it’s another entirely to make them, which is where the new study comes in.

Yao and his team have now come up with a detailed blueprint that describes exactly how to make and measure the properties of a time crystal, and even predict what the various phases surrounding the time crystals should be – which means they’ve mapped out the equivalent of the solid, liquid, and gas phases for the new phase of matter.

Published in Physical Review Letters, Yao calls the paper “the bridge between the theoretical idea and the experimental implementation”.

And it’s not just speculation, either. Based on Yao’s blueprint, two independent teams – one from the University of Maryland and one from Harvard – have now followed the instructions to create their own time crystals.


In the 1980’s my inner-planes mentor ThothHorRa introduced to me the science of holocrystals. He informed me that what I did – rather than call it “channeling” – was actually holocrystallic translation.  I was not unique in this form of translation, but to simply say one is a “channel” is a very broad sweep of the brush, as individuals received non-local information in various ways.

I tried calling myself a holocrystal translator for a short time, but too many people gave me a blank stare on that one! So I chose akashic translator instead. In the 1980’s I still received a good share of blank stares, but at least some people had heard of the akasha. Since, Thoth suggested I use Source Translator.

So what are holocrystals?

I was never given the full scoop on them, but essentially they are the “time crystals” mentioned above, but not the specific ones now being created in a laboratory, as these are very simple replicas at this stage. Before I continue on the properties and action of holocrystals, here is an excerpt from my article in the archives on the Akasha…

‘Akashic’ is an eastern term which, according to Thoth, refers to the planetary ‘Recorder Cell,’ where thought, feeling and occurrences throughout all time in the planet’s history are stored as a record of knowledge within the subtle etheric substance of the planet. However, the nature of the akashic records are much more complex and far-reaching than might be imagined according to Tehuti, whom we also know as Thoth, and who holds the title of being the ‘Great Akashic Scribe.’ He tells us that the akashic is an etheric subtle energy region arranged into bandings which are concentric shells within and around the Earth. These akashic energy bands or shells have a very high resonance with the God-Source emanating from within the human element. The electromagnetic and gravitational force fields of the planet are the media upon which these energy bands are able to record information, also providing stability to their structure.

These energy bands are formed through the interaction of two distinct dynamics, which then form a third that becomes the final qualification for the planetary akashic records. The first two dynamics are 1) the divinity within human souls and 2) the Planetary Soul. The Planetary Soul is the living essence of the planet, the heart of Gaia. These two dynamics interact to form the World Soul, which the Lemurians called the Sheila. Thus the World Soul is formed via the combined Light of the souls present within the planetary experience, in interaction and combination with the Planetary Soul.

So it is the World Soul which is then the basic format for the akashic records held in the concentric energy bands previously mentioned. As they vibrate with the dynamic of the World Soul, fields of resonance with the God-Source are created within their parameters. These akashic energy bands interlink to form three dimensional geometric patterns. These patterns then comprise the ‘recording crystals’ within the Recorder Cell or akashic of Earth. Thoth tells us that the most basic of these patterns is called the acosha, and is actually a single ‘crystal.’ The acosha is in the shape of a dodecahedron. Upon each face of the acosha dodecahedron the thought forms of the World Soul create etheric ‘ripples.’ The type of thought within these ripples determines where it ‘records’ its impression upon the crystal, and upon which face of the crystal it is to be recorded. Each recording crystal is receptive to receiving the impressions of specific types of thought forms, just which ones is determined primarily by the degree and quality of the illumination contained within the thought. This is the manner in which the thought forms containing the knowledge, perception and wisdom, as well as the illusion of the ages of Earth, are catalogued into the library of the Recorder Cell of the planet.

Within the ‘main library’ of Earth’s akasha, there are two major levels. There are the higher or Greater Akashic, and the lower or Lesser Akashic records. In the Lesser Akashic, every thought, feeling and expression of consciousness expressed upon the Earth is recorded and compiled according to the intensity level they find within the souls of Earth who produce them. In other words, whatever is continually ‘fed’ by the power of mind and emotion in humanity, builds a field of increasing intensity within the Lesser Akashic.

Some of the most prevalent consciousness thought-forms in the Lesser Akashic would be such things as the world’s religions, common issues of survival, and politics. Many of these records contain accurate and true information. However, they are also liberally inter-mixed with many illusions that are born of mass belief systems as well. When accessing the Lesser Akashic, the individual akashic investigator’s thoughts, feelings, and beliefs will be magnetically attracted to information (true or illusional) that supports their own inner feelings and beliefs. If the akashic investigator is exceptionally clear mentally and emotionally, and not egoically attached to their ability to access the information available within the Lesser Akashic, they can move amongst the strong currents of lower magnetic energy present, and align with the highest truth to be found in the Lesser Akashic.

The Greater Akashic does not actually store the thought-forms contained in the World Soul (those of the planetary consciousness) as does the Lesser Akashic. Rather, it alchemically extracts the nectar; the purest knowledge-forms from the Lesser Akashic and translates them into highly defined ‘Light Inscriptions,’ which are then ‘flamed,’ or inscribed, into the heart of each crystal in the Greater Akashic field of the Recorder Cell. Understand that there is only one Recorder Cell, with two main fields, or levels.

These Light Inscriptions then emanate repeating pulses of Light Language imaging from the center of the recording crystal, which can be intercepted by a sentient being. In order for a sentient being to ‘read’ the Greater Akashic Record, they must first be able to receive this information deep within their own ‘Recorder Cell.’ Therefore, the individual is not ‘channeling’ as it is commonly understood when working in this level of the akashic, but summoning an attunement of vibration between the Greater Akashic recording crystal within the Planetary Akashic Recorder Cell, and the prototype Recorder Cell within their own crystalline DNA spirals.

The information that is contained within the Greater Akashic which the individual has then ‘attuned to,’ is sent to their brain-mind complex from their own Recorder Cell to interact with the individual’s process of thought formation. Thus, it is through the individual’s thought formation process being modulated with this higher level information that some communicable understanding of the knowledge received is effected. Unfortunately, while the information received in this manner is relatively pure, it is also very difficult to comprehend when it is transcribed into the common languages of the Earth. This is due to the fact that in this current reality, we have structured our languages to communicate a very limited understanding of the Omnipotence we call ‘God’ and the many aspects and nuances of divine expression. Thus, often another translation factor needs to be applied. There are various adjustments that can be made, but in my case, Thoth supplies me with keys and codes, or ‘guidance commands,’ which I can use as a ‘Rosetta Stone’ to further translate the information. This is accomplished on a subconscious level, whereby these key ‘codes’ are placed into my auric field and therefore ‘read’ by an area in my brain which is responsive to them. The codes are in the form of pictures or ‘pictographs’ that prompt and orient my language center into a greater comprehension of the knowledge being released from my Recorder Cell. In addition, Thoth often directly answers my questions, this information flow also comes to my conscious awareness via my Recorder Cell. In addition, when I need clarification concerning certain types of material, Thoth many times then guides me to other areas of the Greater Akashic in which the specific knowledge can be located to give me a larger perspective on the original information I am attempting to translate. Since I play an interactive role in ‘de-coding’ the knowledge downloaded into my Recorder Cell from the Greater Akashic, Thoth refers to me as a ‘source translator.’

This whole procedure for me, or anyone working primarily through direct receipt of the Greater Akashic is not an infallible program; most especially in that the mental-personality has to be involved at some level in interpretation of the information so that it may be brought into a pattern suitable for planetary comprehension. It needs to be realized that all humans on the planet interact with the Lesser Akashic. They contribute to it and receive imprints from it, both in dream and waking states, that influence their lives.

Thus we have the Greater and Lesser fields of the Akashic present within the Recorder Cell of the Earth. The Lesser Akashic is influenced and greatly controlled by lesser human thought-feeling impressions; the Greater Akashic is impersonal and responds only to the essence of truth within the soul. Thoth states that in the case of the Higher Akashic, although it “does not store the thought-forms contained in the World Soul,” it does integrate with it, as it extracts the purest essence, or nectar, from the Lesser Akashic. Thus, this is the manner in which it integrates with the World Soul via the Lesser Akashic realms.

Yet there is another, even greater realm of the akashic, which Thoth defines as the ‘Supra-Akashic.’ This field is not within the Earth domain, but is comprised of the akashic recording crystals of the Universe. It operates similarly to the Greater Akashic of the Earth, but is not integrated with any individual ‘World Soul.’ Instead, it contains the harmonic musical language of the Angels, Archangels, Elohim and all the Creator Lords of this Universe. Because the Supra-Akashic does not interface with the Lesser Worlds directly, only ‘master souls’ of Earth can as yet interact with its high level hologramic thought-form information.

When this planet enters its ascended phase as the ‘New Earth Star,’ souls present within that reality system will then be able to start accessing some of this higher level information as the Supra-Akashic begins to feed select harmonics into the New Earth Star Greater Akashic field.

Thoth tells us that as a planetary whole, we will integrate our individual Recorder Cells directly with the Supra-Akashic once our planet moves through the Mazzaroth (zodiac), and enters under the command of the Mazaloth (greater state of universal being). This will be a gradual ongoing process beginning with the Earth’s entry into the ascended New Earth Star reality, and will complete at the end of that next cycle, which he calls the New Earth Star Aeon. – full article


To return to holocrystals…

Long before I wrote the above, I knew about them, but in the article, I didn’t go into enough detail in my description of how the Akasha is structured to come to the holocrystals – preferring to use source translator instead.

The key part of the article I wrote above is:

Therefore, the individual is not ‘channeling’ as it is commonly understood when working in this level of the akashic, but summoning an attunement of vibration between the Greater Akashic recording crystal within the Planetary Akashic Recorder Cell, and the prototype Recorder Cell within their own crystalline DNA spirals.

It is the holocrystals that are the transporters between the Greater Akashic recording crystal and the prototype within the DNA. In fact, all these crystals are composed of holocrystals – time crystals, if you will.

From this perspective all life is constantly time travelling!


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Written By Kaylasa (JaguarStar) Giselle


**HUMAN DNA, DA VINCI, THE TETRAGRAMMATON, THE SACRED 9, AND THE TEMPLE OF SOLOMON. This is a reflection I had the other day. While reading a research paper about genetics, I suddenly remembered an e-mail sent by William Stuart Buehler, in which he talks about the 9 versus 5 harmonics/light geometries in Creation, connecting them to the Oritronic (fallen) vs. the Metatronic (ascended) universes, and the Solarian vs. the Nephilimic races. Here is what he writes: “Energetically I’m thinking that the Christos’ Mysteries would correlate with the high “Onata” range or “Metatronic”, using “9” as it’s number (Anti-Matter field), while the lower “Elisaphane” range of Humanity (Matter or Orotronic field) uses the “5” harmonic (….) The other two levels in the Abacus would be the Nephilim and Solarian Light Races”.

**And you can see, indeed, this message encoded in Da Vinci’s “Vitruvian Man”, (in which you see a 5-pointed star/fallen man spinning, moving, becoming something else…. 9-pointed star or ascended Solarian!!!). Which is the REAL answer to the Riddle of the Sphinx: “What is the creature that walks on four legs in the morning, two legs at noon and three in the evening?” 4 + 2 + 3 = 9, the master number, the Vitruvian. Also, 9 is the result of 3+1+1+4…. which coincidentally, is the meridian where the Great Pyramid (or Temple of the Lion) is located, the beginning of the Mayan Calendar, and the year in which the first modern Egyptian Dynasty began!!!

**All of this also ties up to genetics, because apparently, according to recent works on genetics, the human DNA structure discovered by Watson and Greek is wrong because it does not consider the pentatonic geometry necessary for its codons (blocks) to respect the Phi (Golden Number) proportion. So according to the latest discoveries, our DNA is a double helix conformed by codons (blocks) with a pentagonal structure, which naturally creates the Phi Geometrics we see everywhere else in nature. This, in my opinion, is the reason the Tetragrammaton or Pentagram is used both as the basis of our music (which indicates the vibration of matter in our “fallen” universe), and as a spiritual symbol of an ascended human being.

**I also believe that the two pillars of the Temple of Solomon in the Kabbalah Mysteries are indeed the two helices of our DNA, and the 10 sephiroths in the Tree of Life, among its many meanings, also symbolize the 10 codons discovered in the newest genetic research, that form the base of this DNA pentatonic chain. That is the reason the Tetragrammaton/Five-pointed star is considered the Name of God, because this sequence based on 5-geometrics is the Name or Sacred Sound that creates our Human DNA, the Song of Creation the Elohim/dragon masters used to create our genetic imprint. This means that the Temple of Solomon is also a symbol for our ascended DNA.

**As I was meditating about all of this yesterday, I saw an image in my mind: I saw a 5-pointed star opening like a flower, and transforming into another geometric figure I couldn’t see well. But I realized the 5-geometries are a “door” into this ascended geometry (again, this door or transformation is what the Vitruvian Man expresses). I also realized once you cross the two pillars of the temple and light the sacred fire within the temple (the Chintamani Flame inside our DNA), this transformation occurs, and then I see 13 pillars in the Ascended Temple, that is,13 helices which conform our ascended DNA.


I AM MAIA KYi’RA AND I APPROVE THIS MESSAGE 🙂  Haha couldn’t resist it! But seriously, Thoth (through my perception) does agree with what Kaylasa writes above.


Light & Energy – from The Blue Stone Healing Sciences



Excerpts from The Blue Stone – Healing Sciences of Thoth (note my Portal members can find in The Vault of Thoth within the Portal) — This was written 1977 when I was 28 years old.


Thoth on Light Image Phasing…

Light image phasing is a high order of inner attunement. It frees the super-consciousness to
penetrate the radiant focus, yet it never disturbs the conscious function. Only through the
operation can you comprehend the surgery. Through the understanding of how a perception is
achieved, the perception itself is understood as well as the symbiosis of the two selves, the
conscious and the super-conscious. To simply awaken to the star novas in which you were
created is not enough to gain access to the temple. For the temple, which is the need to gather, to
unify and sanctify that union through the consecration of holy ground, was spawned in the fall of
the soul from grace. The temple reaches upward, it longs to be where it is not. It is the
developed understanding of the many who have preserved fragments of righteousness and
secured these pieces into one mass, the rock. Yet the temple is only an understanding of truth. It
is not the summit of that truth. Once the temple is raised, the soul must seek the spiritual
counterpart of the temple, which is the light of inward spirit, that which illuminates the temple
and breathes the divine life into its solemn chambers.

Thoth on what I was given at the time to call “High Energy” – shall we say now highly charged quantum energy...

High energy is the constant presence throughout the universe, causing the existence and action of
all lower energies, bearing the codes of the intelligent radiation from the source. Hermes traced
the path of high energy through the observation of the atomic particles’ response to this sublime
state. The path of input-output is an orbit somewhat like a comet around the sun, flowing in
energized ellipses about the nucleus of the atom.

As high energy enters the charged space of the atom, it echoes a duplicate of itself which
eclipses the nucleus from the opposite direction. This is not an illusion, but an identical beam of
high energy which has been created through the contagion of the atoms’ charged space coming
into contact with the very life force.

High energy carries no charge of its own, as it is a neutral presence which is natural only to the
anti-space condition. However, through its manipulation of matter, Magna Neutra mirrors itself
in space. This mirror image is registered as a stillness. The nature of energy is to seek
quiescence, thereby causing lesser energies which are in constant motion to rush toward their
still point. Although space does not allow for the manifestation of the still point, the lower
energies are nevertheless urged on by the presence of the still projection of Magna Neutra.
This action creates the reasoning of motion, the order of the universe. It is a joint effort of
motion to seek the stillness of the initial beam. Within the atomic atmosphere of the atom, the
lesser energies are attempting to duplicate the stillness of the high energy ellipse. As a result, the
high energy forms a wall of energized space around it which flashes a negative charge through
the center of the atom’s nucleus to the opposite side of the atomic barrier. All the while, the
space of the atom is rushing in a graduation of intensity in its quest for the still nature.
The charged space becomes denser as it contracts about the nucleus as a result of the intensified
motion. As the projection of the wall surrounding the high energy beam is passed through the
nucleus, it registers as a positive charge on the opposite side of the nucleus.

This act of energized space seeking its still nature through intensifying and densifying motion
registers in encapsulated packages known as electrons. Now we see two charges of orbiting
energy bands circling the nucleus of the atom in ellipses. These two orbits react between them,
causing a spreading and gathering motion in the fluxing of the ellipse path. Thus emerges the
butterfly, wings a flutter within his crystal cocoon.

Only in crystalline structure does high energy operate in this fashion, as the precise geometric
alignment produces the singularly acceptable matrix for this action. The atoms of crystals display
a three dimensional symmetry necessary as a stage for the duplication of the high energy beam
through the channels of diffraction.


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PILLARS OF SIRIUS – New Electrikum

click image to view large

click image to view large


This the fourth in a series presenting my new activiational art for the ELECTRIKUM Templates, which I originally created some years ago.

Kyi’Ra Portal members will soon have the entire set to download (minus watermark of course) and they will also be available for purchase in my Spirit Store.


Pillars of Sirius

Gemini (Air) ‘PILLARS OF SIRIUS’: white Prima Matra / subtle / conductive / uniting Love, Wisdom & Harmony / integrating duality / restoring circulation of blood and subtle energy throughout the body / promotes re-calibration of endocrines to cosmic alignment / ability to become aware of and interpret visions, dreams and synchronicity / integrates star patterns into cellular membrane / understanding the path of Humanity

At Lower Octaves of Experience: For those who find it difficult to get along with others, particularly in relationships; for those who feel that they have no strong identification with anything in their world – a feeling of being alone and despondent; for those who feel that they are not of this world and yet do not truly feel connected elsewhere.

At Higher Octaves of Experience: Assists in realization of greater experiences of Unity and oneness with all beings, including the beloved being Gaia who is incarnate as Earth. Facilitates bringing the ‘home star’ vibration to the incarnated form so that the home star consciousness streaming may then be compassionately transmitted to others.

The most sensitive chakras are the crown, the Solar plexus, below the navel, and although it is not generally considered a chakra in most circles, at the base of the skull on the back of the neck (the Medulla Oblongata).

The mantram is Shy-lo-yah-veh.

world keynote: Unifying of souls in a cooperative effort of forward spiritual movement. This “unification” does not over-ride individuality, but instead offers a pathing for individuation to access the spiritualized ego.


As 2015 wanes, how may we now experience living message in The Pillars of Sirius?

First, it might be helpful to understand what is meant by the “home star.” From the Thothic perspective this is the star your soul first entered as a “birth” into soul-being…a unit as it were, of the Divine ALL.

But it is not about “I am from this star and you are from that star” as all human beings are “traced” with ley lines of the MANY stars. The Home Star then, is sort of like the capstone…the register for YOU of the All.

Thoth gave “Sirius” on this Electrikum, as it is the star that balances all these strands for our earthly experience.

So by threading the needle of Sirius – bringing our Home Star through the aperture of our earthly being – we gently sew it within GAIA, our current Beloved Mother. When we say, “Well I am really not from here – I am just visiting.” Or “I only came here to help.” Then we are marginalizing our divine connection to Earth. If you are HERE then you are here to BE not to help. Certainly, we all learn from and help one another, but that is the result of BEING PRESENT and knowing that YOU are the one you are helping first and foremost. This is what BE-Longing is all about.


Kyi’Ra Portal members can access the on-line Electrikum Oracle here. Currently it has the old art, but I will be updating to the new when I have the full set.