The Crystalline Blood


Before reading this article, please read what I wrote on this topic in 2011.

Now living once again in Crestone, I recently went to this Naturopathic Physician myself. Seven years have passed since Thoth elaborated the the crystal-being particles in Bill’s blood showed up. As Thoth prophesied, The Naturepath is now finding it in more and more people.

Here are some screenshots of my little crystal-beings, from last week’s blood sample…



My question to Thoth now, in April of 2917 is: You have told us that this is the beginning of the formation of our Pure Gem blood, which will become full blown when we enter the vibration of the “New Earth Star” – but what are we really looking at in these live blood slides? Are are those shiny, moving, living things?

THOTH: These are inter-dimensional Loci going about their task of transforming the blood into a full light-crystal energy through the activation of the M-Stra Molecule. Of course this “fullness” will not be complete in the lifetimes of those now in embodiment, but they will carry the charge para-genetically into their future incarnations, as the whole quantum of viability builds to the point of becoming a true Pure Gem Body. When you look at these light cells you are seeing into the “future,” as they are not from this time dimension.


The “Loci” Thoth is referring to above are variations of the LOTUS LOCI.


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Sacred AN – Ark of the Rising Dawn as MANA SARI


To fully understand this topic please read.

The following is a transmission from my inner-planes mentor, ThothHorRa.

ThothHorRa: The Sacred AN was re-located in January of 2014 to it’s new and final Thresholding Chamber within the Crest-In-The-Stone Thoth Retreat…inside the “Challenger Peak” mountain near Crestone, Colorado. It is here it will stay until LP 40 Ascension.

Yet, this “object” that we are referring to as an “ark” – indeed the true Ark of GRACE – is far more than a physical devise. It has developed it’s light program through the centuries and has become something beyond that which it was when first created, on a planet of Rigel in the constellation of Orion, and was translated into it’s first Thresholding within Tibet.

As it was transported dimensionally to it’s current Thresholding Chamber, the AN became the Ark of the Risen Dawn. We give it this name, for as the solar disc within it rises, so this sphere of transmuted crystalline particles or MANA SARI, sends radiations outward throughout the Earth…connecting to and creating holographic imagery within the Pyramidis Radius Matrix of the planet…and from this matrix, is  impressed into the DNA and mental construct of those among humanity who are able to receive it at this time.

The Mana Sari collects and gathers the Seeds of Divine from major nodes of the Earth, the primary being:

1) the KABBA at Mecca

2) the DOME OF THE ROCK in Jerusalem

3) a yet-to-be-revealed Temple of the White Lion in the Yucatan

4) the Gate of the Sun at Tiahuanaco, atop the anti-plano of Peru (not the ruined structure by that name, but what lies beneath it)

5) The Great Pyramid at Giza, Egypt

6) the Chamber of the Crystal Skull on Kaua’i (not revealed)

8) the Labyrinth of Sais in Australia (of Egyptian origin – not revealed)

9) the Kardash Khamut Stone in Iraq (not revealed)

10) all the Magdalene Temples (mostly not revealed – location only)

11) all Sun Lords whose suspended-state bodies still hold the matrix for cellular-DNA transference


As all is gathered by the Mana Sari, so it is brought into a co-cohesive whole and ignited by the PURE WHITE FLAME at the center of the Mana Sari sphere. This process began in May of 2014 and will continue for many years, until the eschaton is complete and LP 40 begins.

Maia: So Thoth, how does this related – if indeed it does – to the here and now and what people are currently experiencing in life?

Thoth: Those who came to this planet as CHILDREN OF THE SUN are being awakened now to take their mission to greater and more personal level of Service….they are taking upon them the dross of the eschaton and holding open the furnace of the Heart to pour these things into the transforming Flame. As they do so, those of Earth who are their children – who come out of the later phases of their existence in the Earth – shall be lifted into the Thought of Oneness.

The process now on-going from the Mana Sari is penetrating the Strallilium of Divine Genesis of all humans participating in the world consciousness.

Maia: This “ taking upon them the dross of the eschaton” sounds heavy duty. How is this manifesting in their lives (basically)?

Thoth: It is evident for each one. They know who they are and what they are experiencing, is it not so? Out of this experience it is for each to respond to the highest dictate of the Soul.

Maia: Thoth also revealed to me that the “Children of the Sun” are in the process of creating Zeta bodies for moment-to-moment alignments, moving through fractured time. This is a very difficult meta-science to comprehend (at least it is for me), so I am not attempting to map it out here. You might care to read Thoth’s short discourse on the topic of the Zeta Body.

The Auriiel’Ohim of the Seraphim play a key role in aiding the Children of the Sun in the forming and maintaining (for periods of time) the Zeta Body through this current transitional Earth Epoch.

This NEW EPOCH of Ishoa’Ba which we entered in 2012 if fully upon us now. A suggested short, free-viewing video I made in 2012 embraces the Spirit of what is being asked of all Earth Dwellers at this time, with perhaps special emphasis on the “Children of the Sun.”

An added footenote: The Divine Feminine in humanity is especially connected to the dynamic of the Sacred AN and all that it evokes in the dimensions of Spirit. This is true for those in male incarnation as well, for they do still contain the seed of Divine Feminine. However, souls now in female embodiment will find they are being called to exemplify the Ishoa’Ba Presence in the world even more so in the New Epoch

view Ark of the Risen Dawn Medallion

Metatron’s Cube

Metatron's Cube by Maia

Metatron’s Cube by Maia

Much has been written on and can be googled concerning Metatron’s Cube geometry, so I’ll not address this here. I wish to simply add to this equation with a few words from my inner-planes benefactor ThothHorRa…

Thoth: What is referred to as  Metatron’s Cube is a gateway interface to the Ascension portal. There are several geometries that are Ascension gateway keys.  All of them must face-match and inter-lock to form the merkabah for the quickening of the 44:44 Ascension Gate to open as it should. Metatron’s Cube is the key for the first inter-face grid within the human DNA . Fauna and flora have a separate path – but they get there just the same.  Understand that “human” beings are portals FOR plants and animals. That is, their gateways are created through spin-offs of human EL functions (coming from the EL’Ohim). This is a topic unto itself, as it places humans at the center of the Creational matrix of the Earth – they are Stewards of their planet. Thus, when they abuse this Station through genetic degradation (GMOs, pollution, etc) and mis-treatment of other species they share the planet with, they are impaling themselves upon sharp thorns of what humans call “karma.” More so, they negatively effect other membranes of creational organization in their universe.

Metatron’s Cube operates as an adjusting system in the universe in order to some extent, realign such mal-formed patterns in the DNA and in the molecules of all things. However, it is not a magical fix-all. It’s degree of effectiveness is defined by sentient awareness. The more aware humans become, the more help they receive from the geometry of Metatron’s Cube within their brain-mind complex. The Metatron’s Cube geometry is within the brain and the DNA Of course all the body, including the brain is composed of DNA, but the brain as a wholistic system is within a Metatron “cage” of it’s own. The intelligence through the heart dictates to the brain’s Meta-Cage, the proper sequencing from brain-mind to heart synchronity. However, when the heart is not coherent it cannot make this communication understandable to the brain-mind. It beomes garbled. The brain-mind then becomes a largely unguided cog in the machine.

By talking to your heart/brain-mind through Metatron’s Cube…your awareness clarifies the language, for it brings more heart coherency into the schematic, and this amps the pulsing signals within the Meta-Cube – of the brain and the DNA.

In addition to establishing an “I SEE YOU” dialogue with your Metatron’s Cube geometry, you can also communicate to it numerically. The following is a sequence to write by hand on a piece of white paper and place under your pillow, on your altar…look at it several times a day, and especially before sleeping. This is only one slice of one “string” – but a good start with the process:


Maia: Under Thoth’s guidance I have also created a Metatron’s Cube energy art which Thoth tells me contains a greater sequencing (vibrationally). I have placed this art in my Spirit Store and also in the Kyi’Ra Portal.

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The Science of Para-Genetics

image from web

In 1972 my inner planes sources (not directly THR as I did not consciously connect to him until 1977) enlightened me on the “science of para-genetics.” Para-genetics is the genetic information which is passed through re-incarnation from one embodiment to another. So we have two channels to receive genetic information: from our family ancestry and from our past lives.

These two modalities work together and yet have different “jobs.” What you inherit from your parents is a 3D mapping of genes – carrying the information of that family consciousness as well as physical traits. Para-genetics is the vehicle for gathering your entire human experience in various genetic families, through which you have incarnated. So para-genetics supplies the information you need to bring it all together. Para-genetics effects your here and now gene pool – making changes that will improve that gene pool’s ability to receive inter-dimensional information. It can also allow you to upgrade a whole genetic family through passing on the energy carried through the para-genetic circuitry, which gives a greater perspective to the gene pool – as if to allow them to read the whole book instead of just the one page they are on.

You can draw upon your para-genetic information to correct damaged genes – to remove genetically inherited diseases, etc. The ancients did this through using LIGHT to make this communication possible (between the para and the physical genes). Stimulation of cells via Light causes the cells and thus the DNA to open dormant codons called (by THR) “ephimems” which are especially designed to process para-genetic signals. When these two genetic modalities are in full communication, deep genetic healing takes place.

Para-genetic communion shares with the physical DNA bi-lateral systemic function. This means that once the para is in full communication with the physical genome, it begins to create an alternate path of higher evolution which is quantum in nature. What does this mean? Simply put (well I am trying) it means that as a human being we are no longer trapped on one path of physical evolution. This secondary path is quantum in nature so it can you might say, “leap tall buildings in a single bound” – a quantum leap.

As we develop the “2nd path” our primary physical DNA path will begin to merge with it until it dissolves inside the greater quantum evolution. This is where we become PURE GEM BODY BEINGS.

This is not something we have to do handsprings to achieve. It is a natural part of our evolution as quantum beings. We have been sifting around awhile at the bottom of the cup, but now we are being strained into the greater purifying system as it pulls us up and out of the linear tracking to a level where we are able to sustain more and more pulses from our para-genetic field.

Of course para-genetics can also carry stuff we would rather not bring with us – from past lives. However, as we become more and more aware of how empowered we are to transform the lower vibrations, we will then be carrying from one life to another just the pure forms we need to bond with the physical for liberation along the quantum path.

Often, a soul will incarnate into a genetic family that is really not among it’s soul family in order to transform that genetic strain through the light induction of the para-genetics that soul is bringing into the physical family line. The neat thing is, you don’t have to bear children to do this – you just have to vibrate your para-genetic being into your current physical genetic body.

The fact that various forms of Light Therapy can stimulate the connection between the para and physical genetics I find especially interesting. THR has told me that this type of Light stimulation not only creates the stronger communication channel, but it eliminates the baggage we don’t want come through the para waves from the past. Thus, one receives just the pure para-genetic light streaming.

Simeon is currently involved in lecturing on and promoting the Avalon Light Therapy system. You might find the work they are doing with this Therapy of major interest. His website for it is The Light of Wellness.

The Theramid Revisited


In the mid 1990s I wrote:

 The Theramid is not only the key to unlocking the most deeply held secrets within the Great Pyramid, but also within human DNA. Through the Adam Kadmonic “Middin Chamber” within humanity, the Theramid will activate the M-STRA molecule–an etheric molecule which holds the path of our return to Light within the DNA helixes.

Once the M-STRA is activated through the activity of the Theramid, the etheric envelope for what is being called “the twelve strand DNA” will begin to form in earnest. This will in turn reconnect our stellar memory circuits so that we can begin to create imaging that is correlative with the divine image and similitude on a biological level. In short, we will effectively be able to work in closer concert with the universal Hierarchy in reprogramming not only our own biological forms within the memory circuits of eternal life and Light, but the entire planetary genetic database as well. This is the ultimate mani-festation of the Grail on earth, divinity fully received unto matter.

 Now in 2011 …

THR: The Theramid is essentially one of the most important Light Mathematics equations for the re-programming and re-calibrating of planet Earth in it’s transformation into the New Earth Star.

It is a Phi equation…understand that when we say “phi equation” the final imaging of that process will not resemble the mathematical formula constructed in  mathematical dimension, but instead will appear as a holograph formation created from a combination of universal triggers which are activated by that equation.

The Theramid is “built in” to the Great Pyramid (Giza). It’s Light Mathematics are within the physical dimensions of the “Middin Chamber” as yet to be revealed within the structure of the Great Pyramid. The Middin Chamber is also a space within the human heart which is hidden in plain sight.

The Theramid equation spins through the Midden Chamber in the heart and thereby amplifying the connection to the Golden City in the brain.

There is a way to charge the “Middin Chamber.”  Take a pen and piece of paper. If you are right-handed use your left hand…left-handed hold the pen in your right hand.

Focus on your heart – into the Middin Chamber. Take some moments with even, deep breathing. Ask that your “channel” to this point in the heart be accessible to you through
your brain and nervous system of the body.

Call upon your Guardian Beings to seal away any other channels but to the Sacred “Middin” Heart Chamber.

When you feel a tingling PEACE come over you it is time to begin.

Place your hand/pen on the paper and relax. Feel your connection to the Sacred Heart Chamber and allow the Language of LIGHT to come through the nervous system into your arm and hand. This is your HIGHER BEING writing now…moving the pen…make it clear that no other source shall be present in this act but your Higher Self. Let the Light Language symbols flow through you…feel them Light up your entire body with Grace and Healing. Let your arm and hand move as guided without any forethought of conscious

When you feel complete, focus your eyes upon what you have written. Even if it looks like nothing up abstract lines. Remember, this is not intended to be any form of written
communication…not “automatic writing” in that it is not a communication with dis-incarnate souls or any form of outer communication. If you feel you are receiving some such communication it is recommended that you cease this exercise.

You should be seeing simply lines or organic-like symbols…maybe distinct or perhaps simply twisting and turning in no particular direction.

Take some time to focus on these markings and take them in…back into the heart. By going through this loop…from the heart through the brain and nervous system and
back through the eyes into the mind and heart…you are balancing and amplifying the connection to your Sacred Heart in a conscious manner.

 Question: Why is there a Middin Chamber in the Great Pyramid?

 THR: The Temple of the Risen One (Great Pyramid) is created as the body of the Ascended Being. Those initiates who embarked upon the Eternal within this Temple became as One with it’s structural purpose to aid them in their Journey.

 Question: What was the nature of their journey?

 THR: To become ONE. The Theramid is the equation of the Ascended Human. It is written actively in the stone of the Ascension Temple of Giza.

The “New Races” coming out of the Pure Gem Body will be seven in number. They will each envelope the previous. That is, the First Race will eventually be enveloped by a Second, then a Third, etc. Essentially it is all ONE with seven stages of completion into the full blown Gem, however seeing them as individual “races” allows you to focus on the elemental design of each which carries it’s unique attributes.

These then are the Seven Sacred Races (stages) of the Pure Gem Body – their First Language (Aloii) name followed by keynote name and expression:

1) UR’RIAH  – Blue Mar – Sea of the Soul

2) PIKAL  – Becoming – Life Arising

3) ESSCLASEA – Moment – Still Focus

4) TUMINUS – Holy Wind – Coming Forth

5) DUBAL – Heart Stone – Root Foundation

6) PUR’ANA – Cup of Life – Drinking the Pure

7) SACAL – The New Day – To Be Recieved

Maia: With this ThothHorRa concluded his transmission to me. However he is guiding me to create the activation glyphs of each of these race-stages in energy-art. So that will be an upcoming project for me.

more on the Middin Chamber

ThothHorRa on the Chakras as Temples of Light

The following has been transcribed from a discourse by ThothHorRa in the New EarthStar Academy of Nesi (Second Life). It was prompted by me when I asked him if he could elaborate on the deeper meaning within the “Chakra Infusion” he gave me several years ago, which I recently put into a video presentation for mediation and self-initiation.

ThothHorRa Khandr: Anu Ka once again to all of you…my breath is yours…sacred BE the Life Breathe we all share this Day / Night.

What truly are the “chakras” – specifically the main known ones…this we shall address…? A chakra is a wheel of energy where multiple energy fields come together in the body to express through an organic center. It is a “wheel” for if you would see it…truly…in all it’s details you would see something that resembled a wheel with spokes inside it. These “spokes” are filaments that contain information…the information is being fed to the energy system of the body THROUGH the chakras FROM the DNA. When we speak of DNA we are addressing the whole system…that is, the entire multi-dimensional DNA and not just its “seen” components. In a way, the Chakras of the body are an extension of this overlapping and multi-dimensional field

The purpose of the chakras – the primary purpose – is to move the energy system of the whole merkabah of the being into accordance with the currents of the universal tide of energy around and through the merkabah system that includes the physical body but it is much more than that. Human vessels are energy merkabahs…the physical body is merely the outer shell.  Thus if you consider the chakras as an intelligent extension in energy of the DNA…you can communicate to and with the DNA through the chakras and further…the chakras BIRTH the body system…that is, they determine in the womb the alignment of the body vessel with the universal energy nodes. This means that…at every major chakra in your body…this is in intersection with universal ley lines…it connects you to the furthest star fields

There are beings such as myself who can instantly move the physical body and whole energy merkabah millions of light years through time, space and dimensions to another location. It is accomplished through the chakras…through the ley-lines of the universe intersecting there. The minor chakras aid in this process by keeping minor but important alignments in the body with the energies of the environment near that body.

Of course there are more major chakras than the known seven…but…people now on the planet should focus more on attuning to and balancing the SEVEN before they consider the higher ones.  (Whispering) Each chakra is a “temple of light” or a house or “mansion”…the “many mansions” are many things…lifetimes, worlds and also CHAKRAS. Think of your main chakras as HOUSES or TEMPLES in which you come to stay…to pray, to be still to contemplate or meditate…they are “sacred space” in your body. Anything you bring into that temple…may it be of a nature which you would wish to have in your own home or place of stillness in the house you dwell in.  When you infect your energy body with harmful substances…wrong eating or drugs…you are changing the environment of your chakric field…of course you know such things are harmful to your body…but they are also causing sediment or “fog” to form in the chakras and this hinders their very alignment to the whole universal grid! Thus you are not only adversely affecting the body you claim as your own,  but those parts of yourself of which you are not aware…other parallel incarnations and many other aspects of your energy Self. This is true with negative thinking as well…it affects the whole, vast multidimensional being of YOU. This is why working with the main seven chakras is important for good “health” of the entire system and even for generations which come out of your body…as it affects the DNA.

And I say to you, those who are no longer of child-bearing age are STILL affecting the future generations as the PARAgenetic field does not differentiate between flesh relations and “pod” relations. I use the later term…as with dolphins to mean here…that your “pod” or family tree can be effected by your DNA! Your DNA is linked energetically to others of its “kind”…being tracked by the crystalline field within…thus a distance family relation is effecting and being effected by how you treat your energy system  as the chakra send the information out through the grid. Of course all of unimanity are related but within the closer circles it is a more intense effect.

And so…EACH chakra sets a table for you in your honor as a guest in the HOME of that chakra. The energy in that chakra is INTELLIGENT and it is part of YOUR intelligence…a part you cannot even fathom. It receives you as its guest when you commune with it and the table is set for your feast…what “food” do you wish to be served there? What nectar? Ask for the best and you shall receive it.

Let us now follow the Chakra Infusion for a moment and I shall comment on each one…

Through my Crown Chakra streams the LIGHT and PERFECTION of my Divine Blueprint, re-activating and re-aligning all the circuits in my energy bodies.

From the Crown the “divine blueprint” flows into the system….this blueprint you might say is the map that tells your whole system what to aim for, what to move toward…where it came from and where it is going…the blueprint comes from SOURCE through the center of the Universe and beyond but THIS universe encodes it for you…it says…X marks the spot…and that “spot” is your energy system’s center of reference. Understand that you are not given a piece of a pie…but the whole pie…the whole FEAST…how much you may be able or willing to digest in the moment is another matter. So the Divine Blueprint re-aligns the circuitry of your entire energy body but it does not do this instantly…it is a hologram in progress…with ebb and full flow.

Through my Third Eye I open to receive the Light Language of the Angelic Spheres, that I may commune more deeply with the Holy Merkabahs of my Celestial Family.

The “Language of the Angelic Spheres” is the Light Language that is constantly communicating with you…ALL THE TIME…never ceasing…not even at “death”…when you depart the flesh you will hear it – it will sing brightly and you will KNOW that this is what you have heard dimly and in your dreams all your life and when you drop the frame, so it will sing your HOME. When you come into touch in your incarnation with the Light Language to a deeper degree….when you listen to it sing in your heart and through your THIRD EYE in imagery…you will be able to know more fully the loving presence of your “celestial family” . This “family” extends beyond the human race into the realm of nature beings and angels and others.

Through my Throat Chakra I command the WORD, the TONE, the SONG of God to rise within me, to clear me of any restrictive feelings, fears or negative impressions.

And so you SING back…every word you utter, every song….may it come from your authentic nature and not the lesser self strive for this and do not be discouraged with “failure” – for there IS no failure only experience.

Through my Heart Chakra I send and receive unconditional LOVE, affirming that I am one with all that is. There is no separation, and therefore there can be only acceptance in me of every aspect of the ALL.

This is beautifully simple and needs little discourse for it is as it is…the heart is the little lamb with the Spirit of the Lion of God. It entices you out from the shade and into the bright sunlight where you would otherwise be disinclined to journey…for it is hot, and takes energy to accomplish…it is not comfortable…at first…but the little lamb is irresistible and so you will go to him and he will look up at you and your heart will melt with self-love…for HE/SHE is YOU…that part of you that needs your love…not only needs it…but OWNS it…for it is the value of the thing that gives it worth to you…if you value it…it becomes worthy…and as you value in your heart this precious little lamb so it (you) become worthy in your sight and the lamb becomes the LION and that lion is bright before you but you no longer feel uncomfortable out from the shade…for his light is your food and drink and the very air you breathe.  The Lion leads you then to his DEN.

Through my Solar Plexus I feel the POWER of my SOUL connecting deeply into my Elemental Body…loving it, assuring it, sustaining it, giving it the GUIDANCE it needs to facilitate my whole vehicle of Light.

The Solar Lion feeds the Elemental Body…that part of you that is dust to dust and yet it is more for when the dust returns to dust it frees a SPARK…a spark of earth…and this spark is what remains of the elemental body. It will eventually return to the earth and the elemental sparks gather in certain places of the earth where high magnetic energy is strong and you say “of this place has good energy” or “this place has bad energy”…but it is really only energy…not good or bad and it comes from the issuance of departed souls, when their elemental bodies return to the earth…some may feel “bad” if it carries still a bit of the dust on it from clinging to that which has past but they will eventually be laid to rest through LOVE.

Through my Navel Chakra I experience New Birth every moment, as I continually awaken in the NOW. I am nourished by the cosmic pulse in the Mother Womb. I know that I am never alone.

You say to yourself “well I was born” as if it is past…you WERE born and you SHALL die and that is the beginning and end of the book of life.  No…it is not…you are eternally being BORN…and you are eternally DYING…there is no death that is the end…death in this sense is the end of a chapter and the next one begins…your entire life is filled with such beginnings and endings so celebrate your birth EACH day and do not linger over the “deaths” for they are gone in a flicker as new life crowds it out. Yes you ARE nourished by the Mother Womb…she KNOWS and she ANSWERS you. Listen to the Mother for she is all mothers…without mothers life could not exist…even a microbe has a mother.

Through my Base Chakra I connect to the magnetic resonance of the Earth. I feel Her ebb and flow, I am sensitive to how I move through her field of life. I am conscious of synchronizing my inner clock, rhythm and presence with Gaia as I sleep, eat, breath and move.

Without being sensitive to the ebb and flow of the Mother Earth, you cannot be sustained in the flesh…your body WILL be sensitive whether or not your conscious mind is aware and there will be created a breach between what your body knows and your conscious mind thinks! Allow the mind to still at times – often – let it be at rest – so the body (among other parts) may speak to the mind through the heart.

I have given you here a basic understanding of the workings of the chakras as part of a vast energy system…but there is of course, more…there is always more – on every subject one can imagine.

Makalii Rhiadra-Gemini (makalii.rhiadra): This opened for me what i have “known” but not “known”.. thank you so much Thoth!

DRU (drucilla.karu): this was so wonderful and I really took this all in…I loved it

Faustorian Mavendorf: It was all quite informative, thank you!

DRU (drucilla.karu): yes.. deeper understanding

ThothHorRa Khandr: Yes it is for you to know that you know Drucilla

Yara Ragu: Yes, it’s been very enlightening. Thank YOU, Thoth and Star

Lancelot Seetan: THANK YOU from the bottom of the Heart

Faustorian Mavendorf: How there are these “basic” seven Chakra, and then the numerous other unclassified ones.

ThothHorRa Khandr: The SEVEN compose the primary body temple of your current world reality…once you move into the New Earth vibration you will be in touch with other chakras beyond the seven as…then you will be in a “World System II” environment…energy environment…and in a PURE GEM body…as we are referring to it an expanded v.2 you might say.

DRU (drucilla.karu):

Makalii Rhiadra-Gemini (makalii.rhiadra): The missing dots that needed to be connected for me have been now connected.

DRU (drucilla.karu): for me too Maka

ThothHorRa Khandr: it is like the new platform of SL viewer versus the old

Yara Ragu: Yes…

ThothHorRa Khandr: going from plain prims to mesh  🙂

Yara Ragu: 🙂

ThothHorRa Khandr: This is good, Maka, Dru

Makalii Rhiadra-Gemini (makalii.rhiadra): exactly! ㋡

ThothHorRa Khandr: ANU KA ~|~

DRU (drucilla.karu): thank you so much for today ! Anu Ka!

Caryl Meredith: Thank you Thoth..

Faustorian Mavendorf: And thanks to you!

Yara Ragu: ANU KA, ThothHorRa! THANK YOU!

Makalii Rhiadra-Gemini (makalii.rhiadra): ANU KA ~|~ ThothHorRa

Lancelot Seetan: THANK YOU to BOTH of YOU

ThothHorRa Khandr: May you go in PEACE…and come in Radiance!

Yara Ragu: Thanks a lot, Star!

more on my Chakra Infusion video and ordering link

The Shining Mantle

The Ark of AN (Ark of Grace)
as told by §ThothHorRa§

One of the Temple Houses in the Ark An’Sophur complex – art by Maia

In the Ancient of Days upon the Earth so there was established in the Land of Syn (Sinai) a Thresholding for the Most Sacred Fire – the Ark of AN. It had been brought from Tibet to Atlantis and now it came to be the Foundation for the Pillar of Light upon a mountain (Mount Moses /Sinai) in Syn.

The Ark of AN, like other arks was a device which emitted both extremely high and extremely low energy. It could be used for communion with Ultra Beings as well as for purposes of healing. All the arks had the power to temporarily shut off the electromagnetic field in a living thing – if it were touched by the life form or was within a pulsing field that could be sent out of it, which would result in instant death. However the AN was never employed for this purpose. The AN was unique among Arks for it alone was served in the translating of the Universal Divine Intelligence (radiant communion with SOURCE). There were “children” arks that aided the AN…receptors so to speak…but they were dependent on the AN as the main resonator.

Amunses (Moses) had originally been given guardianship of the AN with the people (with him in the Sinai) had misused it during his absence, it was taken away and Amunese had a lesser ark (child) built in it’s place.

 I, as Thoth Raismes had brought the AN from Tibet to Atlantis and later to Egypt. It would later come unto the care of the Sirian Master Menon.

 In the Days of Menon the Ark of AN was within a Thresholding chamber inside the Alkabar Mountain (Mt. Moses). Near this mountain was a compound of temples and grounds known as the An’Sophur. Here in the An’Sophur – the Priests and Priestesses of the Ark – communed with the Kiros (The Illumined Mind) through the transmissions of the AN. Within the AN there was a sphere. As stated in a previous article by Maia, the AN…”had no ill effect on the Sun Born, who did not totally rely on the electromagnetic current. Most human women, while perhaps somewhat affected by touching the An, would not receive a serious current reversal of their electromagnetic energies, for the simple biological reason that they were on the same wave-length as the Ka’tiim sphere inside the An.”

 Thus while the priests managed translations from the oracle-priestesses and taught practices for those who entered the “school” to learn how to create the “ark of the body,” it was the priestesses who were the Ark oracles and more. They held the Light codes of the AN within them – in a sense they were “Living Arks” as the Ark installed in their human energy field a replication of itself in holo-form.

 It was only the priestesses who could come within close proximity to the AN without physical distress…or touch it without harm to them. The Ark Priestesses or Kurios Satiim (chosen by the Illumined Mind) would sit upon the Kur or “Mercy Seat” of the AN.

Sacred AN – art by Maia

 Originally the AN did not have this Seat. In Tibet the Kurios Satiim touched the Ark directly, but as the magnetic field of the planet changed, this practice began to cause them a degree of illness when performing this task repeatedly. In Atlantis I (Thoth) built the Kur Seat which was attached to the AN. It was made to distribute the energy of the AN more equally into the body.

 “According to the Bible, the mercy seat (Hebrew: כפורת, Kaporet ; “atonement piece”) was an object which rested upon the Ark of the Covenant, and was connected with the rituals of Yom Kippur; the term also appears in the Pauline Epistles, and has a significance in Christian theology. The phrase mercy seat is not a translation of the Hebrew term kapporeth, which appears in its place in the Masoretic text, nor of the Greek term hilasterion, which takes the same place in the Septuagint, but instead is the translation by William Tyndale of the German term Gnadenstuhl, from the same narrative position in the Luther Bible; Gnadenstuhl literally means seat of grace, in the sense of location of grace.” source: Wikipedia

 The priestesses and priests of An’Sophur (the Ark) used the power of the Ark for healing, both of the Earth and the living things upon it.

 One of the energy processes which were employed…

Three priestesses and one priest (male to ground the energy) sat in a room with a sacred pattern on the floor and a staff in the center which came from the chamber of the AN…these staffs were removed for short periods of time and – highly charged – they were positioned in the temple for specific uses.

Depending upon the process and the staffs and patterns (templates) used, various type of healings could be performed…or more rightly stated balancing into wholeness.

 Maia: In the virtual world of Second Life I created this facsimile enactment. The image on the floor is my akashic art of one of the Ark energy designs.

Ark Process – photographed in Second Life

 THR: The Ark Staff drew the power from the Ark and into the geometric pattern on the floor. It was thus disseminated in a specific “program” into the priestesses. In this manner, the male priest was protected by the pattern itself and able to ground the frequencies for a more uniform sending.

Ark Geometric Floor – art by Maia

 The AN and Shamballah Gates

Isis Eye in dynamic register – art by Maia

  The “Shamballah Gates” are the point in the center of the Isis Eye where all points of the Eye meet. It is here that the Gate lies to the Shamballah field…the path of Ascension for universal systems.

 The upper and lower Triangles of the Isis Eye actually become conic rotational vortexes when the Shamballah is activated. This Gate has phases of operation.

  1. Sending – sending a signal or tone of its Light and Perfection out to the many Star Trees in the universe.
  2. Passive – the STILL POINT of collecting focus.
  3. Receiving – Drawing through the Gate the Light codes and star matter, transferring into Light Quantum all decimals of the ONE.

AT THE CENTER OF EVERY BLACK HOLE IS A SHAMBALLAH GATE. However, there are lesser Shamballah Gates, depending upon the pattern formation of the Isis Eyes, as these Eyes are in motion and changing positioning among themselves. The size of the Isis Eyes varies from immense to microscopic.

Light Merkabah traveling through the universes and those often seen in Earth’s skies use the Isis Eyes for their transport fields…and the Shamballah Gates as that point where they move through inter-dimensionally.

  The Sacred AN or Ark interfaces with the Shamballah Gates in order to create a energy mantle for recalibration of Earth’s entire energy field. This process is then transferred to the Mother ARK in the New Earth, as all “arks” as created as working crucibles for Divine Light Mathematical re-calibrations via the Strallilium.

 Guardians of the An

Guardian of the Ark – Second Life photo enhanced by Maia

 The Ark as a devise was / is very sensitive to the Earth’s electromagnetic field. Spikes in that field can cause all arks to become compromised. Cats and certain dogs were and are kept with the arks to help act as a buffer for the electromagnetic currents as animals have a natural capacity to do absorb abrupt spikes in the EM field. This is why they often become anxious and excited before earthquakes, as such a large amount of disturbance coming from the pizeo-electric output of the tectonic plates over-stimulates them. However the cats and sometimes dogs placed with the arks were bred to be more aligned to the EM fields and able to absorb the surges with less or no discomfort (these surges being on a normal scale of highs and lows and not of earthquake dimension).

 Ark Installations

Shamballah installation on the New EarthStar Island in Second Life

  Ark Holo-forms (issuing from the AN and beyond from the universal Mother ARK) were installed within the Priestesses of the Ark and also at certain locations on the planet as Earth-Arks.

 The Ark Mages

web image

  Those among the Solar Lords (both male and female) who serve the higher stations of the Sacred AN.

 AN as a Vessel of Grace

web image

  The truest and finest purpose of the AN is as a Vessel of Grace…those who come before it in PURE HEART may receive a lifting of karmic burden. We speak here not only of the AN as a device but as a Holy Universal Merkabah, beyond the physical object. Thus when one becomes the holo-form of the AN within them, so they may not only receive the Grace they seek but extend it to others.

To touch the hem of the One who wears the Shining Mantle of AN in a pure state of receipt is to indeed receive!

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 I have known William Buheler for over 35 years. Since the mid 1980’s he has received transmissions from Thoth through me for his Light Group work. ThothHorRa gives him basic structure, sacred names, meaning, etc and then he and his group expand upon this information. Bill is able to form complex but accurate grid dynamics from this basic material. Others in his group contribute as well.

 Here is just one of Bill’s diagrams. I won’t even begin to attempt to explain it, but it’s basis is “becoming a living Ark.” This is the Angelika program, as named by THR.

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