Planetary Genius

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The following treatise appears in my archived Temple Doors issue 2-1996. It is a collaboration between myself and  Simeon Nartoomid (who was my husband at that time). We spent hours going over my past akashic translations and Thothic transmissions concerning this topic and related information. Simeon then posed further questions of Thoth through me, which I wrote out for him. Once all this was accomplished, he compiled it into this long article he wrote: THE PLANETARY GENIUS.

This one subject may be THE most important of all the knowledge I have ever received, as it is so all-encompassing to the future of the Earth and it’s living inhabitants. However, this article is not a quick study. It is intended for those who wish to seriously integrate these concepts through an internal process of deep reflection on what one is reading.

NOTE: “Tehuti” mentioned is another ancient name for “Thoth.”


The Planetary Genius
– written by Simeon Nartoomid in collaboration with Maia Nartoomid –

The Planetary Genius is a broad and complex subject, but I will attempt to narrow it down to bring a good working knowledge to the reader. Within the planetary consciousness sphere is the pure essence of elementalized spiritual consciousness. This consciousness is analogous with the absolute super‑intelligence potential of the human body. It goes further than this analogy however, into an area whereby a natural progression of re‑attaining this super‑intelligence of the body would be to see that the natural order of things is for that consciousness to feed the mind / brain complex with higher information, not the reverse process that most humans experience now.

It is important to understand that intuition has as many different variables involved within its inflowing matrix, as the Universe has stars. There are however, some basic underlying Universal principles that hold true regardless of the situation or soul involved. One of these principles is the degree to which the individual has merged the conscious mind reality and the sub/unconscious mind reality. As we are moving through our individual processes of becoming more aware of those aspects of ourselves, that have been controlling our reality unbeknownst to us until the moment of conjuncto or awareness, we are in effect merging these two aspects of our being. Another way of looking at this principle is to engender that this process is leading us into a greater physical actualization of our soul reality. According to Ancient Lemurian psychological principles, as written on in ‘Muruvian Psychology’ by Maia in 1970:

“Complexity is the chain reaction of a simple action, therefore it is a breakdown of simple structure.

“In order to analyze a simple action, diversity must be created, forming a counter‑balance of thought.

“All motion is derived from the nothing force (Ii).

“Thought is a multiplicity of simple action.

“The mind processes simple action into complex action. This activity divides the subconscious mind (simple) from the conscious mind (complex).

“Man’s brain functions as a mirror. The simple image is transmitted to the brain where it is divided by the time element of the mind. The human mind co‑ordinates with this physical plane or state of awareness. It sets a particular time element in co‑ordination with this state of awareness at which the evolution of the soul has placed it. Therefore, as the image is placed in the brain in simple form, the brain begins to absorb this image, while the mind hesitates in fractions of a second. The mind is attempting to keep the information, which the brain is digesting, within the comprehension of the conscious mind by slowing down the speed of reception into the brain. In doing this it is also causing a multiplicity of that one simple image to be created.

“The mind is approaching the simple image from many different perspectives in order to achieve the proper time sequencing. If it did not, the subconscious mind would take in the complete image, as the conscious mind is not capable of responding to any information that is not pre‑digested in this manner.

“Consequentially, it would not be aware of any brain action. The human system would then be responding totally out of impulse.”

To summarize this quoted passage, the soul impresses a simple image upon our mental sphere, normally the mind creates a complex continuum out of this simple image as it attempts to slow down the information flow to understand it in a linear time based sequencing. The sub/unconscious mind needs no such mechanism, but rather is able to receive that simple image out of a time context directly. So we can see that the sub/unconscious part of ourselves is actually our direct soul representative. I speak here of the untainted aspect of our sub/unconscious self. There are of course false ‘imprintings’ that have occurred over time and are stored in that matrix as well. This is where the clearing process mentioned previously comes into play. In order to move back into that ability to respond to the soul, and the true flow of the spiritualized elemental consciousness referred here to as the Planetary Genius, the accumulated false imprints in the sub/unconscious arena must be transformed. This is a large topic unto itself, and is not the subject of this dissertation. It is important however, to see the importance of this aspect of the movement in the larger context.

The resultant effect of allowing this consciousness flow to reverse from ‘mind feeds matter’, to ‘matter feeds mind’ is that an individual will move beyond the need to stop the flow of the simple image from the soul to the sub/un/conscious mind complex in order to understand the image / information in a linear time sequencing. Therefore the individual will begin to move more impulsively, awkwardly at first, but then gaining the grace of the swan with time.

To better understand the ‘matter link’ in all of this, realize that the brain is the representative of matter in this previous example. The cellular consciousness encompasses all cell types regardless of whether they are bone or brain, tissue or nerve. The Planetary Genius is pure spirit manifest in matter, and contains all the knowledge inherent to matter and spirit within its scope. The central spiritual consciousness of this Earth is born of matter, and inseparable from it. This consciousness has the omniscience to deal with any possible combination of variables that can be induced within any given situation within a dualistic reality. This type of information processing is the product of a super‑consciousness within the realm of matter. Sri Aurobindo and the ‘Mother’ called this consciousness the ‘Supramental’. It possesses the ability to impress the solution to any situation upon the host soul with a ‘simple image’. The hitch comes in when the conscious mind attempts to qualify and quantify the image into something that equates into a linear understanding based upon the appearance world of the physical plane of reality.

A helpful technique to assist us in our efforts to transcend this level of experience and return to the originally intended function for the conscious brain / mind complex, is to practice being able to perceive the essence of all things, the essence behind the form. This can be accomplished with just about anything, whether it is a spiritual vision or message you have received, or the grosser level events being reported on in the news. Spend time with simple things at first, look for what the deepest level of essence you can perceive within the chosen subject is. When you think you have found it, then look deeper etc.. The essence we perceive through this exercise may only be a level or two removed from the multiplicity created from the simple image as originally transmitted by the spirit / soul, and a bit less complex, but as we move into a conscious engagement of this principle with the intention to allow our brain / mind complex to eventually become a clear channel for the transmission of the simple image, so it shall eventually be.

In my (Simeon) experiences with cellular transformation work, working with the Planetary Genius is inherent to some extent. In addition, Tehuti has given me knowledge of the function of my soul in this lifetime, which is primarily to work with actualizing the Planetary Genius to the highest degree possible within my own experience, and then to be a part of a grouping of souls that is here to recover the Planetary Genius at the time of LP-40 (Ascension time) and take that consciousness through the gate into the New Earth Star reality. Understand that the true Planetary Genius does not contain any components of the fallen reality as we understand it. This requires that the soul be able to stabilize it’s frequencies to a high enough degree that it can maintain the energy space that is necessary in order to access the Planetary Genius in the midst of the chaotic energies which will be released at that time in the final ‘flushing’ of the old consciousness from this planetary sphere.

This poses many unique challenges, but the rewards are also unique. I have been personally experiencing the flow of energies on the cellular grid in subtle enough dimensions to know how any particular thought affects them. It is like a direct bio‑feedback system within the body itself. I’m not speaking here of the type of experience where one gets a feeling in the body relative to a situation etc., (that happens also) but rather a distinct feeling of say, on the one hand a supercharged feeling of Light within the cells of the body with one particular subtle thought, or a feeling of density and collapse with another subtle thought. Sometimes this can be experienced both ways with what seems to be the same thought. In these cases upon further exploration I can generally discover that within that seemingly same thought, is two entirely different perspectives. The reality of these two differing perspectives can be so subtle that I would never have found them if it were not for the direct physical bio‑feedback. This direct feedback is the stuff of the Planetary Genius, although this is only the tip of the iceberg of what it can and will be according to Tehuti.

As long as the mind is in control of things to any great extent, this type of experience is not possible. I have experienced this for a long enough period of time to know that any time I move into a position where the ‘noise’ level of the mind becomes too high, I am then cut‑off from this type of experience until the situation is rectified. The deeper I go into these types of cellular experiences, the more intolerable it becomes to exist in any other state of being. There is a stronger mechanism building all of the time to ensure that I not stray too far from this state of being, and when I do it is not pleasant. It must be understood that this cannot be accomplished by separating myself from noise or chaos around me any longer, the idea is to be able to stay within the Planetary Genius envelope of consciousness regardless of what is transpiring in the environment immediately around me. A subtle but profound change in the focus of my consciousness, now brings a dramatic shift in the experience I am having in any given situation. Whereas a short time ago it might take me days to clear myself for an incorrect focus in a difficult situation, primarily because I did not understand how to move the consciousness back into the correct space, and often I was not sure of where I had placed it that was not correct in the first place, now I am usually quite aware almost instantly of when this occurs because of the physical / emotional bio‑feedback response. As a result, clearing my field of any misplaced energies resulting from an incorrect focus will generally only take minutes to a couple of hours at most, many times being almost instantaneous.

The clarity of intuitional input is also directly proportional to the degree of actualization of this principle. I am really learning to not override any of the subtle, and quite often not so subtle promptings I receive, regardless of how seemingly insignificant they may seem. As long as I am allowing those promptings to steer the course all is generally quite well. It used to be that staying focused on following my inner feelings seemed like the main goal on my spiritual path, little did I know what was in store. It is hard to put into words, but it is an awareness that is beyond anything I dreamed possible only a short time ago. So long as I am within that envelope of consciousness that connects me to the Planetary Genius, direct knowing of many things is possible, including other peoples thoughts. It is not born of any attempt to know these things however, but the knowing just simply is, and will be what is required in any given situation. This too, poses its own challenges as you can well imagine.

If we are truly to evolve as a species into our true God‑Self potential, this is a movement that must be allowed. Unfortunately the mass consciousness at this point is anything but accepting of this process. To blaze the trail will require souls that are willing to undergo the criticism and judgment of their current time counterparts in order to enter the unknown. Anyone who has entered the spiritual path at some point in their lives without having been born into a situation that already accepted that path, knows the truth of what I speak.

Let us now look at the planetary Genius from a deeper esoteric perspective.

First I would like to take a look at some material Maia translated in the past. This information appeared in Temple Doors issue 3-90, page 3. This was a direct translation of the Zarathustrian Book of Lords, called the Zurim Octabah from the Akashic recording crystals of the Earth, with explanation of the passages given by Tehuti. I quote here the portions directly relating to the topic of the Planetary Genius:

“The Amphabet (Meta‑Archi) stretch out their fineness of silks and spin a Mudra of Totality. From the seed Light they gather all the signs into one shining element, bared to the forge of the Sun, bathed in the pearls of the Moon. Lo, the scroll of golden beams is written with the quills of their burnishing might and set into the living pulse of the Mother Realm.”

Tehuti comments thusly:

“Understanding the nature of the Light molecule (the M‑stra) embroiders its pattern or passage upon the heart of the initiate. This understanding becomes an embodiment of spiritual knowing, a nation of consciousness which acts as one entity of will. In this contemplation, spiritual consciousness becomes a guardian spirit of a high order, emanating from individual spiritualized egos, who gather as ‘signs of one shining element’ to form what the Zurim Octabah calls ‘Genius’.”

[note from Simeon: In the passage from the Zurim Octabah it is stated that the Amphabet will be gathering all the signs from the seed Light (the Genius within the center of the planet) into one shining element, whereas here Tehuti says that the spiritualized egos will gather’ as signs of one shining element’. One must see that in the first statement we are contemplating from the perspective of the Amphabet (Meta‑Archi), but in the second statement we are viewing from the perspective of the spiritualized egos.]

“And the Genius of each Nation of Consciousness shall come from the center of the planet, visiting unto the Tribal Lords, who shall then become their Genius and take upon themselves the Tribulim (Grail) the Cup of the Molten Sea. This they shall consume unto their flesh and burn away that which is forsaken of Spirit, receiving into their hearts the Inscription in the Fire.”

Tehuti comments thusly:

“This passage foretells the effect of the Light molecule upon the Tribal Lords, those souls in (spiritual) power upon the planet, who will be ready to accept the Initiation of the Grail (the incorporation of the Light molecule into the body) by becoming their Genius. The Genius comes from the center of the planet, for it is a part of the Nature World. It is the corporate body spiritualized egos who have gathered their ‘signs’ from the Holy of Holies at the center of the Earth – the world’s creative matrix. As a Genius is formed, so it offers it’s being to an incarnated Tribal Lord, and thus this spiritualized ego‑created Being can become a human being who is ready to receive the Genius consciousness.”

“Take him (the Genius) into your heart for there are lodged an eternal angel to bless and receive Him in your name.”

Tehuti comments thusly:

In the book of the Zarathustrian Lords, the Genius is the single most important vehicle in the completion of Victory over Evil, for an incarnated soul (Tribal Lord)who has received their Genius is the one (form of) being who can utterly destroy the beast.

“The Talisman of the Master is the Blood Covenant. It is His suffrage of the vine, from whence the People receive their renewing Grace. He who bears the Talisman for All shall wear the robe of Crimson and the Robe of Purple. From His veins the fountain is sustained, even when the well is dry.”

Tehuti comments thusly:

The ‘Talisman of the Master’ is again an aspect of the Grail, as it becomes a votive of the ‘Blood Covenant’, that sacred blood within all peoples of the Earth which is in most instances (excluding certain very advanced soul embodiments), yet to be separated from the tinctures of defilement brought about in the ‘Fall from Grace’. It is the Christ in Jesus that who bore the ‘Talisman for All’. It was Jesus who wore both the crimson robe of the out‑rushing blood and the purple robe of the in‑rushing blood. The in‑rushing blood is the vehicle that sustains the Grail consciousness within the atomic nature. It is the preservation and exaltation of Spirit in Matter. Quite literally through the blood of the Master Jesus, a Tribal Lord of the first order, the Genius was accepted on an etheric level for the entire human evolution. This is the ‘fountain’ that sustains even when the individualized ‘wells’ are dry. The essence of this Grace factor is to be found in the seemingly simplistic expression ‘Jesus died for our sins’.”

To summarize these passages briefly; the individual efforts of those who work to spiritualize their egoic consciousness join together in the etheric to form aspects of the planetary Genius, individual Genius consciousness cells if you will. When the development of one of these consciousness cells reaches a certain pre‑ordained level, then it may enter the experience of another being who is incarnate on the planet who is able to receive this level of consciousness experience. Tehuti says there are differing levels and layers in the Tribal Lord dynamic. Some of us are even working to spiritualize our egos, to at some point be able to become the recipient of the Genius consciousness cell that we were a minute part of creating. Once the Tribal Lord receives this Genius consciousness cell, that soul then takes up the yoke of World karma, the soul must maintain that consciousness cell in embodiment to the highest degree possible in order to be the fountain that sustains when the wells of other souls run dry.

In the life of the Master Jesus we see an extraordinary exemplification of this principle, and he wears both the crimson robe and the purple robe simultaneously. There are souls in this Earth experience over a period of many embodiments, who have been able to move from the experience of the crimson robe into that of the purple robe in their service to the God‑Force and humanity. Few indeed have been able to compress the time element with the pure power of unbridled Light, and carry the ‘Talisman for All’ as did Jesus.

Now to link this esoteric and somewhat archetypal look at the Planetary Genius to what I was relating earlier in the article. We can see more clearly from this information how our individual efforts to ‘spiritualize our egos’ is contributing to the creation of these Genius consciousness cells, which at some point will be incorporated into the embodiment of an adequately prepared Tribal Lord. The beauty of this is the Genius consciousness is moving from the center of the Earth through individual souls efforts within in their own experience, and into a consciousness pool or cell that contains the degree of Genius actualization and knowledge of all of the souls that fed it. Then in turn, the Genius consciousness cell is grounded back to the Earth through the embodiment of the Tribal Lord, and fed into the Akasha of the Earth at a new level of realization, for other souls to once again draw upon to create other Genius consciousness cells of an even higher order. Through this process which we each will individually be experiencing as increased intuitional abilities, pure knowing and cellular energy changes and flows, the resonant field of Genius in the planetary consciousness can be raised to match that of the totality of the Genius held in the Holy of Holies within the center of the Earth, at which point it will be released and fully available to all souls on Earth once again. It must be understood that when this dynamic reaches a certain potentiality of Light force, the planetary ascension (LP-40) will be triggered, and that the completion of the process will unfold through the next cycle that follows the ascension of the planet. In addition, this dynamic is a significant component in the triggering of LP-40.

Now with all that in mind let us look at a more recent transmission from Tehuti (through Maia) on the Planetary Genius.

Tehuti: “First let us define ‘Genius’. If one were to depict ‘thought’ as milk setting in a pail, with the pail representing the limitations of mind, the cream risen to the top would be the Genius, the risen portion of pure knowing within the realm of intelligence. There is ‘knowing’ outside intelligence, if we define intelligence within your planetary evolution as an awareness of self, and how that self emerges from Spirit, and how it interrelates with other selves. Even though many human beings today who are ‘intelligent’ are primarily so in the realms of the lower mind, they have the capacity within their intellectual field to move into the higher Mind.

“Parasites, insects, lower fish and mammals and most surface Earth plants now exist outside the hoop of intelligent knowing. Once they too were included, but when the planetary Genius was withdrawn into the center of the Earth, these creatures were abandoned [This is why we have animals that kill one another for survival at this time. While this is a natural balance of things within the reality that has had the Genius withdrawn from it, it is not in balance within the greater plan of evolution for the planet] Humans are still able to hold onto the field of intelligence because of their highly developed DNA, as are the higher mammals and some fish. But all these sentience forms only have ‘one toe in the water’ of the Genius Intelligence stream. The personal Geniuses of every individual and living thing on the planet are actually only individual limbs from the same tree, and that One Tree is the Planetary Genius. When Metatron invoked the Seven Seals (Of Revelations) upon mankind, he also withdrew the radiant field of Planetary Genius back into the central sun of the Earth where it is indwelling. Those God‑Born who had become infants of the Day would not be allowed to play with loaded pistols. The power to leave the fallen reality behind is within the Planetary Genius. The infants must reclaim their God Selves once again before they will be returned their Genius.

To further clarify the ‘Planetary Genius’, it is the completed thought form containing the identity of consciousness (Doctrine of Signature, ‘signs of the one shining element’) for your World Domain from its Alpha through Omega (beginning to end). It is untainted, free of all illusion, and yet it is not omnipotent, as it defines and identifies, therefor it has a distinct polarity, and that polarity is to qualify and preserve the Eschaton of the Earth.

Tehuti referred Maia to Rowena P. Kryder’s Gaia Matrix Oracle for the definition of Eschaton. It is given as follows:

“The Earth is a wisdom body. Gaia has the perennial tradition at her core. Eschaton means ‘the last things’. All can be consumed except the truth, represented by the New Earth Spiritual World….The phase of Eschaton is an illuminative, fiery, spiritual consummation of the earth and all beings within and upon her.”

Tehuti: “The ‘truth’ as defined in Ms. Kryder’s statement is the Planetary Genius, which, in the final stage of Eschaton, must be transferred into the New Earth Star. In that sacred moment it becomes the ‘Prima Matra’ of the Old Earth’s conjuncto with the New Earth, creating the Pure Gem Being, which will radiate from the center of the Earth ‘Star’ of humanity’s new Life Fountain.

I would like to take a further look at the link between the opening of the Seven Seals of Metatron and the realization of the Planetary Genius. Quoting from the ‘Keys of Enoch’, Key 307 verse 49:

“And I saw the events of the (Seven) seals being broken, even though the Earth had not yet experienced these truths in its time‑lag of spiritual energy.”

This means that the opening of the Seven Seals is going to release the greater truth accessible to this planet, even though the inertial build‑up within the planetary consciousness will not be at a baseline level of evolution that has previously been able to experience such cosmic truth.

I asked Tehuti (through Maia) where this planet was in its process of opening the Seven Seals. He said that the first had not yet been opened, but that it would occur very soon. He also said that while it seemed as though it was taking a very long time and a great deal of effort to get the planet to that level, once the first was opened the others would be opened very quickly, so it would not be a proportionate period of time between the opening of each of the Seven Seals. He also indicated that when each of the Seals was opened, there would be a rushing of energy that would quicken those just below it’s threshold into that particular Seal’s consciousness level, and that in turn would also catapult others who were operating at their own personal levels of the higher Seals, into the next level relative to where they had been, then again the rush would reverse back down the line to those at the lesser levels and so forth. This is the process by which the rapid opening of all Seals would occur as I understand it currently.

This process in turn will then initiate all who are able to withstand the rapidly escalating frequencies into higher levels of their own Genius, thus rapidly accelerating the formation of the Genius consciousness cells. This increased level of Genius will be vitally necessary for souls remaining on the Earth after the opening of the Seven Seals due to the critical nature of needing to be attuned to absolute guidance during this time. There will be some rather dramatic scenarios to unfold despite the incredible efforts of the Light workers to offset much of this trauma. There will be times when split second decisions must be made, and not from the level of the lower mind. These decisions must come from pure knowing in the moment, there will be many souls who will need to depend on the Light workers ability to accurately access this knowing under times of stress.

Each soul will be accessing the Genius in order to modulate that polarity into its own consciousness streaming, further giving it definition, and further adding to the Genius consciousness cell that soul is contributing to. We are now moving into a space where we must assume responsibility for the co‑creative capacities of becoming the new Elohim. This responsibility must be extended from our personal sphere of reality to incorporate the planetary whole. Many understand this concept intellectually, but to know this experientially is another story altogether, but then this is the way with all spiritual principle.

The Genius resides in all seven levels of consciousness represented in the Seven Seals. It is the unification of all seven levels of consciousness (personal and planetary) that will fully return the Genius to us once again. This action must be accomplished through the full opening of the heart center. When the heart center is fully functional once again, the human atoma will then reside within that center. Currently the atoma resides just outwards in the aura from the Solar Plexus chakra in most of humanity. More evolved souls have the atoma situated near the base of the sternum, a point Tehuti calls the Eden point. As the planet went through it’s ‘Fall from Grace’, so did the location of the atoma. In a being such as Tehuti, or the other great Masters, the atoma is fully present within the heart center. In addition, the heart center encompasses all of the other chakras. This is not to say that these other chakras are non‑existent, but they are under the domain of the heart center and unified through that consciousness level.

As the Genius is indwelling within the central sun of the Earth (the atoma), and will manifest itself through ‘cellular integration of heart centered consciousness’, the means to open oneself to this experience will be through alignment of ones own atoma to that of the Earth, and then through alignment of ones ‘entire cellular being’ with their own atoma. This process can and will open the cellular consciousness grids to a higher quotient of Light flux, and in turn allow their own atoma to start its movement back towards its true throne, the heart center.

Everyone is aware of the general concept of heart centered consciousness, but we are speaking of a much higher level of awareness here than many understand. It is not enough to simply be nice to those that give you a difficult time, nor to even go out of your way to help those that have wronged you, or engage in intense behavior modifications. These are of course a good starting point to work from, but it is important to be able to grasp the ultimate objective without judging oneself for where you are in the process. If we are in a mode of having to work diligently to find an outlet channel for ‘gut level’ feeling that pops its head up at the most inopportune times, then we must find a tool / technique that can help us to clear the deeper seated cause for these feelings being present in our space in the first place. It is vitally important that this not be accomplished through the use of the personal will. To do so will only set up a cyclically recreated pattern, and is analogous to attempting to drown a fire with gasoline. Any time you might feel the need to ‘push’ through a particular dynamic, or wrestle it to the ground to arrest it’s action, you must come to realize this is the personal will attempting to do the spiritual will’s job. We must come to know the difference in our feeling experience between the two. This of course entails a process, but the more aware you can be in the moment when personal will manifests in your experience, the quicker you will be able to conjoin the personal will with the spiritual will. You must come to know when the will is centered anywhere other than in the heart chakra. This must be a feeling experience. Work to come to know what it feels like when you are in a love space. Make a conscious scan of what feelings you have in your physical / emotional body at those times, and see if you can come to duplicate those feelings through conscious choice. Come to know which parts of your body move into a state of tension when you move out of that love space. Entrain your consciousness to be aware of these warning signs, and become adept at listening to them and changing your focus immediately. Remember that it does not matter what seems to be at stake in the linear reality, if lower feelings and emotions grip your reality in the name of a lesser success, you are experiencing a momentary spiritual loss. Practice under differing situations bringing your point of conscious focus into the heart center, see if you can develop the ability to cause the heart seed in the center of that chakra to start tingling at will. If you work to devise tools based upon feeling experience rather than mental analyzation you will go a long way fast. This is not meant to say that the mind is to be left behind, it too has it’s place in your total whole being, but it must be spiritualized through the heart, and when it is you will become a true Genius.

“…his relatives ordered that his body should be mummified in the best possible way, so that his soul and intelligence, when they returned some thousands of years hence to seek his body in the tomb, might find his ‘genius’ there waiting, and that all three might enter into the body and revivify it, and live with it forever in the kingdom of Osiris…” -Wallis Budge, ‘The Mummy’

“Matter does matter” – Tehuti


– Tehuti

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  1. I was dancing yesterday and rhyhtmic patterns were entering my body and starting to feed my mind. My mind was wandering what this could be. Now I get it. Quite profound what was happening.

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