Written By Kaylasa (JaguarStar) Giselle


**HUMAN DNA, DA VINCI, THE TETRAGRAMMATON, THE SACRED 9, AND THE TEMPLE OF SOLOMON. This is a reflection I had the other day. While reading a research paper about genetics, I suddenly remembered an e-mail sent by William Stuart Buehler, in which he talks about the 9 versus 5 harmonics/light geometries in Creation, connecting them to the Oritronic (fallen) vs. the Metatronic (ascended) universes, and the Solarian vs. the Nephilimic races. Here is what he writes: “Energetically I’m thinking that the Christos’ Mysteries would correlate with the high “Onata” range or “Metatronic”, using “9” as it’s number (Anti-Matter field), while the lower “Elisaphane” range of Humanity (Matter or Orotronic field) uses the “5” harmonic (….) The other two levels in the Abacus would be the Nephilim and Solarian Light Races”.

**And you can see, indeed, this message encoded in Da Vinci’s “Vitruvian Man”, (in which you see a 5-pointed star/fallen man spinning, moving, becoming something else…. 9-pointed star or ascended Solarian!!!). Which is the REAL answer to the Riddle of the Sphinx: “What is the creature that walks on four legs in the morning, two legs at noon and three in the evening?” 4 + 2 + 3 = 9, the master number, the Vitruvian. Also, 9 is the result of 3+1+1+4…. which coincidentally, is the meridian where the Great Pyramid (or Temple of the Lion) is located, the beginning of the Mayan Calendar, and the year in which the first modern Egyptian Dynasty began!!!

**All of this also ties up to genetics, because apparently, according to recent works on genetics, the human DNA structure discovered by Watson and Greek is wrong because it does not consider the pentatonic geometry necessary for its codons (blocks) to respect the Phi (Golden Number) proportion. So according to the latest discoveries, our DNA is a double helix conformed by codons (blocks) with a pentagonal structure, which naturally creates the Phi Geometrics we see everywhere else in nature. This, in my opinion, is the reason the Tetragrammaton or Pentagram is used both as the basis of our music (which indicates the vibration of matter in our “fallen” universe), and as a spiritual symbol of an ascended human being.

**I also believe that the two pillars of the Temple of Solomon in the Kabbalah Mysteries are indeed the two helices of our DNA, and the 10 sephiroths in the Tree of Life, among its many meanings, also symbolize the 10 codons discovered in the newest genetic research, that form the base of this DNA pentatonic chain. That is the reason the Tetragrammaton/Five-pointed star is considered the Name of God, because this sequence based on 5-geometrics is the Name or Sacred Sound that creates our Human DNA, the Song of Creation the Elohim/dragon masters used to create our genetic imprint. This means that the Temple of Solomon is also a symbol for our ascended DNA.

**As I was meditating about all of this yesterday, I saw an image in my mind: I saw a 5-pointed star opening like a flower, and transforming into another geometric figure I couldn’t see well. But I realized the 5-geometries are a “door” into this ascended geometry (again, this door or transformation is what the Vitruvian Man expresses). I also realized once you cross the two pillars of the temple and light the sacred fire within the temple (the Chintamani Flame inside our DNA), this transformation occurs, and then I see 13 pillars in the Ascended Temple, that is,13 helices which conform our ascended DNA.


I AM MAIA KYi’RA AND I APPROVE THIS MESSAGE 🙂  Haha couldn’t resist it! But seriously, Thoth (through my perception) does agree with what Kaylasa writes above.


PURE GEM – New Electrikum

Pure Gem

click to see large


This the third in a series presenting my new activiational art for the ELECTRIKUM Templates, which I originally created some years ago.

Kyi’Ra Portal members will soon have the entire set to download (minus watermark of course) and they will also be available for purchase in my Spirit Store.


Pure Gem

Cancer (Water) ‘PURE GEM’: pink Prima Matra / supra-conscious / akashic / building and evolving of Light Body / nurturing & Self-Love / knowing the Divine within

At Lower Octaves of Experience: This template works well with healing of trauma, both emotional and physical; because of it’s nurturing properties, it is good for aiding one in self-discovery, especially in areas which truly comfort and satisfy the soul; good for skin rashes and diseases and for these disorders would be best if infused in water internally, placed on chakras or just held while still in the bottle like you would a crystal – rubbing it on the affected areas topically would not be as effective; it can help individuals release issues of self-denial and lack of self-love which are causative to some illnesses.

At Higher Octaves of Experience: It builds the Light body, and prepares the individual for ‘passage’ into the next phase of evolution, which is sometimes exemplified in the transition of death, but can also be experienced in dramatic lifetime events or a series of ‘mini-deaths’ to the personal will. Can facilitate higher levels of initiation in their own ancient Sacred soul knowledge, which must be recapitulated before future knowledge can become actualized fully.

The chakra most responsive to this template is the heart. Additionally for females below the navel; and for males at the base chakra.

The mantram is Huurrr-huurrr-huurrr (roll the R’s if possible).

world keynote: The creation of loving vehicles of expression in forms that serve the planetary


In the last two days of October, 20015 how might we take another look at this Electrikum of Pure Gem?

Certainly Pure Gem is addressing the foremost key component to humanity at this time….upgrading the DNA into Pure Gem frequency – the New Light Body and resultant physical body!

Evidence is coming forth from various sources that our DNA is indeed transforming. This is seen even in the blood work of certain individuals…in fact more and more of them. While I don’t know of anyone exhibiting super-human powers as yet (well, actually I have read of a few extra-ordinary children), being able to leap tall building with a single bound is not what the Pure Gem Body is all about. This transformation we are experiencing now is about awakening DNA encodings we already possess, but have been dormant for some time. These codes give us the spiritual and body intelligence that will lead us Home. That is the first step and the one we, as human Beings are given to accomplish. We cannot do that by running away from who we are now, but through living the truth of this Now Moment fully and completely, no matter the apparent challenges it may present to us.


Kyi’Ra Portal members can access the on-line Electrikum Oracle here. Currently it has the old art, but I will be updating to the new when I have the full set.


The Blue Manna

Blue Manna mandala - click image to see large

Blue Manna mandala by Maia – click image to see large

During our Lotus of Compassion gathering in the New Earth Sanctuary this Sunday, I was presented by my inner-planes mentor ThothHorRa, with what he called the “Blue Manna.” It is a process of connecting to the Wholeness of your holographic nature at a DNA/cellular level.

As most of you reading this by now know, scientist are coming to accept the evidence they are finding, that all the universe is a holographic projection. What the source of this hologram is, they can only conjecture. ThothHorRa shows me that it comes from a multi-dimensional transference of light codes at the center of what we could call metaphorically, the Heart of God – that Nadi Point within each living thing which is the Jewel in the Lotus of All that IS. In fact, scientist have even just discover this “jewel”.

To quote:

Physicists have discovered a jewel-like geometric object that dramatically simplifies calculations of particle interactions and challenges the notion that space and time are fundamental components of reality…This is completely new and very much simpler than anything that has been done before…

The revelation that particle interactions, the most basic events in nature, may be consequences of geometry significantly advances a decades-long effort to reformulate quantum field theory, the body of laws describing elementary particles and their interactions.

In keeping with this idea, the new geometric approach to particle interactions removes locality and unitarity from its starting assumptions. The amplituhedron is not built out of space-time and probabilities; these properties merely arise as consequences of the jewel’s geometry. The usual picture of space and time, and particles moving around in them, is a construct. (read full article here)

As this most precious Lotus Jewel moves through it’s graceful dance in our being, so one of it’s sacred geometries is what Thoth is calling the Blue Manna. It is a holographic mirror image of the Divine Imprint of our original blueprint.

The Ancients of MU (Lemuria) created a mandala tracking the “spinning” of this blueprint, which the MU’ruvians called the Colasus Kambria (majestic birthing light) – or what has been referred to in my past writings via a more Biblical name: Adam Kadmon. In my energy art above, I have created a basic duplication of this mandala. Thoth names it the Blue Manna, as that is the interpretation best suited from the MU’ruvian name Kyi’osios Manna (to thrive in the BLUE Grace of Life).

Why Blue? In the ancient Aloii or First Language, each primary color (and there were more then…we cannot see them all now) was given an association with another property. Blue was to restore, to bring forth the seed of protection into fruition. It is also indicative of the Blue Ray, which in the Divine Hologram, is that which performs this action of regeneration.

The Mirror Image

The DNA communicates with it’s parts through mirror imaging. The Kyi’osios Manna geometric is a mirror image of the “thriving” DNA sequence, which leads all to original wholeness. I did not say “back to” original wholeness, as “wholeness” is not a time-space preset. It exists within the Still Point. When the Blue Manna is in full flower, our holograms (of self) become fluid mindines: wave-particles that have reversed their encoding, allowing you might say, a “spine” that bends both ways – a field of motion which is holographically expanded into full Metatronic (full light) embrace. (note: after I received the word “mindine” I googled it. No word came up, but…”dine” has to do with fluidity.)

Thoth informs me that gazing upon the Blue Manna mandala I created above, while at the same time, holding focus through the third eye, is a powerful charging of the mindine activity.

I have created a under-four-minute video with the Blue Manna mandala, as a charging field that can be used daily. This, and a 3000 pixel version of the mandala art is exclusive to Kyi’Ra Portal members.

The links to, and password can be found here.

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Sacred AN – Ark of the Rising Dawn as MANA SARI


To fully understand this topic please read.

The following is a transmission from my inner-planes mentor, ThothHorRa.

ThothHorRa: The Sacred AN was re-located in January of 2014 to it’s new and final Thresholding Chamber within the Crest-In-The-Stone Thoth Retreat…inside the “Challenger Peak” mountain near Crestone, Colorado. It is here it will stay until LP 40 Ascension.

Yet, this “object” that we are referring to as an “ark” – indeed the true Ark of GRACE – is far more than a physical devise. It has developed it’s light program through the centuries and has become something beyond that which it was when first created, on a planet of Rigel in the constellation of Orion, and was translated into it’s first Thresholding within Tibet.

As it was transported dimensionally to it’s current Thresholding Chamber, the AN became the Ark of the Risen Dawn. We give it this name, for as the solar disc within it rises, so this sphere of transmuted crystalline particles or MANA SARI, sends radiations outward throughout the Earth…connecting to and creating holographic imagery within the Pyramidis Radius Matrix of the planet…and from this matrix, is  impressed into the DNA and mental construct of those among humanity who are able to receive it at this time.

The Mana Sari collects and gathers the Seeds of Divine from major nodes of the Earth, the primary being:

1) the KABBA at Mecca

2) the DOME OF THE ROCK in Jerusalem

3) a yet-to-be-revealed Temple of the White Lion in the Yucatan

4) the Gate of the Sun at Tiahuanaco, atop the anti-plano of Peru (not the ruined structure by that name, but what lies beneath it)

5) The Great Pyramid at Giza, Egypt

6) the Chamber of the Crystal Skull on Kaua’i (not revealed)

8) the Labyrinth of Sais in Australia (of Egyptian origin – not revealed)

9) the Kardash Khamut Stone in Iraq (not revealed)

10) all the Magdalene Temples (mostly not revealed – location only)

11) all Sun Lords whose suspended-state bodies still hold the matrix for cellular-DNA transference


As all is gathered by the Mana Sari, so it is brought into a co-cohesive whole and ignited by the PURE WHITE FLAME at the center of the Mana Sari sphere. This process began in May of 2014 and will continue for many years, until the eschaton is complete and LP 40 begins.

Maia: So Thoth, how does this related – if indeed it does – to the here and now and what people are currently experiencing in life?

Thoth: Those who came to this planet as CHILDREN OF THE SUN are being awakened now to take their mission to greater and more personal level of Service….they are taking upon them the dross of the eschaton and holding open the furnace of the Heart to pour these things into the transforming Flame. As they do so, those of Earth who are their children – who come out of the later phases of their existence in the Earth – shall be lifted into the Thought of Oneness.

The process now on-going from the Mana Sari is penetrating the Strallilium of Divine Genesis of all humans participating in the world consciousness.

Maia: This “ taking upon them the dross of the eschaton” sounds heavy duty. How is this manifesting in their lives (basically)?

Thoth: It is evident for each one. They know who they are and what they are experiencing, is it not so? Out of this experience it is for each to respond to the highest dictate of the Soul.

Maia: Thoth also revealed to me that the “Children of the Sun” are in the process of creating Zeta bodies for moment-to-moment alignments, moving through fractured time. This is a very difficult meta-science to comprehend (at least it is for me), so I am not attempting to map it out here. You might care to read Thoth’s short discourse on the topic of the Zeta Body.

The Auriiel’Ohim of the Seraphim play a key role in aiding the Children of the Sun in the forming and maintaining (for periods of time) the Zeta Body through this current transitional Earth Epoch.

This NEW EPOCH of Ishoa’Ba which we entered in 2012 if fully upon us now. A suggested short, free-viewing video I made in 2012 embraces the Spirit of what is being asked of all Earth Dwellers at this time, with perhaps special emphasis on the “Children of the Sun.”

An added footenote: The Divine Feminine in humanity is especially connected to the dynamic of the Sacred AN and all that it evokes in the dimensions of Spirit. This is true for those in male incarnation as well, for they do still contain the seed of Divine Feminine. However, souls now in female embodiment will find they are being called to exemplify the Ishoa’Ba Presence in the world even more so in the New Epoch

view Ark of the Risen Dawn Medallion

The Holographic Universe

I usually place this statement at the end of my articles (not all of them, but those I especially wish to stress this point with). However, this time I felt guided to put it at the beginning…

CONCERNING MATERIAL I PRESENT: Not every single word in these videos and articles created or written by others necessarily agrees with my sources, but the core information does. Also, when reading any “channeled” information (including mine) always bear in mind that it is being received through a human personality, and thus the interpretation of the pure energy streaming will be colored in varying degrees, by the “lens” of that person. In viewing these videos or reading the articles one needs to think and more importantly – feel for themselves, what among it all resonates for you and what does not.

* * * * * * *

As many of you know, I consciously began my akashic-channeling in 1967 at the age of 17. My inner-planes mentor, Thoth (now called ThothHorRa) entered the picture for me in 1977. Around 1978 I was told that what I did (receiving from the Akasha) was to be called “holocrystal translation.” Well, I tried using that term but nobody had a clue as to what I meant by it, so I started calling it “channeling” as it was more easily understood by others. Of course what we call channeling is holocrystal translating from the Thothic view. Now I more often refer to this process as akashic translation.

So why does Thoth refer to channeling as holocrystal translation? Because this form of “thought” vibrates through the hologram of the universe as crystalline packets of energy, which Thoth is calling “holocrystals.” The energy is in essence, recording waves of all that is or ever has been – like a giant “Light-brary” of the All. The crystals then sort out the Light-brary variations into differentiated channels – Light-braries within Light-braries. But the whole package is what is known as the “Akasha.” In Sanskrit the world akasha means “accommodation.”

Channeled transmissions from what we define as “Other” (such as my relationship with ThothHorRa) also flows through the Akasha.

In around 1985 Thoth introduced to me the name New Earth Star as that realm or world experience this planet would become through an “Ascension” process (a whole topic unto itself, but not a rising up into the air)

By the year 2000  or so, Thoth began to refer to the “New Earth Star Hologram” as developing on, within and around Earth – the merkabah for Ascension of the planet into the New Earth Star state of being.

In the last few months of 2013 Thoth brought forth into my mind the Pyramidis Radius Matrix (PRM): a new Earth Grid is forming which is now the primary matrix for this planet’s “Ascension” (transformation / frequency shift) into the New Earth Star consciousness-realm.

The PRM is establishing a holographic field of pyramids upon this planet. Then entire purpose of these holopyramids has of this writing, not yet been revealed to me, but basically they are the main engine of orchestrating the transfer of molecular stability from a World System I to a World System II Creation Zone. In order to understand the formation of these holopyramids, one needs to see them as holograms forming within holograms.

In the past few months I have seen a lot of mention about the “Holographic Universe” – this certainly rang a bell for me, but I had not done any tangible reading on it until the other day. I came across an excellent work by Stephen Davis called The Holographic Universe Workshops.

It was really amazing for me to read about this topic, given the references to the holographic consciousness which Thoth had revealed to me through the years; but I had never pieced it all together before.

Mr. Davis’ workshops are very well done and insightful. He is a natural teacher, and makes a complex subject much easier to understand. He has presented his work in both video and pdf. I highly recommend you take the time and engage his workshops on The Holographic Universe if you are at all interested in this subject. He does not charge for this extensive compilation and study, but he does have a Donation button on his page. If you enter his workshop and receive from it the bounty I believe you will, I ask you to please make a donation at the bottom of his page.

Back to my own engagement with this impressive work of Mr Davis...

In order to further discuss my “akashic insights” on the universe as a hologram, I feel it necessary to include some excerpts from Stephen Davis’ workshop. Mr Davis stresses that he is presenting a working model of the hypotheses he puts forth as to the construction and nature of the holographic universe, and it is therefore subject to revision. It is how he is perceiving it at this time (or rather when he presented the workshops). He also gives quite a lot of scientific information from scientists and researchers around the world.

And so we shall begin with…

(excerpted from The Holographic Universe Workshops by Stephen Davis)

In his book, The Holographic Universe, Michael Talbot said, “There is compelling

evidence that the only time quanta [electrons] ever manifest as particles is when we are

looking at them. When an electron isn’t being looked at, it is always a wave.”

To put it the other way around, the natural state of an electron is as a wave. It only pops

out of its wave state to form a particle in a specific location in space and time when it is

being observed. Then, when it‟s not being observed, it goes back into its wave state.

But it turns out that it‟s not just the electrons that pop in and out of existence.

Listen to Dr. Jeffrey Satinover….

Matter is not what we have long thought it to be. To the scientist matter has always been

thought of as sort of the ultimate in that which is static and predictable.

We like to think of space as empty and matter as solid. But in fact there is essentially

nothing to matter whatsoever. It’s completely insubstantial.

Next, Mr. Davis talks about virtual realities, which perks up my interest since I have been interacting with the virtual world of Second Life for nearly six years now, where I conduct spiritual gatherings and other associated activities. Thoth encouraged me to become involved in Second Life (SL) as he stated that computerized virtual worlds – especially those on the internet, connecting thousands of people together as a “consensual reality” unit at any given time – was a powerful extension of the reality we live in, which he stressed was also a virtual world of sorts. The cyber-space virtual being more subtle and therefor conductive to the (for better lack of a term) higher etheric. Second Life is not a game, although you can role play within it if you so choose. It is within the Virtual of Second Life that one can become a part of a global community of people who share your interests and indeed, life focus.

 spiritual gathering on Wellspring Island in Second Life
spiritual gathering on Wellspring Island in Second Life

In the following excerpt, Mr. Davis is comparing quantum physics to a “video game” (ie a virtual reality).

Basically, unless the Player is looking at something in the video game, it doesn’t exist. It

disappears, only to pop back up later if the Player looks at it again. This is how quantum

physics is telling us that our reality works as well.

It means that our reality is not as real as we have always thought it was. Instead, as you

hear many quantum physicists say, “it pops in and out of existence.”

So… if matter is not solid, and reality is not “real,” what IS this physical universe that we

experience and think of as so “solid” – that looks and feels so real to us?

This is an important question, but before we continue with Stephen Davis’ answer, I wish to inject at this point that Thoth disagrees with the assumption: “reality is not real.” Thus, he also does not qualify a hologram as not being real. How so? Well, he also tells me that everything is real…and….reality is entirely perception. Okay so that sounds like he is saying reality is not real! But to follow Thoth-Sight, it is helpful to realize that a being such as Thoth dwells in higher subtle energy states that are relative to us, omni-present. Existing everywhere at once. From that mountain top, what is “real” is indeed everything one can perceive…and everything one cannot perceive! This may seem like splitting hairs but Thoth stresses to me the fallibility of seeing things as “not real.” We cannot be fully present with or within something that we do not conceive as real….not even in order to dis-engage ourselves from it.

To continue with The Holographic Universe Workshops…

So… if matter is not solid, and reality is not “real,” what IS this physical universe that we

experience and think of as so “solid” – that looks and feels so real to us?

Two models have been developed to answer that question…

* One is The “Field”

and the other is The “Holographic Universe”

(The Field) Mainly it is just called “the Field.” It is a field of unlimited possibilities out of which

everything is created.

Lynne McTaggart, author of The Field, defines it as “a field of all possibility.”

In other words, everything you can think of, and everything you can‟t think of, and

everything no one has thought of yet, already exists in wave form in the Field.

The “Field” is a “place” outside of space and time where everything (all

possibilities) already exists, but only in “wave” form. This field does not contain

particles; it is not matter; it is not part of the physical universe. Instead it is what the

entire universe is made from – from these waves of possibilities.

The problem is that no one can prove that the Field exists. You can’t see it; you can’t

photograph it; you can’t measure it; you can’t hold it in your hand.

But when quantum physicists assume the Field is there, they can make incredibly

accurate mathematical predictions about the physical universe and how it behaves, which

they can not do without assuming the Field is there.

I believe that “The Field” mentioned above is what Thoth is calling the “Genesis Field”: A genesis field is a dynamic, intelligent energy field responding to the impulse of Creation. It is designed by Universal Intelligence to create specific, ordered “worlds.” These worlds can be as small as the head of a pin or as large as giant planets.

How is “reality” created from the Field?

Most quantum physicists agree that it is a very similar process to the creation of a

hologram. In other words, the Universe we see is a Holographic Universe.

The technical definition from the Merriam-Webster Dictionary is that a hologram is “a

three-dimensional image reproduced from a [two-dimensional] pattern of interference

produced by a split coherent beam of radiation (as a laser).”

…. Scientific Evidence that

the Entire Universe is a Holographic Projection around the Earth.

Here‟s what it said, specifically…

German scientists have been trying to understand why their equipment that measures

gravitational waves has been picking up a particular sound. One possible answer that

they‟ve come up with is that the entire universe is a holographic illusion.

For many months, the GEO600 team-members had been scratching their heads over

inexplicable noise that is plaguing their giant detector. Then, out of the blue, a researcher

approached them with an explanation. In fact, he had even predicted the noise before he

knew they were detecting it.

According to Craig Hogan, a physicist at the Fermilab particle physics lab in Batavia,

Illinois, GEO600 has stumbled upon the fundamental limit of space-time – the point

where space-time stops behaving like the smooth continuum Einstein described and

instead dissolves into „grains,‟ just as a newspaper photograph dissolves into dots as you

zoom in.

“‟It looks like GEO600 is being buffeted by the microscopic quantum convulsions of

space-time,‟ says Hogan.

If this doesn‟t blow your socks off, then Hogan, who has just been appointed director of

Fermilab‟s Center for Particle Astrophysics, has an even bigger shock in store: If the

GEO600 result is what I suspect it is, then we are all living in a giant cosmic hologram.‟

We pause for a moment in Davis’ discourse to go to Thoth once again. I quote from the Akashic Definitions section of my Spirit Mythos website:

akashic definition of: Tetranome

A high-Metatronic (full Light) creational field generator. The active modality of the tetranome begins with a Star of David and expands from the center outward at two opposite axis to create a sigel or spinning energy field Such a field produces a flashing rhombis at its center that exchanges “information” between universes. In a further stage of the expansion, the tetranome becomes a tetratryon. Tetratryons are hyperspace tetrahedrons with open ends connecting to one another to form dimensional transference zones. It is through the tetratryons that energy travels between different dimensions. The tetranome exchanges information and therefore “building blocks” of Light mathematics. The tetratryon accelerates the whole dynamic to allow manifestational energy to travel from one dimension to another. However, one cannot really separate a tetranome from a tetratryon, as the former is simply a foundational stage of the latter, and the latter CAN BE ACTIVATED through the geometry of the former. The ascension of this earth into the New Earth Star will be created through tetratryonic activity.

The Tetratryon is the sought-after “God Particle”:

This is a lay term for the Higgs boson, which ‘is a hypothetical particle with zero spin. It is neutral and may be responsible for giving other particles mass. This elementary particle was named after the physicist Peter Higgs who proposed the theory in 1964. The standard model in particle physics depends on the existence of the Higgs boson. According to the standard model, none of the subatomic particles have mass, so they must obtain it from interacting with the Higgs field.’”

Assembling the pieces, one might assume that the “Higgs Field” is the same as Davis’ “The Field,” which as I just stated is the same as Thoth’s “Genesis Field.” But I could be wrong about the Higgs Field as being “The Field” since I have not really studied either hypothesis.

I delved into my Thoth definitions for the tetranome as I felt this quantum process is key to how the universal hologram is created…not the whole picture, but definitely a big factor.

Stephen Davis goes on to quote from Michael Talbot in his book, “The Holographic Universe”…

Bohm helped establish the foundation for Pribram‟s theory that the brain operates in a

manner similar to a hologram, in accordance with quantum mathematical principles and

the characteristics of wave patterns.”

Technically, Talbot continues, “Pribram believes memories are encoded not in neurons,

or small groupings of neurons, but in patterns of nerve impulses that crisscross the entire

brain in the same way that patterns of laser light interference crisscross the entire area

of a piece of film containing a holographic image. In other words, Pribram believes the

brain is itself a hologram.”

Just as a hologram functions as a sort of lens, a translating device able to convert an

apparently meaningless blur of frequencies into a coherent image, Pribram believes the

brain also comprises a lens and uses holographic principles to mathematically convert

the frequencies it receives through the senses into the inner world of our perceptions.”

In short, Pribram believes ―our brains mathematically construct hard‟ reality by relying

on input from a frequency domain.

Our brains construct our (holographic) physical reality after receiving – and based on –

wave frequencies from The Field.

Back to our referencing of Thoth’s Akasha – from Spirit Mythos, article: The Quantum Cube

The ‘Q-Cube’ is a holographic intelligence field within the DNA. It is also simultaneously ‘everywhere,’ as it quantumizes through all universal energy fields. The Q-Cube is what might be called a ‘string synthesizer’. This term refers to what the scientists are call the ‘String Theory’….The Q-Cube is an intelligent universal resonance. It’s seat in humanity is in the living heart. The DNA factor is it’s workforce, but the place where it establishes it’s initial intelligent connection is in the heart.

By focusing on and talking to the Q-Cube or the Intelligence of the Heart, we restore our own resonating membranes within the Intelligent Field. All illness and disease is a product of the deterioration of the quantum membrane. Taking care of one’s mental and physical health in a holistic manner helps to re-build and strengthen the quantum membrane, but it is not enough if one wishes to reach UNION and live in immortal physical bodies that can move in and out of the realms of being (in and out of time and space) without the tiresome and often painful process of growing old and dying.

The Quantum Cube coats us as whole beings when we resonate with the All. Perhaps this is the quantum version of a ‘Coat of Many Colors’.

Now let us look at the brain for a moment. The true seat of the Universal within the Being is not in the cranial brain but within the heart-brain. The brain in the head is the Grunt for the brain in the heart. That is a whole subject unto itself, and there is much science to back it up, most especially from the Institute of HeartMath.

So the hologram of universal projection enters through our HEART and then is transmitted to the brain in the head. The DNA and the Heart get it simultaneously.

Stephen Davis writes…

…according to the latest scientific research. We are projecting our reality first,

and then perceiving it coming back to us.

The bird first arrives in our brain as wave frequencies downloaded from The Field….

The brain then translates those wave frequencies into a hologram of the bird by

collapsing the wave function….

That hologram is then projected ―out there so that the bird appears to be ―real.

And then the bird ―comes back to us through our physical perceptions.

There‘s an old New-Age saying: ―You create your own reality.

While this is technically NOT true, what IS true is:

You are projecting your own unique holographic 3D experience that has been

downloaded from the Field to your brain.

Well, yes from the Thoth perspective this is so…except that it is the heart-brain and DNA that receives the holographic streaming first.

However, if we look at the greater schematic, we are co-creators in the reality we perceive and we can effect the universal hologram…but…but…

The “we” or “I” involved in the effecting is not the part we harbor in our incarnated flesh – in our “physical” DNA. It comes from what Davis is calling the “Infinite I” – or that part (Thoth calls it a “flash”) of the Infinite I that is the “Magna-Soul.” I don’t have much written material on the Magna-Soul, but was told about it from my akashic sources even before “Thoth” consciously communed with me. Basically my current understanding of it is a “flash” recognition – an I AM created within the Greater Intelligence of Source.

The “flash” that is the Magna-Soul projects the “I” into incarnation – in multiple zones simultaneously – sometimes more than just one projection per electromagnetic zone, resulting in 2 or even 3…maybe more, incarnations in the same time-reality. So if we extend the “I” to include the Magna, then yes, we are part of the Genesis Field – the Creation experience. But no, we cannot manipulate it from the point of projected state, ie, the incarnation.

What we can do within incarnation is to perceive – to express and to choose our formats and our role plays (within the parameters of the Magna-Soul imprint in our DNA), which in turn evolves the “God” Factor we experience in our lives, and ultimately face-matches with the view from the top of the mountain.

As an aside, I find it intriguing that Stephen Davis chooses to call the Universal Intelligence the “Infinite I” as in the 1970’s I akashically translated a Lemurian book called “The Book of ii.” Maybe short for Inifinite I?” Well, I don’t think the People of MU wrote or spoke English, but if you remove that sticking point (and in a quantum world you can)….

The definition I was given then for “ii” is “The Sacred Nothing.” Further, it is that which IS – beyond filling it up with “something.”

Well then, who or what is creating the holographic universe…or to be more accurate, universes…possibly ad infinitum?

I dunno, but it certainly impresses me. I don’t think it is aliens – some of them may understand it better than we do for the most part, but it is much bigger than any species of physical or even non-physical being. (According to Thoth, there really is no physical and non-physical – just gradients of entanglement.) The one clue Thoth has revealed to me is that in order to find the answer, we need to look not outward but inward…not bigger but smaller.

Once again I encourage you to view / read Stephen Davis’ entire The Holographic Universe Workshops. Each one is not that long and you can bookmark the page to go back at your convenience.

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Metatron’s Cube

Metatron's Cube by Maia

Metatron’s Cube by Maia

Much has been written on and can be googled concerning Metatron’s Cube geometry, so I’ll not address this here. I wish to simply add to this equation with a few words from my inner-planes benefactor ThothHorRa…

Thoth: What is referred to as  Metatron’s Cube is a gateway interface to the Ascension portal. There are several geometries that are Ascension gateway keys.  All of them must face-match and inter-lock to form the merkabah for the quickening of the 44:44 Ascension Gate to open as it should. Metatron’s Cube is the key for the first inter-face grid within the human DNA . Fauna and flora have a separate path – but they get there just the same.  Understand that “human” beings are portals FOR plants and animals. That is, their gateways are created through spin-offs of human EL functions (coming from the EL’Ohim). This is a topic unto itself, as it places humans at the center of the Creational matrix of the Earth – they are Stewards of their planet. Thus, when they abuse this Station through genetic degradation (GMOs, pollution, etc) and mis-treatment of other species they share the planet with, they are impaling themselves upon sharp thorns of what humans call “karma.” More so, they negatively effect other membranes of creational organization in their universe.

Metatron’s Cube operates as an adjusting system in the universe in order to some extent, realign such mal-formed patterns in the DNA and in the molecules of all things. However, it is not a magical fix-all. It’s degree of effectiveness is defined by sentient awareness. The more aware humans become, the more help they receive from the geometry of Metatron’s Cube within their brain-mind complex. The Metatron’s Cube geometry is within the brain and the DNA Of course all the body, including the brain is composed of DNA, but the brain as a wholistic system is within a Metatron “cage” of it’s own. The intelligence through the heart dictates to the brain’s Meta-Cage, the proper sequencing from brain-mind to heart synchronity. However, when the heart is not coherent it cannot make this communication understandable to the brain-mind. It beomes garbled. The brain-mind then becomes a largely unguided cog in the machine.

By talking to your heart/brain-mind through Metatron’s Cube…your awareness clarifies the language, for it brings more heart coherency into the schematic, and this amps the pulsing signals within the Meta-Cube – of the brain and the DNA.

In addition to establishing an “I SEE YOU” dialogue with your Metatron’s Cube geometry, you can also communicate to it numerically. The following is a sequence to write by hand on a piece of white paper and place under your pillow, on your altar…look at it several times a day, and especially before sleeping. This is only one slice of one “string” – but a good start with the process:


Maia: Under Thoth’s guidance I have also created a Metatron’s Cube energy art which Thoth tells me contains a greater sequencing (vibrationally). I have placed this art in my Spirit Store and also in the Kyi’Ra Portal.

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The Theramid Revisited


In the mid 1990s I wrote:

 The Theramid is not only the key to unlocking the most deeply held secrets within the Great Pyramid, but also within human DNA. Through the Adam Kadmonic “Middin Chamber” within humanity, the Theramid will activate the M-STRA molecule–an etheric molecule which holds the path of our return to Light within the DNA helixes.

Once the M-STRA is activated through the activity of the Theramid, the etheric envelope for what is being called “the twelve strand DNA” will begin to form in earnest. This will in turn reconnect our stellar memory circuits so that we can begin to create imaging that is correlative with the divine image and similitude on a biological level. In short, we will effectively be able to work in closer concert with the universal Hierarchy in reprogramming not only our own biological forms within the memory circuits of eternal life and Light, but the entire planetary genetic database as well. This is the ultimate mani-festation of the Grail on earth, divinity fully received unto matter.

 Now in 2011 …

THR: The Theramid is essentially one of the most important Light Mathematics equations for the re-programming and re-calibrating of planet Earth in it’s transformation into the New Earth Star.

It is a Phi equation…understand that when we say “phi equation” the final imaging of that process will not resemble the mathematical formula constructed in  mathematical dimension, but instead will appear as a holograph formation created from a combination of universal triggers which are activated by that equation.

The Theramid is “built in” to the Great Pyramid (Giza). It’s Light Mathematics are within the physical dimensions of the “Middin Chamber” as yet to be revealed within the structure of the Great Pyramid. The Middin Chamber is also a space within the human heart which is hidden in plain sight.

The Theramid equation spins through the Midden Chamber in the heart and thereby amplifying the connection to the Golden City in the brain.

There is a way to charge the “Middin Chamber.”  Take a pen and piece of paper. If you are right-handed use your left hand…left-handed hold the pen in your right hand.

Focus on your heart – into the Middin Chamber. Take some moments with even, deep breathing. Ask that your “channel” to this point in the heart be accessible to you through
your brain and nervous system of the body.

Call upon your Guardian Beings to seal away any other channels but to the Sacred “Middin” Heart Chamber.

When you feel a tingling PEACE come over you it is time to begin.

Place your hand/pen on the paper and relax. Feel your connection to the Sacred Heart Chamber and allow the Language of LIGHT to come through the nervous system into your arm and hand. This is your HIGHER BEING writing now…moving the pen…make it clear that no other source shall be present in this act but your Higher Self. Let the Light Language symbols flow through you…feel them Light up your entire body with Grace and Healing. Let your arm and hand move as guided without any forethought of conscious

When you feel complete, focus your eyes upon what you have written. Even if it looks like nothing up abstract lines. Remember, this is not intended to be any form of written
communication…not “automatic writing” in that it is not a communication with dis-incarnate souls or any form of outer communication. If you feel you are receiving some such communication it is recommended that you cease this exercise.

You should be seeing simply lines or organic-like symbols…maybe distinct or perhaps simply twisting and turning in no particular direction.

Take some time to focus on these markings and take them in…back into the heart. By going through this loop…from the heart through the brain and nervous system and
back through the eyes into the mind and heart…you are balancing and amplifying the connection to your Sacred Heart in a conscious manner.

 Question: Why is there a Middin Chamber in the Great Pyramid?

 THR: The Temple of the Risen One (Great Pyramid) is created as the body of the Ascended Being. Those initiates who embarked upon the Eternal within this Temple became as One with it’s structural purpose to aid them in their Journey.

 Question: What was the nature of their journey?

 THR: To become ONE. The Theramid is the equation of the Ascended Human. It is written actively in the stone of the Ascension Temple of Giza.

The “New Races” coming out of the Pure Gem Body will be seven in number. They will each envelope the previous. That is, the First Race will eventually be enveloped by a Second, then a Third, etc. Essentially it is all ONE with seven stages of completion into the full blown Gem, however seeing them as individual “races” allows you to focus on the elemental design of each which carries it’s unique attributes.

These then are the Seven Sacred Races (stages) of the Pure Gem Body – their First Language (Aloii) name followed by keynote name and expression:

1) UR’RIAH  – Blue Mar – Sea of the Soul

2) PIKAL  – Becoming – Life Arising

3) ESSCLASEA – Moment – Still Focus

4) TUMINUS – Holy Wind – Coming Forth

5) DUBAL – Heart Stone – Root Foundation

6) PUR’ANA – Cup of Life – Drinking the Pure

7) SACAL – The New Day – To Be Recieved

Maia: With this ThothHorRa concluded his transmission to me. However he is guiding me to create the activation glyphs of each of these race-stages in energy-art. So that will be an upcoming project for me.

more on the Middin Chamber