LION’S PAW – New Electrikum

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This the fifth in a series presenting my new activiational art for the ELECTRIKUM Templates, which I originally created some years ago.

Kyi’Ra Portal members will soon have the entire set to download (minus watermark of course) and they will also be available for purchase in my Spirit Store.


Lion’s Paw

Leo (Fire) ‘LION’S PAW’: red Prima Matra / atonic / electric / Solar transmission into the atoma or central sun of the human being / vitality of biosystem through cellular Solar charge / spiritualizing the Will / accepting one’s empowerment and self-authority / initiation into Inner Mysteries

At Lower Octaves of Experience: Restores one’s connection to the Solar charge, thus re-vitalizes the electric energy of the body; promotes cellular regeneration; like Mastery Flame, this is another template that helps to build self-empowerment, but Lion’s Paw is more on the level of integration with the many parts of ‘self,’ while the former clarifies resolve in not allowing outer circumstances and people to effect your higher vision of self.

At Higher Octaves of Experience: Solar Mastery and new found alchemical abilities through pure consciousness initiative. Facilitates moving into the Monadic or Oversoul level of consciousness.

Strongest chakra point for this elixir is of course the Solar plexus, but it is also especially effective on the third eye as well.

The mantram is Ka-ra-eb-ka.

world keynote: Drawing together the many parts of the collective world consciousness into a holistic essence of spirit.


in November 2015 we can certainly use the commanding presence of Lion’s Paw on our alchemical chart as we see before us the world discord amplifying all around us. Yet it need be remembered that all the apparent chaos is really stemming from one source – one underlying orchestration of a very Old Guard, which we helped to create in eons past. With one flaming grasp of the Lion’s Paw, the chain of command will break and the Waters upon the Earth will settle as if the storm had never been.


Kyi’Ra Portal members can access the on-line Electrikum Oracle here. Currently it has the old art, but I will be updating to the new when I have the full set.


TRIBE LIGHT – New Electrikum

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This the second in a series presenting my new activiational art for the ELECTRIKUM Templates, which I originally created some years ago.

Kyi’Ra Portal members will soon have the entire set to download (minus watermark of course) and they will also be available for purchase in my Spirit Store.


Tribe Light

Taurus (Earth) ‘TRIBE LIGHT’: black Prima Matra / corporal / magnetic / contact with the Earth as a sacred vessel / brings one’s consciousness into the center of the Earth, aligning human chakras to Earth chakras / creating a temple within / integration with Tribal consciousness – para-genetic streaming; connecting to one’s ancient blood consciousness through incarnation on the Earth

At Lower Octaves of Experience: For those who have difficulty grounding and aligning with 3-D reality; for impurities and diseases of the blood; re-aligning all chakras of the body; good for past life reconciliation and release of incarnational guilt, which builds up karmically through the many incarnations of the soul. ‘Incarnational guilt’ is not karma itself, but a shadow, veil or shell which the act of reincarnating creates within the paragenetic Light Body. Once incarnational guilt is lessened or released, the individual may more easily receive grace. Tribe Light is also excellent for soul retrieval techniques.

At Higher Octaves of Experience: For bringing the higher frequencies of Spiritual Mind and Heart into matter, assists the process through opening channels of conductivity into the atomic / sub-atomic matter realm where true transformation must occur to stabilize consciousness for the greater task at hand.

The chakras most receptive to this elixir are the base chakra and the chakras in the palms of the hands and the soles of the feet.

The mantram is Avah-yeh-i-o.

World Keynote: Integration of the collective planetary consciousness with the heart-center Earth Soul.


Nearing the end of October, 2015 let us take a renewed look at Tribe Light…

There is still much Tribal Consciousness active en mass on this planet. This pot is really being stirred now…in the Middle East and other parts of the world, including the USA. Tribal Consciousness has served us in some ways through the eons…to allow us a sense of the unity we feel separate from. Family, Tribe….people we feel we can count on in the midst of chaos. However, it has also held us back from the realization that we are WHOLE and every soul is part of our Family of Light.

Incarnational guilt is a big part of what is dissolving now. Each human being carries at least some part of this, and it is at this time when all such perceptions must be cleared away. In the extreme, incarnational guilt actually creates self-righteousness. “I and / or my tribe is in the right and will prevail!” This sort of mentality perpetuates violence and discord. It is right here in America with 911, just as it is in the Middle East.

What Thoth refers to as the OWL or One World Legion, uses the power of that “them or us” magnetic field to orchestrate and perpetuate their dark scenarios in the world. Yet even my writing this, I must admit…is a “them or us” statement! A paradox to be sure! But only if we remain “inside the box.”

Tribe Light addresses moving into a higher evolution. A suggested related article would be The Two Roads.


Kyi’Ra Portal members can access the on-line Electrikum Oracle here. Currently it has the old art, but I will be updating to the new when I have the full set.


The Blue Manna

Blue Manna mandala - click image to see large

Blue Manna mandala by Maia – click image to see large

During our Lotus of Compassion gathering in the New Earth Sanctuary this Sunday, I was presented by my inner-planes mentor ThothHorRa, with what he called the “Blue Manna.” It is a process of connecting to the Wholeness of your holographic nature at a DNA/cellular level.

As most of you reading this by now know, scientist are coming to accept the evidence they are finding, that all the universe is a holographic projection. What the source of this hologram is, they can only conjecture. ThothHorRa shows me that it comes from a multi-dimensional transference of light codes at the center of what we could call metaphorically, the Heart of God – that Nadi Point within each living thing which is the Jewel in the Lotus of All that IS. In fact, scientist have even just discover this “jewel”.

To quote:

Physicists have discovered a jewel-like geometric object that dramatically simplifies calculations of particle interactions and challenges the notion that space and time are fundamental components of reality…This is completely new and very much simpler than anything that has been done before…

The revelation that particle interactions, the most basic events in nature, may be consequences of geometry significantly advances a decades-long effort to reformulate quantum field theory, the body of laws describing elementary particles and their interactions.

In keeping with this idea, the new geometric approach to particle interactions removes locality and unitarity from its starting assumptions. The amplituhedron is not built out of space-time and probabilities; these properties merely arise as consequences of the jewel’s geometry. The usual picture of space and time, and particles moving around in them, is a construct. (read full article here)

As this most precious Lotus Jewel moves through it’s graceful dance in our being, so one of it’s sacred geometries is what Thoth is calling the Blue Manna. It is a holographic mirror image of the Divine Imprint of our original blueprint.

The Ancients of MU (Lemuria) created a mandala tracking the “spinning” of this blueprint, which the MU’ruvians called the Colasus Kambria (majestic birthing light) – or what has been referred to in my past writings via a more Biblical name: Adam Kadmon. In my energy art above, I have created a basic duplication of this mandala. Thoth names it the Blue Manna, as that is the interpretation best suited from the MU’ruvian name Kyi’osios Manna (to thrive in the BLUE Grace of Life).

Why Blue? In the ancient Aloii or First Language, each primary color (and there were more then…we cannot see them all now) was given an association with another property. Blue was to restore, to bring forth the seed of protection into fruition. It is also indicative of the Blue Ray, which in the Divine Hologram, is that which performs this action of regeneration.

The Mirror Image

The DNA communicates with it’s parts through mirror imaging. The Kyi’osios Manna geometric is a mirror image of the “thriving” DNA sequence, which leads all to original wholeness. I did not say “back to” original wholeness, as “wholeness” is not a time-space preset. It exists within the Still Point. When the Blue Manna is in full flower, our holograms (of self) become fluid mindines: wave-particles that have reversed their encoding, allowing you might say, a “spine” that bends both ways – a field of motion which is holographically expanded into full Metatronic (full light) embrace. (note: after I received the word “mindine” I googled it. No word came up, but…”dine” has to do with fluidity.)

Thoth informs me that gazing upon the Blue Manna mandala I created above, while at the same time, holding focus through the third eye, is a powerful charging of the mindine activity.

I have created a under-four-minute video with the Blue Manna mandala, as a charging field that can be used daily. This, and a 3000 pixel version of the mandala art is exclusive to Kyi’Ra Portal members.

The links to, and password can be found here.

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Our Universe – in Ones and Zeros


In the 1970’s my mother and I were having the greatest period of conscious interaction with ultra-terrestrial interdimensional beings. They appeared to us at night frequently – sometimes when the two of us were together and awake – in the same room. For my mother, she saw them and sometimes they would ask her to do simple things, like to get up and go into my room. For me the communication was more expanded and often quite scientific.

They also communicated with me without showing themselves – just through my mind alone. This was the beginning of my “channeling” before Thoth came onto the scene for me in 1977. On one occasion, I was told to get a paper and pen (no personal computers then folks) and write down what they were showing me in my mind. It was ones and zeros…lots of them, and in a specific order. I had absolutely no idea at the time that this was the standard format for computer code. It was 1975. However, in the ensuing weeks I happened to show it to someone who told me that this was the format for computer coding.

Not long after that, the beings told me that they wished to bring a “computer” to me. I said “okay, sure” and they proceeded to materialize what I would now call a computer tower – white – in front of me. It was about five feet in height. I was so terrified they withdrew it before it had completely formed. That was the end of that. I never heard any more about it from them concerning the computer or the ones and zeros. The beings I have always interacted with are very sensitive and respectful of my emotions. So I imagine they decided not to go further with something that at the time, I found so frightening.

The story above is a preface to the following video I found the other day on You Tube, and afterward, to my current Q&A with Thoth.

“Doubly-even self-dual linear binary error-correcting block code,” first invented by Claude Shannon in the 1940’s, has been discovered embedded WITHIN the equations of superstring theory!

My Q&A with ThothHorRa, 6/19/14

Q: Why is the binary computer code embedded within the equations of superstring theory?

A: Because the Master Source Programmer that creates the Genesis Field of the QU-T the Earth and it’s universal spectrum are nested within, projects it’s operative format in what you have come to understand as binary sequencing.

Q: I know that a Genesis Field is: ” a dynamic, intelligent energy field responding to the impulse of Creation. It is designed by Universal Intelligence to create specific, ordered “worlds.” These worlds can be as small as the head of a pin or as large as giant planets.” (according to Thoth)

But what is the “Master Source Programmer” and the “QU-T”?

A: Master Source Programmer> a self-perpetuating, ordered synthesis of all dynamic possibilities ad infinitum. The MSP is continuously generating face-matches to all receptors, in order to communicate logia (logic formats) that allow Intelligence on all levels to interface with the MSP generated fields and programs.

QU-T> toroidal quantum continuums which perpetually generate habitation zones. The universal spectrum containing the planet Earth resides within one of these quantum “T” zones.  ( Maia asks what the “T” means). The “T” is as in the TAU. {Tau (uppercase Τ, lowercase τ; Greek: ταυ [taf]) is the 19th letter of the Greek alphabet. In the system of Greek numerals it has a value of 300.} The letter of the alphabet from Greek (and now English to much extent) come from the ESTURA of the Aloii or First Language (derived from the impulses of the brain-mind complex). All languages come from the Aloii, but the Greek-Angelish ( most especially “capital” letters)  is derived from Estura, which is specifically a universal sacred geometry. How it relates to the name we have given here – the QU-T – is quite mathematical and beyond the scope of this immediate inquiry.

Q: Give it to me straight Thoth. Are we inside a computer program? The Earth? The universe as we perceive it? Is it all someone’s Nintendo game?

A: No, not as you are perceiving it.  Since humans “invented” computers and computer code, they tend to think that if it is also “out there” beyond them, then someone else must have invented it first, and placed them inside it. This is not the proper context.

The universe and beyond…ALL is governed by what you call “Natural Laws.” This is it. It  is self-created and self-perpetuated. It is a spontaneous, “divine” act. No “Being” developed it and put it into place. No great, unbridled MIND imagined it and set it upon the pedestal of Enlightenment. It simply IS.  Since such a condition is beyond the mind of humanity to conceive there is always that lingering, “there must be more.” There is not. For “more” implies a beginning, and thus a Creator of that beginning.

There is Divine Intelligence, which streams through ALL. There is Divine Source, which births and orchestrates universal continuums. But if you are asking what is behind all that? It is the “Sacred Nothing.” The “ii”. (Thoth is referring here to a book I source translated in the 1970’s).

Maia: So what you are saying then, is that everything we “discover”, “create” or “invent” is already there. It simply surfaces to our perception at certain times.

Thoth: Yes, this is so.

Maia: And so we didn’t invent the computer and all it’s myriad function and programming codes…we became aware of them…existing all around us and in us.

Thoth: In truth, yes.

Maia: Why did the Ultras give me that binary code those years ago? For what purpose?

Thoth: To open a part of your brain-mind. To activate it. Showing you the computer was merely a friendly gesture by the beings involved. When they saw that it frightened you, they withdrew it.

Maia: What did this code “activate” in my brain-mind?

Thoth: It allowed you to step back into your inter-dimensional body, so that you could continue in your current physical body as long as you have – and not burn it up.

Maia: As an aside to the reader…I pause here to take this in. It brings tears, as I have struggled with my health all my life and at this 65th year, I am now finding it especially difficult to maintain the body. Serious chronic fatigue, adrenal burn-out, etc. I recall from the transcripts of Elvis Presley’s conversations with his friend Wanda June Hill (in my book, BLUE STAR LOVE) in his last year of life he tells her that his body is “burning up” – that he is “not from here” and needs to “return home” (to the Blue Star Rigel – my “home” as well).

What Thoth just told me in that one sentence above he has never said to me before. It is for me, an epiphany. It explains much.
BELOW IS ONE MORE VIDEO. It is short, but really gives an understanding of why many people now…scientists and cutting edge explorers, are coming to the erroneous conclusion that we and our universe exist inside someone’s computer program.

As many of my regular readers know, I have another “body” in the virtual world of Second Life. SL is not a game, although you can play games in it if you wish. I do not. For me, it is a realm through which I may express my spirituality and creativity to a greater degree. This is especially true for me, given my physical limitations, but many able-bodied persons find it an equally satisfying platform to more finely tune their inner-plane development.

Maia Kyi'Ra in Second Life

Maia Kyi’Ra in Second Life

Second Life (at this time, the only really highly developed virtual world available) is very much a synthesis of the “experiment” in holographic thinking and potential. Thoth in fact, encouraged me to develop an aspect of my “self” in this virtual holographic extension of “First Life.” I engage it in moderation, but it has become an extension of my “I AM” to a refined degree. I created my appearance (it took years to refine it) but also my vibration in this avatar.

Thoth is encouraging me to create an art series called “A Journey to Shambhala” incorporating my SL avatar as “The Initiate.” Each artwork will be connected to a writing-teaching. The first is the article on The 13th Living Crystal Skull. He explains that through my avatar, which I have infused with my I AM for over six years now, certain energetic codes can be transferred, especially if accompanied with other imagery…into one artwork.

I have read that before long, we will be able to actually enter holographic fields like Second Life, using electrode attachments. Of course all this this sort of thing are only baby steps to lead us into a greater understanding of our Nature and how become fully immersed, in a manner so complete it will by-pass all forms of technology.

 related article: The Holographic Universe (by Maia)

The Mandala Dance: choreographed, filmed, and dance-animated by Maia Kyi’Ra (Starheart). All dancers you see are individual human beings engaged in the performance. 



Sacred AN – Ark of the Rising Dawn as MANA SARI


To fully understand this topic please read.

The following is a transmission from my inner-planes mentor, ThothHorRa.

ThothHorRa: The Sacred AN was re-located in January of 2014 to it’s new and final Thresholding Chamber within the Crest-In-The-Stone Thoth Retreat…inside the “Challenger Peak” mountain near Crestone, Colorado. It is here it will stay until LP 40 Ascension.

Yet, this “object” that we are referring to as an “ark” – indeed the true Ark of GRACE – is far more than a physical devise. It has developed it’s light program through the centuries and has become something beyond that which it was when first created, on a planet of Rigel in the constellation of Orion, and was translated into it’s first Thresholding within Tibet.

As it was transported dimensionally to it’s current Thresholding Chamber, the AN became the Ark of the Risen Dawn. We give it this name, for as the solar disc within it rises, so this sphere of transmuted crystalline particles or MANA SARI, sends radiations outward throughout the Earth…connecting to and creating holographic imagery within the Pyramidis Radius Matrix of the planet…and from this matrix, is  impressed into the DNA and mental construct of those among humanity who are able to receive it at this time.

The Mana Sari collects and gathers the Seeds of Divine from major nodes of the Earth, the primary being:

1) the KABBA at Mecca

2) the DOME OF THE ROCK in Jerusalem

3) a yet-to-be-revealed Temple of the White Lion in the Yucatan

4) the Gate of the Sun at Tiahuanaco, atop the anti-plano of Peru (not the ruined structure by that name, but what lies beneath it)

5) The Great Pyramid at Giza, Egypt

6) the Chamber of the Crystal Skull on Kaua’i (not revealed)

8) the Labyrinth of Sais in Australia (of Egyptian origin – not revealed)

9) the Kardash Khamut Stone in Iraq (not revealed)

10) all the Magdalene Temples (mostly not revealed – location only)

11) all Sun Lords whose suspended-state bodies still hold the matrix for cellular-DNA transference


As all is gathered by the Mana Sari, so it is brought into a co-cohesive whole and ignited by the PURE WHITE FLAME at the center of the Mana Sari sphere. This process began in May of 2014 and will continue for many years, until the eschaton is complete and LP 40 begins.

Maia: So Thoth, how does this related – if indeed it does – to the here and now and what people are currently experiencing in life?

Thoth: Those who came to this planet as CHILDREN OF THE SUN are being awakened now to take their mission to greater and more personal level of Service….they are taking upon them the dross of the eschaton and holding open the furnace of the Heart to pour these things into the transforming Flame. As they do so, those of Earth who are their children – who come out of the later phases of their existence in the Earth – shall be lifted into the Thought of Oneness.

The process now on-going from the Mana Sari is penetrating the Strallilium of Divine Genesis of all humans participating in the world consciousness.

Maia: This “ taking upon them the dross of the eschaton” sounds heavy duty. How is this manifesting in their lives (basically)?

Thoth: It is evident for each one. They know who they are and what they are experiencing, is it not so? Out of this experience it is for each to respond to the highest dictate of the Soul.

Maia: Thoth also revealed to me that the “Children of the Sun” are in the process of creating Zeta bodies for moment-to-moment alignments, moving through fractured time. This is a very difficult meta-science to comprehend (at least it is for me), so I am not attempting to map it out here. You might care to read Thoth’s short discourse on the topic of the Zeta Body.

The Auriiel’Ohim of the Seraphim play a key role in aiding the Children of the Sun in the forming and maintaining (for periods of time) the Zeta Body through this current transitional Earth Epoch.

This NEW EPOCH of Ishoa’Ba which we entered in 2012 if fully upon us now. A suggested short, free-viewing video I made in 2012 embraces the Spirit of what is being asked of all Earth Dwellers at this time, with perhaps special emphasis on the “Children of the Sun.”

An added footenote: The Divine Feminine in humanity is especially connected to the dynamic of the Sacred AN and all that it evokes in the dimensions of Spirit. This is true for those in male incarnation as well, for they do still contain the seed of Divine Feminine. However, souls now in female embodiment will find they are being called to exemplify the Ishoa’Ba Presence in the world even more so in the New Epoch

view Ark of the Risen Dawn Medallion

Our Biocentric Nature

“The Universe arises from life, and not the other way around.” – Robert Lanza on Biocentrism

In 1969 my inner-planes sources (“Noel” at the time) informed me that every planet in the solar system was inhabited. However, if we travel through space and time to get there, it will appear devoid of life and uninhabitable to any life form we can imagine. If we were to arrive there through inter-dimensional travel, we would see it quite differently. It would be like Goldylock’s porridge – just right! Now there are a lot of unknowns around this statement that I have never asked so – I don’t know! But the bottom line is…if we are in direct alignment with the “outer” and not traveling through the distortion fields of space and time…it will be in rapport with our bio-system. Of course there is no “outer” – but I use that term perceptually here.

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